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58Parc Directions5883310 Port GrimaudSituated on the beach at the entrance to Port Grimaud on the main coast road from Sainte Maxime.From the A8 m/way Nice - Aix, take exit36 St Tropez. After toll, bear right followingsigns for St Tropez on the D25 until youreach St Maxime. At St Maxime followsigns for St Tropez on the N98 and you willcome to the coast. Keep on along thecoast road N98 and you pass a Shellpetrol station and then the beauvallonhotel on your right. After approx 2km formSt Maxime camping Prairies de la Mer isoff a large roundabout to the left.LES PRAIRIES DE LA MERMap Ref: D4 - Page: 36Routes des Anciens Combattants d'Afrique du Nord, FréjusSituated on the D4 road heading from Fréjus towards Bagnols en Foret, close to the Parc des Expositions and the Z.I la Palud on the outskirts of Fréjus town.From UK (from Lyon Aix directions on A8):From the A8 autoroute leave at junction 38for Frejus/St Raphael. After the toll turnright at the first roundabout and continueup the road up a slight hill until you reacha T junction. Here turn left and go over thefirst roundabout, Domaine du Colombier isthen around 1km further, on your left side.From Nice Airport/Italy: From the A8 exit atjunction 38 Frejus/St Raphael. After the tollcontinue over the first roundaboutdirection Frejus/St Raphael. Pass the BPstation on your right and then go straightover two more roundabouts. At the thirdroundabout turn right direction Drauginanand Toulon. Continue down this road untilthe next roundabout then turn right againdirection Bagnols en Foret on the D4.Domaine du Colombier is then 100m onyour right.Alternative sites for reference are: www.ville-frejus.frDOMAINE DU COLOMBIERMap Ref: D4 - Page: 36Avenue des Golfs, St RaphaëlSituated in the northern suburbs of St. Raphaël on the very edge of the mountainous Esterel Massif and close to the golf courses of Valescure.A) From direction Aix en Provence;exit A8Jct 38 Fréjus / St Raphaël ; go over 1stroundabout and through small industrialestate ; proceed over 2nd roundabout and at3rd roundabout turn right, direction Fréjus /St Raphaël. Now follow B)A) From direction Nice;exit A8 jct 38 forFréjus / St Raphaël and continue followingsigns for Fréjus/St Raphaël on the D37.B) Passing the BP station continue over aseries of roundabouts until you come to amajor roundabout where you take the left exitsigned St Raphaël and Cannes. Follow thisroad over 4 roundabouts. At the 5throundabout take the second exit for StRaphaël centre on the D100 passing therugby pitch. At the 6th roundabout take the3rd exit for Valescure. Continue on this roadover 4 roundabouts for 6km passing alongsidethe golf courses of Valescure; 1km after thefourth roundabout you'll see a sign for EsterelCaravanning 1 km along on the left.For a PDF of St. Raphaël town and suburbs, go to www.douce-france.netESTERELMap Ref: D4 - Page: Co-ordinates (lat./long) +43° 27' 10.51", +6° 48' 21.71"GPS Co-ordinates (lat./long) +43° 51' 58.38", +6° 51' 9.80"GPS Co-ordinates (lat./long) +43° 27' 53.12", +6° 49' 11.77"La Palmeraie, Rue des Combattants d'Afrique du Nord, Route deBagnols en Forêt, 83600, Fréjus, FranceSituated on the main road between Fréjus and the town of Bagnols en Forêt, close to thecampsites of le Colombier and Pins Parasols. From UK (from Aix). From the A8 autorouteleave at junction 38 for Frejus/St Raphael. Afterthe toll turn right at the first roundabout ontothe D37 and continue past a small industrialarea (the ZI du Capitou), climbing a slight hilluntil you reach a T junction with a small shopopposite. Here turn right; La Baume is thenaround 0.5KM further, on your left side.From Nice Airport: From the