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Via Martiri D/P n.39, 25010 Portese di S. Felice del BenacoSituated on the western shore of Lake Garda between Manerba and Salò, in the village ofPortese di San Felice and close by the Parc Hotel Casimiro. From the A4 motorway Milano-Venezia, takethe Desenzano Del Garda exit and follow thesigns for Salo at the fist roundabout afterthe motorway. Head towards Salo, bypassingDesenzano centre. When you reach the mainroad to Salo (SS572), follow again Salokeeping straight on at the roundabouts atPadenghe, Moniga and then Manerba delGarda. About 1.5km after this roundaboutthere is an AGIP petrol station on the right.Take the fist road to the right followingdirections to San Felice Del Benaco. BeforeSan Felice Del Benaco you come upon acrossroads - go straight across and continueon this road. You will then come upon ajunction where you will turn right up the hill(Esso garage on your right). Follow road uphill to mini roundabout (Portese village) andtake first right. Follow road around to nextjunction and turn left into Portese village.Take sharp right just after car park.This takesyou downhill where you need to take leftturning signposted Salo. Camping Eden is500 metres along this road on your left.EDENMap Ref: B7 - Page: 43Dragona 114, 52212 Fazana, CroatiaSituated on the coast close to the Briuni islands, 1km south of the town of Fazana and 5km from Pula itself.Directions from Pula airport: After exitingthe airport, turn left following the signs forPula centre. Pass the supermarket on yourright and on reaching the traffic lights onthe outskirts of the centre, follow signs forRovinj. Take the main road E751 towardsVodnjan until you pick up signs for Fazanaand the Briuni islands. The camping villageBi-Village is signposted from the main road. Directions from Italian Border: From the A4Motorway follow signs for Trieste. As youapproach the city of Trieste follow motorwaysigns for Slovenia. Enter Slovenia at Skopfijeborder and keep following signs for Koper.You will pass the Croatian border close toKoper and follow thereafter the E751 whichis a newly built single lane highway. Keep onthe highway past signposts for touristcentres Umag, Porec and Rovinj until youreach Vodnjan. Shortly after you will pick upsigns for Briuni islands, Fazana and browntourist signs for Bi-Village.BI VILLAGE Map Ref: B6 - Page: 49GPS Co-ordinates (lat./long) +45° 37' 40.67", +10° 34' 25.15"GPS Co-ordinates (lat./long) +44° 55' 4.21", +13° 48' 43.56"6565Parc

Regional Information - HollandPlaces Of Interest & Things To SeeThe Keukenhof bulbfields at LisseEvery year the Keukenhof gardens produce a dazzlingarray of floral gardens to coincide with the springflowering of the bulbfields of Holland. Millions oftulips are carefully tended for in an area covering over32 hectares. There are carnivals and flower paradesthroughout April. Opens late March to Mid Mayeveryyear.Royal Den HaagThe Hague is the home of the Palaces of the DutchRoyal family who are loved and respected by theDutch nation. Also to visit is the peace palace and thewar crimes tribunal which illustrate the importance ofThe Hague as the world's city of peace and justice.DelftThe home of the world famous pottery production isalso a pleasant historical town with canal side walks,fine architecture and atmospheric markets such as theflower market.AmsterdamNo trip to Holland is complete without a visit toitsliberal and bohemian capital. You can walk orevencycle along its canal paths admiring thefinemerchants houses and swing bridges whichcharacterize the city. There are world famous artmuseums where Rembrandt's, Van Gogh's andVermeer's finest work can be visited. Contemporaryhistory in the shape of Anne Frank's house is alsoafascinating museum. There are diamond factories,famous breweries and even a Madame Tussaud'swaxwork museum. A great day for all the family.Alkmaar cheese marketWatch the 14th century tradition of the cheeseporters bring the cheese into the market on theirwooden barrows suspended on their shoulders.EveryFriday morning from 9am.The Zaanse SchansThis is a delightfully produced replica village oftheway Holland used to be in the 17th and 18thcenturies. Green wooden houses, hump backedbridges and historic windmills make this one ofHolland's premium attractions.Fun For All The FamilyMadurodamHolland smallest city! See the canals of Amsterdam,the Alkmaar cheese market, the Delft pottery andhow the Delta dam works. This fascinating modelvillage is set amongst beautiful gardens and is fullyfunctional. It's just like being in the real place!De EftelingVisit one of Holland's favourite attraction parks withits fairytale theme and informative as well as excitingattractions. A great day out for children of all ages. Walibi World at BiddinghuizenPart of the Walibi theme park group, this amusementpark boasts no fewer than 7 fantastic rollercoastersplus the Splash battle, as submarines journey throughfoggy tunnels and sprouting geysers.Scheveningen Sea MuseumWith fish and coral from all over the world.Beekse Bergen Safari Park and attraction park Near Tilburg.Cycling around the bulbfieldsHolland is flat and amazingly bike friendly.Things To DoDen Haag museums -the city boasts over30museums with internationally acclaimed artexhibitions such as the Mauritshof.Amsterdam canal cruise -to see the city's famoushighlights from the comfort of a cruiser.Rotterdam -a vibrant and modern centre with greatshopping and the amazing IMAX cinema.Local SpecialitiesDutch cuisine is noteworthy for its soups and cheeses.. Try the pea soup with sausage croutons! . Gouda cheese.. Satay chicken.. Indonesian cookery.. Seafood - the shrimps and langoustines areparticularly good.. Beer - Amstel, Grolsh and Heineken are well knownlagers, but also more fruity darker beers like Palmand Grimbergen plus White beers (Wit bier), whichis very refreshing on hot