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Regional Information - France7777Places Of Interest & Things To SeeBordeauxBordeaux offers something for everyone, you canstrollaround the wide boulevards and public gardens, visitthevast cathedral, châteaux, art museum or livelycontemporary art centre soaking up the neoclassicalarchitecture. For shopping Rue Ste-Catherine andCours Clemenceau are the best, but this lively citycomes into its own in the evening with its manyrestaurants and choices of night life. The VineyardsofBordeaux are world famous, with over 1000 sq kmof vineyards around the city. Wines such as Medoc,Sauternes and St Emilion are produced in this area.Labastide-ClairenceThis is a beautiful 14th century village. It has longmainstreet, with numerous alleyways lined with halftimbered and whitewashed houses. The 'Place desArceaux' is the heart of the village, with cafes acrossthe square and there is also a museum of local historyand a number of unique craft shops.PauillacThis is an important area in the Médoc wine region.Ithas aport, used by mainly pleasure boats. The quayprovides picturesque river views, with plenty of cafesserving localwine.St-Jean-De-LuzSt-Jean-De-Luz is a very pretty fishing town renownedfor large catches of sardines. It is a busy resort withbeautiful beaches, and has a crescent shaped bay. It isthe most Basque of the region's beach resorts, it hasplenty of good fish restaurants and stylish shopswitha lively pedestrian centre. The 'Église St-Vincent'church was constructed in the 16th and 17th century.It features an octagonal bell tower topped by anunusual three tiered wooden roof. The ÉcomuséedelaTradition Basque is a multimedia museum ofBasque tradition. It will tell you all you want to knowabout Basque life.BidartHere you will find an introduction to Basquearchitecture and culture. A pretty village with an opensquare, which is home to the 16th century church.BiarritzBiarritz is a stylish coastal town. Known for its finebeach and some of Europe's best surfing. As well asthe beach there is 'Musée de la Mer', Biarritz seamuseum. The aquarium has 24 tanks withunderwaterlife, and there areexhibits on commercial fishing andwhaling. Don't forget to visit the 'Hôtel du Palais'which dominates the Grand Plage. It was originallybuilt for Napoleon III's empress, Eugénie. At night thetown offers many restaurants and casino.Les LandesUntil the 19th century Les Landes was a huge swamp,then many pines were planted to prevent sandbeingblown inland by the Atlantic waves. So todayyouwill see the area covered in thousands of squarekilometres of trees. If you are looking for history, youcan visit the 'Écomusée de Marquéze, where thetraditional way of life can be seen.St ÉmilionThe medieval village, is surrounded by vineyards whichare renowned for their full bodied deeply coloured redwines. Situated on two limestone hills this ancient cityprovides fantastic views over the Dordogne River valley.The village has many stylish shops, restaurants andcafes for you to relax in, oryou can visit the impressiveformer Collêgiale (Collegiate Church) which has anarrow domed Romanesque nave that dates fromthe12th century.DaxDax is one of the oldest spa towns in France, whereyou can see hot water fountains. Why not enjoy amudbath, which are renowned for their healing effect.St-Jean-Pied-De-PortSt-Jean-Pied-De-Port is an old Basque town withgreat charm. The walled town was once the last stopinFrance for pilgrims who converged here from allover the world. Nowadays it's popular for hikers andbikers attempting the pilgrim trail. Surrounded by oldpink sandstone houses and afortified church whichoverlooks the right bank ofthe River Nive, it's a prettytown which has excellent restaurants and folk displaysof Basque singing and dancing. The town's church'Notre Dame du Bout du Pont', has foundationsasoldasthe town itself and the 'Prison des Évêques'(Bishops Prison) is a claustrophobic vaulted cellarwhich served as the town's jail from 1795 and asamilitary lock up in the 19th century.BayonneBayonne is the cultural and economic capital oftheFrench Basque Country with a population ofaround 100,000. This old river port on the Nive isfamous for smoked ham, chocolate, marzipan andbayonets! The arcaded Rue du Port-Neuf has somecharming sweet shops, and old fashioned tea shops.There is much history here, you could visit the 13thcentury Gothic cathedral 'Cathédrale Ste-Marie', or visitMusée Basque et de l'Histoire de Bayonne, whichpresents history and culture of these unique people. PauPau is full of medieval charm and splendour of theRenaissance. The castle boasts one of the biggest andmost beautiful collections of tapestries outside ofParis. You can discover 9centuries of history within thecastle as it oncewas the