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Parc Directions5555Boulevard de la Teignouse, 56170 Quiberon, MorbihanSituated on the coast near la Pointe du Conguel on the Quiberon Peninsula. Next to the aerodrome and close to Port Haliguen and the Ibis Hotel Thalasso.From the N165 Lorient - Vannes dualcarriageway exit at Auray and take theD768 signposted Plouharnel / Carnac /Quiberon. At the roundabout nearPlouharnel take the exit marked Quiberonand continue on the D768 around the bay,past the pirate galleon (Shell museum)andonto the peninsula. Follow this longstraight road for approx 20km throughPenthievre, Pontivy and then St PierreQuiberon until you reach the outskirts ofQuiberon. Before you reach the town, lookout for a left turn towards Port Haliguen.Weave through the narrow streets until youcome to the little port. Follow the road outof the port and up to the junction; hereturn right towards the aerodrome andEuropa Hotel. Pass the Aerodrome on theright and a turning right, the entrance tothe campsite is 50 meters on to the right.Note: traffic along the peninsula can be very dense duringthe season. Avoid travelling from 10am - 8pm if possible.For an alternative view of Quiberon, go to CONGUELMap Ref: F3 - Page: Co-ordinates (lat./long) +47° 28' 45.71", -3° 5' 37.41"Route des Alignements de Kermario, B.P 85, 56342 CARNAC CedexSituated on the D196 local road lying North East of Carnac town, close to the Alignements of Kermario standing stones.From the dual carriageway Lorient / Vannestake the turning for Carnac / Quiberon(D768). Follow this to the roundabout andtake the turning to the left Carnac (D199),follow this through the small communeof'la NigNol'. Just before the miniroundabout take the turn to your left(D196), follow this with the Menhirs onyour left, through the sharp 'S' bends forabout 1 km. The entrance to the campsiteis on the right.LA GRANDE MÉTAIRIE GPS Co-ordinates (lat./long) +47° 35' 35.67", -3° 4' 46.42"Map Ref: E4 - Page: 2241300 Pierrefitte-sur-Sauldre, SologneSituated in the Sologne countryside close to the town of Lamotte-Beuvron, the home of Tarte Tatin.From Autoroute A10 Paris - Orleans, takethe A71 south of Orleans towards Vierzon.Take sortie (exit) 3 Lamotte Beuvron. Afterthe toll, follow D923 into the centreofthetown. Go through the town on N20,following signs for Salbris andNouan-le-Fuzelier. You will passby the station andahouse commemorating Tarte Tatin.Continue for a short distance beforeturning left onto the D923 towardsPierrefitte & Aubigny. Travel along thisroadfor approx 13km. Turn right onto theD24E. Drive 1km down this road. Turn leftfor LesAlicourts 800 metres on your right.LES ALICOURTS RESORTMap Ref: F4 - Page: 24St. Just Luzac, Charente MaritimeOn the outskirts of the small town of St Just Luzac, close to the town's churchand the water tower.Exit Autoroute A10 at junction 35 close toSaintes and follow signs for Ile D'Oleronand Royan. Coming off a slip road toaroundabout follow signs Royan andIleD'Oleron on the N150 passing aMcDonald's on the left. At the nextroundabout go straight on - D728. Stayonthe D728 for approx 30km travellingthrough Balanzac .On approaching Luzacturn right on the D18 to St. Just-Luzaccentre then left after 300 yards onto theD241EI signposted Sequoia Parc. After1.6km turn left to Sequoia Parc and theentrance is on your right after 100 yards. LE SÉQUOIA PARCMap Ref: D3 - Page: 28GPS Co-ordinates (lat./long) +47° 33' 36.28", +2° 9' 57.68"GPS Co-ordinates (lat./long) +45° 48' 30.46", -1° 2' 20.02"