A8 exit at junction38 Frejus/St Raphael. After the toll continueover the first roundabout direction Frejus/ St Raphael. Pass the BP station on your rightand then go straight over two moreroundabouts. At the third roundabout turnright direction Drauginan and Toulon. Continuedown this road until the next roundabout thenturn right again direction Bagnols en Foret onthe D4. After passing the campsite Colombieron the right hand side, stay on the route deBagnols en foret until reaching the campsite deLa Baume after 3.2Km.LA BAUME GPS Co-ordinates (lat./long) N 43°27'59" E 6°43'23" Map Ref: D4 - Page: 36

Parc Plage, HéraultSituated at the entrance to Portiragnes Plage near the beach, the horse ranch and the hotel Mirador.Exit A9 Autoroute at junction 35 BéziersEst. After toll, turn left onto N112 towardsSerignan/Valras/Vias. Proceed past hotel LeClim'Oc to a large roundabout with cinemacomplex. Take the third exit signpostedCers/Vias N112. Pass by the canal du midi before branchingoff right towards Portiragnes. Skirt thevillage of Portiragnes going straight overthe roundabouts before driving for 3kmtowards Portiragnes Plage. Go over the Canal du Midi, pass by thehorse ranch before reaching a roundabouttaking the second exit signed Plage Est. The entrance for Les Sablons is 200m onthe left.LES SABLONSMap Ref: D4 - Page: 34Sérignan Plage, HéraultSituated by the beach at Sérignan Plage close by the Clos Ferrand campsite and the horse ranch.Exit A9 Autoroute at junction 35 BeziersEst. After toll, turn left onto N112 towardsSérignan/Valras/Vias. Proceed past hotelLeClim'Oc to a large roundabout withcinema complex. Take the second right offthis roundabout, the D64 signed Sérignanand Valras. Continue for approx 3 km until the turnofffor Sérignan and Sérignan Plage. At theend of the slip road, turn left and followthe river for 2km before approachingSérignan Plage itself. Right turn before ahorse ranch along a country road. Turnleftat the end and into Yelloh! Village leSérignan Plage reception by the barrier.YELLOH! VILLAGE LE SÉRIGNAN PLAGEMap Ref: D4 - Page: 34Les Méditerranées, Marseillan Plage, 34340 FranceSituated at the very end of the avenue des campings close to the heart of the bustlingresort of Marseillan Plage with its bars, restaurants and shops.From the A9 Autoroute from Montpelier toNarbonne, exit junction 34 and follow signsfor Vias and Agde. At the first roundaboutfollow the N312 direction Agde. Keep onfollowing signs for Agde until the roadsplits and follow the N112 again towardsAgde. Proceed along this road followingAgde and Sete, passing the Hyper UHypermarket and the observatory. Afterthe Cap d'Agde turn off, take the right exitto Marseillan Plage. Keep straight on to thenext roundabout and take 1st turn right,then right again at the next roundaboutand the campsite is on the left. YELLOH! VILLAGE LES MÉDITERRANÉES Map Ref: D5 - Page: 35GPS Co-ordinates (lat./long) +43° 19' 10.86", +3° 27' 45.91"GPS Co-ordinates (lat./long) +43° 16' 5.94", +3° 20' 23.51"GPS Co-ordinates (lat./long) +43° 18' 48.94", +3° 32' 43.55"Club Beach Farret, Chemin des Rosses 34450 Vias PlageSituated by the beach just 100m from the shops and bars of Vias Plage,.Exit A9 Autoroute at junction 35 Béziers Est.After toll, turn left onto N112 towardsSerignan/Valras/Vias. Proceed past hotel LeClim'Oc to a large roundabout with cinemacomplex. Take the third exit signpostedCers/Vias N112. Pass by the canal du midiand continue on the N112 direction Vias.Branch right onto the avenue de lamediterranee following signs for Vias Plage.Le Farret is in the centre of the town.YELLOH! VILLAGE LE CLUB BEACH FARRETGPS Co-ordinates (lat./long) N 43°17'29" E 3°25'10"Map Ref: D4 - Page: 34