fortress of the viscounts ofBéarn, then a fort-castle under Gaston Febus andthenbecame a royal residence during the Renaissance.There is also a fine arts museum which boasts abeautiful and rich collection ofpaintings from theFlemish, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and French schoolsfrom the 15th to the20th century.Fun For All The FamilyArcachon's Aqualand WaterparkThis waterpark is just outside Arcachon. It providesagreat day out for the whole family with huge waterchutes, including a wave pool, the black hole, riverrapids and free fall rides.Beaches to visit: . St Jean de Luz - a family friendly sandy beach.Biarritz has many to choose from including:. Grande Plage. Plage Miramar. Plage de la Côte des Basques. Plage de MarbellaLocal Specialities. Foie Gras - Specially prepared livers of geese andducks, seasoned and stuffed with truffles.. Fish and seafood - like carp.. Chorizos - spicy sausage.. Jambon de Bayonne - raw ham, cured in salt andsliced paper thin.. Lamproie - eel-like-fish with leeks, onions and redBordeaux

78Regional Information - Of Interest & Things To SeeSalou The large resort of Salou is home to lively beacheswith many English cuisine pubs and restaurantsspread around the seafront. Salou's main beach rimsa sweeping bay andis backed by a promenadeofpalms. There is even atheme park intheresort,Universal MediterraneaTM. Salou stretchesfor4 milesfrom Cambrils to the wide sandy beach of PlayaPineda.La PinedaLa Pineda, a resort that's quieter than neighbouringSalouis home to an incredible waterpark. You'llfindsafe,sandy beaches, and a variety of bars,restaurants andother eateries that cater for bothSpanish and international tastes. TarragonaThe attractive coastal town of Tarragona, has almostdoubled in size during the last few decades and itsresidential districts continually expanding around themedieval core. Remnants of its past still remain in theform of ruins of a Roman amphitheatre and ancientwalls. A popular outing for visitors is to explore theold harbour, known as El Serrallo, to watch thefishing boats arrive and auction their catch. The cityalso sports some excellent beaches on its doorstep,including Playa Llarga, regarded as one of the biggestand best on the Catalonian coast. Among the manymuseums is an archaeological museum devoted toRoman antiquities; the Diocesan Museum displayingGothic paintings, sculptures and tapestries; and ahouse museum detailing the life and career ofrenowned cellist, Pablo Casals. CambrilsSouth of Salou, the charming town of Cambrils,approximately 4km from our featured parc in theCosta Dorada, has a fabulous sandy beach. Amblearound the narrow, cobbled streets that ooze bags ofcharacter and try local fish in one of the restaurantsor visit the market held in the town weekly to pick upa souvenir or two. Cambrils holds a flea market everyweek in the centre ofthe old town.Sitges Sitges is a sophisticated and attractive town lying justsouth of Barcelona and is one of the most popularresorts on the Costa Dorada. A palm-fringedpromenade lined with tapas bars and restaurantssweeps past a long, sandy beach. There are a fewmuseums too including the Romantic museum thatpresents a perfectly preserved 19th Century house.In Sitges you will find a mixture of old and newplaces of interest to discover. Fun For All The FamilyUniversal MediterraneaTM, SalouIt's Universal Studio's European theme park. Hereyou'llfind lots of rides that range from fun to feartopackin a full day of fun. There are over 30 rides,90shows and plenty of places to eat. The park'sexotically-inspired themes are of five world's; Mexico,Polynesia, Far West, China and the Mediterranean.Thereare also theme characters from Popeye toWoodyWoodpecker.Aquopolis Water Park, La PinedaFor more family fun make your way to La Pineda'swaterpark. Aqua Parc Safari Aqualeon, Salou A natural wild safari park home to more than 600animals,marine life, reptiles and birds of prey. Theaquaticpark has spectacular slides, a wave pool,foamslide, crazy river and for a bite to eat there'sarestaurant, cafeterias and shop.Aquabrava Water park, Roses The largest wave pool in Europe, Aquabrava has giantspiral water chutes, free fall slides and water rafting. Things To DoDelta de l'Ebre National ParkThe Ebro Delta National Park is a vast nature reserveofflat landscape of reedy marshes and lagoons, andis popular for walks, fishing and bird watching. Thearea is aprotected zone so access is limited and iseasier with your own transport.A visit to the area makes for a peaceful getawayfromthebusy resorts up the coast.Local Specialities. Chanquetes - tiny fish delicately fried . Chilled Gazpacho soup. Zarzuela - Fish stew. Crème Catalana - a caramel custard. Wines - Cava sparkling white and Rioja plummy redCosta Dorada