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62 Parc Directions62Pineta di Torre Nuova, 57027, San Vincenzo (LI), TuscanySituated on the beach of San Vincenzo between the gulf of Baratti and the town of San Vincezo itself.Follow the A12 Pisa-Rosignano until themotorway ends. After the toll booth bearleft on the SS1 for Roma. Carry on alongthis dual carriageway and exit at SanVincenzo SUD. After the exit bear to yourright for San Vincenzo until a T junction.Here turn to your right for San Vincenzo.As you enter San Vincenzo you willapproach a roundabout here turn leftforPiombino and continue to the nextroundabout after approx 300m and againturn left for Piombino on the SP23.Continue along this long road lined with apine forest for approx 8km. You will thensee Camping Albatros signposted to yourleft. Turn down this road and continue forapprox 500m to the entrance of thecampsite.PARK ALBATROSMap Ref: F1 - Page: 48Via Bolgherese, 57022 Castegneto Carducci, TuscanySituated on the road between Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci and within walking distance of the old town of CastagnetoFollow the A12 Pisa-Rosignano until theend of the motorway. After the toll boothbear to your left following Roma on theSS1. Carry on on this dual carriage way andtake the exit for Donoratico. Then at thefirst roundabout take the first right andcontinue up over a small narrow bridge.Atthe T junction turn left and thenimmediately right. Continue up this roadfor approx 3 km's and then turn left up aroad on your left signposted Bolgheri onthe SP16. continue on this road for approx1 km and you will see a small signpost forcamping Pianacce on your right. Turn upthis road and the campsite is approx 500mup this small country road.LE PIANACCEMap Ref: F1 - Page: 48From the Milano-Venezia A4 autostradafollow the Venezia Tangenziale and followsigns for aeroporto. Once you approachthe airport or from the airport follow signsfor Jesolo. Keep following Jesolo until youpick up signs for Punta Sabbioni andCavallino. As you pass Jesolo, follow PuntaSabbioni and Cavallino and you will pass anAquapark on the SP42 (also known as theVia Fausta) on your left. Keep driving onfor around another 15km passing throughCavallino and then through the village ofCaSavio. 1.5km after Ca Savio you will seea ristorante and hotel Ghebo on your rightjust after an Esso petrol station on yourleft. Turn left just after the hotel Gheboalong Via Hermada and camping MarinadiVenezia is at the end of this road.Punta Sabbioni, Via Montello 6, Venezia, ItalySituated on the beach at Punta Sabbioni, close to the boat embarkation and the Essopetrol station / Hotel La Rondine on the Via Fausta / SP 42 from Cavallino.MARINA DI VENEZIAMap Ref: F4 - Page: Co-ordinates (lat./long) +43° 12' 25.84", +10° 46' 19.54"GPS Co-ordinates (lat./long) +43° 10' 53.93", +10° 37' 45.38"GPS Co-ordinates (lat./long) +45° 26' 34.37", +12° 26' 38.37"Via Norcenni 7, Figline Valdarno, Toscana, ItalySituated in the Chianti hills above Figline Valdarno close to the Horse Ranch Vecchio Texas.From the A1 autoroute direction Roma youneed to exit for Incisa. After the toll stationyou need to turn left for Figline Valdarno.Keep on this road until you reach FiglineValdarno and as you enter there is a Shellpetrol station on your right. Take the nextright after the Shell station direction Sienaand come to the Stop sign. Now gostraight over and then take the next mainroad to the right direction Siena. Now keepfollowing signs for Siena and the roadleaves Figline valdarno into the hillside up atwisty road. Keep on this road for approx2km and you will see a junction to your leftsignposted Norcenni Girasole/CampingNorcenni. Go on this raod for approx 500mand Camping Norcenni is in front of you.NORCENNI GIRASOLE CLUBGPS Co-ordinates (lat./long) +43° 36' 51.75", +11° 27' 23.67"Map Ref: E3 - Page: 48

Parc Directions6363Via Fausta 258, 30013 Cavallino-Treporti, Venezia, ItaliaSituated on the main road the Via Fausta / SP 42 from Cavallino to Punta Sabbioni.From the Milano-Venezia A4 autostradafollow Venezia ringroad until exiting forMarco Polo Airport and Lido di Jesolo. Pastthe airport follow signs for Jesolo, Lido diJesolo and then Cavallino. Once over thebridge at Jesolo on the main road SP42(also known as the Via Fausta) continuestraight on through into the town ofCavallino. The turning for Union Lido issignposted left shortly after camping Joker.UNION LIDOMap Ref: F4 - Page: 46Pra delle Torri, 201 Viale Altanea, Caorle, Venezia, ItalySituated on the Adriatic coast between Caorle and Eraclea Mare, close to the village ofPorto Santa Margherita and the new, multi-apartment complex of Altanea.From the Milano-Venezia A4 autostradafollow the Venezia Tangenziale followingsigns for aeroporto. Once you approachthe airport, keep following signs for Jesoloand Eraclea until you reach the village ofCaposile. After Caposile head towardsEraclea. Keep going until you pass throughEraclea and you will come to a roundabout.Turn right for Eraclea Mare on the SP90.Keep on this road for approximately 6kmand you will come to a roundabout with anEsso station on the left. Turn left at thisroundabout following signs for Caorle andDuna Verde. Keep on until you pass thesmall resort of Duna Verde and Pra delleTorri is around 1km on your right.PRA DELLE TORRIMap Ref: F5 - Page: 47Via Bella Italia 2, Peschiera del Garda, Verona, ItalySituated on the shores of Lake Garda just 400m from the centre of Peschiera, close to the albergo Mignon on the road out of town towards Sirmione.From the A4 Milano-Venezia autostrada,exit at Peschiera. After the toll station youneed to turn left but then take the rightturn immediately afterwards in thedirection of Simione on the SS11.Keeponthe SS11 towards Simioneforapproximately 2km passing a SMAsupermarket on your left side. After theSMA and a LIDL supermarket on your left,you immediately pass under a bridge, afterwhich you need to take the first right andCamping Bella Italia is in front of you onthe left.BELLA ITALIAMap Ref: B7 - Page: 43Peschiera Del Garda, Verona, ItalySituated on the Viale Marzan close to Peschiera town centre, near the Migross supermarket and the station.From the A4 Milano-Venezia autostrada,exit at Peschiera. After the toll you need toturn left under the bridge and then takethe right turn for Peschiera Centro. Keepon the road with the river on your left side,and then pass an OMV petrol station onyour right as you approach a roundabout.At the roundabout you need to take thesecond exit and then immediately turnright twice in quick succession, going awayfrom the lake/river side, following signs forCamping Del Garda. Keep on along thisroad over speed bumps and Camping DelGarda is around 0.5km on the left at theend of the road after a small football pitchon your right.DEL GARDAMap Ref: B7 - Page: Co-ordinates (lat./long) +45° 28' 5.83", +12° 31' 32.99"GPS Co-ordinates (lat./long) +45° 39' 42.94", +12° 51' 37.28"GPS Co-ordinates (lat./long) +45° 34' 52.92", +10° 59' 20.67"GPS Co-ordinates (lat./long) +45° 26' 41.47", +10° 41' 59.37"