56Parc Directions56Avenue des Epines, Saint Jean de Monts, VendéeSituated on the Avenue des Epines just 500m from the Plage des Mouettes which liesbetween Saint Jean de Monts and St Hilaire de Riez close to the town of Orouet. From the ring road (Peripherique) ofNantes take exit (sortie) signposted A83LaRoche sur Yon. Exit the A83 immediatelyat junction 1, signposted Challans and takethe D178 past St Philibert de Grand Lieuonto the D753 until you reach Challans.Take the ring road around Challansfollowing signs for Saint Jean de MontsD753. As you approach St. Jean, the firstroundabout shows a sign to the left to LesSables d'Olonne. Follow the roundaboutsigns to Les Sables, until you reach onethat shows the local sign for Orouet. Takethe D38 towards Orouet and after passingVendée Plaisance boat yard, proceed forapprox 2km until you come to a hotelcalled the Oasis; several signs forcampsitesare fixed to its walls. Turn right immediatelyat this hotel. You will pass severalcampsites on your left hand side beforereaching Le Clarys Plage.LE CLARYS PLAGEMap Ref: B1 - Page: 2861 Avenue de la Pege, 85270 Saint Hilaire de RiezSituated on the D123 between Saint Hilaire and Saint Jean de Monts, close to the Pays de Monts Forest and the village of Orouet.From the ring road (Peripherique) ofNantes take the exit (sortie) signpostedA83 La Roche sur Yon. Exit the A83 atjunction 1, signposted Challans and followthis road (D178 to D117) towards and pastSt. Philbert de Grand Lieu. Continue tofollow signs for Challans taking the D117onto the D95 then D32. Once you reachChallans take the ring road around thetown following signs for Saint Jean deMonts D753. As you approach Saint Jeande Monts you will be faced with a series ofroundabouts: follow signs to SablesD'Olonne and Orouet on the D38. Watchout for a hotel on the right hand sidecalled the Oasis just before the village ofOrouet. Turn right at this hotel along theAvenue des Epines and continue along ituntil you get to a roundabout at the end.Take the 3rd exit signposted St. Hilaire deRiez. You will pass the Marche U on the lefthand side. Continue along this road D123passing several campsites until you see Sola Gogo on your right hand side.SOL-A-GOGOMap Ref: B1 - Page: 2885150 Saint Julien des Landes, VendeeSituated on the D21 local road between the villages of la Chapelle Hermier and Saint Julien desLandes, roughly halfway between the regional market towns of Coex and La Mothe-Achard.From the ring road (Peripherique) ofNantes, take the exit (sortie) for AutorouteA83 towards La Roche sur yon. Exit themotorway at junction 4 taking the D763toLa Roche sur yon itself. Take the ringroad around the town until branching offtowards Les Sables D'Olonne on the N160.Continue along this road until you seesigns for La Mothe Achard. From La MotheAchard take the D12, following signs forSt.Julien des Landes and St. Gilles Croixde Vie. When you get to St. Julien, turnright opposite 'La Jaunay' bar in the villagecentre onto the D21, signposted Coex &for the site 'La Garangeoire'. The campsiteentrance is about a mile down this roadonthe right hand side. You will see a smallsign for Les Garangeoires, ignore this andcontinue approx 100 yards to the mainsiteentrance, a slope up to the Chateauand site. LA GARANGEOIREMap Ref: B2 - Page: Co-ordinates (lat./long) +46° 45' 31.88", -2° 1' 25.69"GPS Co-ordinates (lat./long) +46° 44' 26.99", -2° 0' 14.77"GPS Co-ordinates (lat./long) +46° 37' 7.64", -1° 40' 14.19"St. Jorioz, Lake Annecy, Haute - SavoieSituated close to the shores of Lake Annecy, between the towns of St Jorioz and Duingt on the route d'Albertville.From all routes from north and west-Lyon, Geneva etc. exit A41 Autorouteatjunction 16 for Annecycentre. Once in the city follow signs for le lac(thelake) and then Albertville. Once on the N508 main road along thelake between Annecy and Albertville, you'llpass through the towns of Sevrier and alsoStJorioz, all the time following Albertville. The campsite is located onthe mainroad,past a small commercial centre called LesTuileries and also aboat shop on the lefthand side.For a PDF street plan of St. Jorioz, go to EUROPAGPS Co-ordinates (lat./long) +45° 49' 51.59", +6° 10' 54.34"Map Ref: D6 - Page: 31