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LIMELITE JAZZ: STRAIGHT UP. The Tranquility Jazz Festival, Anguila The Tranquility Jazz Festival in Anguilla, now in its fifth year, boasts an impressive slate of performers from across the globe. The Government of Anguilla launched the festival to introduce yet another reason to visit the island, partnering with organisers make a festival specifically targeted at jazz lovers, hence their slogan ' Straight. No Chaser!' ywww. anguillajazz. org 22 lime October - December 2008 A BUZZ ABOUT HONEY, 5th Caribbean Bekeeping Congress, Guyana Beekeepers across the region will converge to promote ' organic beekeeping in Guyana and the Caribbean through strategic investment'. Based on its untouched rainforest, Guyana has the potential to be one of the top producers of honey in the region. SWIM THE REEF, 13th Annual Coral Ref swim, St Croix Watch top swimmers make a splash in a five-mile race that begins on Buck Island ( famous for its spectacular living coral reef), continues across a starfish- speckled, blue channel and then along St Croix's shoreline. Net proceeds are donated to The Nature Conservancy. ywww. swimrace. com KING CREOLE, Annual World Creole Music festival, Dominica Musicians from all over the Caribbean come together to celebrate the unique rhythms of zouk, zydeco, cadence, compass and soukous. The country's culture and language is strongly tinged by French creole, reflected in the music. ywww. festivalmusiquecreoledominique. com GOURMET'S DELIGHT, Food and Rum festival, St Lucia The best chefs, wine connoisseurs, rum fanatics and food critiques will descend on Rodney Bay Village happening Our at- a- glance look at events near you this quarter... 30- 02 WHAT'S 10 october ll 31 october - 2 november ll 9- 14 november ll 6- 9 novemberll OCTober NOVember

A JOLLY GOOD READ, International Literary Festival, Antigua & Barbuda The Antigua and Barbuda International Literary Festival is a celebration of literary arts, with workshops, author readings, book signings and tents for children's programmes and live entertainment. Held this year at the Jolly Beach Hotel, the festival features prominent Caribbean, US, British and Canadian authors. There will be a Gala Opening Ceremony and reception attended by the Governor General and government officials. ywww. caribbeanlit eraryfestival. com October - December 2008 lime 23 DREAM BOATS, Antigua Charter Yacht Show Yachtsmen throughout the region are expected to descend on Antigua this December for the 47th annual Antigua Charter Yacht Show. This year's event will take place at the Nelson's Dockyard Marina in English Harbour, the Falmouth Harbour Marina and the Antigua Yacht Club Marina. ywww. antigua- charter- yacht- meeting. com 4- 9 december ll 7- 9 november ll ROLLING OUT THE RED CARPET, The Barbados International Film festival Action! The Barbados International Film Festival ( BIFF) is a cultural rendezvous for film- makers to showcase the best of independent world cinema to enrich the film culture in Latin America and the Caribbean region. Awards will be given in three categories: Features, Documentaries, and Shorts. ywww. barbadosfilmfestival. com 3- 7 december llSubmit youR calendar events to calendar@ lime- magazine. com PLUS… More important dates not to miss! Oct 11 Nevis Fishing Tournament. Oct 12- 16 Grenada Cricket Classics Festival, St George, Grenada. Oct 16 Annual Regatta, Jolly Harbour, Antigua Yacht Club. Oct 17- 19 Nevis International Culinary Heritage Exposition. A culinary programme including cooking demonstrations, lunches and dinners, cheese & wine tasting, and more. Oct 19 Blue Food Festival. Entertainment and cooking skills using local resources. L'Anse Fourmi Bloody Bay Recreation Grounds, Tobago. Oct 28 Diwali Festival of Lights, Trinidad. Oct 31 Antigua Open Bridge Tournament. Nov 6- 9 Tranquility Jazz Festival, Anguilla, with concerts at CuisinArt resort and Temeros golf course. Nov 7- 9 International Literary Festival, Jolly Beach Hotel, Antigua and Barbuda. Nov 13- 16 Grenada Yacht Club's 8th running of the Carriacou Sailing Series at Tyrell Bay Marina, Carriacou. Nov 30 Thanksgiving Horseracing organised by Nevis Turf and Jockey Club at Indian Castle Race Track, Nevis Dec 4- 9 47th Annual Antiguan Charter Yacht Show at Nelson's Dockyard Marina in English Harbour, the Falmouth Harbour Marina and the Antigua Yacht Club. Dec 5- 7 Run Barbados. Marathon, Half Marathon and Nature Valley 10 km Road Race. Dec 19- 21 The 31st Annual Carriacou Parang Festival. Open air concert in Hillsborough, Carriacou. Dec 19- 21 80- mile competition hike across Martinique from Sainte- Anne to Grand Riviere Club, Manikou. Dec 28 Tobago Flying Colours Kite Flying Festival, Plymouth Recreational Grounds, Tobago.