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BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS l10 Full moon parties, Tortola The in- place for the full moon in Tortola was always in Apple Bay, Bomba's Surfside Shack – but latterly Trellis Bay has attracted a crowd. Sculpted braziers stand just offshore, burning in the shallow water, while drinking and dancing take place onshore. l11 Wiliam Thornton, Norman Island The British Virgin Islands may have more beach bars than any other, but there is only one Willy T, a floating bar in an old wooden ship in the Bight at Normal Island ( itself the inspiration for Treasure Island). Food, fun, dancing and drinks galore ( try the water- ski, or a ' body- shot'). ll October - December 2008 lime 47 Bomba's Surfside shackCaves at Norman Island United States Virgin Islands Department of Tourism BVI TOURIST OFFICEBVI TOURIST OFFICE

Antigua and Barbuda l17 Kid's museum in Nelson's Dockyard Nelson's Dockyard – another place hated by the admiral as a young man – has a wonderfully historic feel now that it has been restored. Youngsters demand more, though, so visit the Children's Museum where they can learn to climb a rope and tie knots and work a pulley system to lift a heavy weight. l18 Frigate bird sanctuary, Barbuda Frigate birds can often be seen soaring with arrow- like grace through the Caribbean sky, but they have to come to earth to mate and roost. In the mangroves of Barbuda the males blow out their football- sized, scarlet gullets to impress a mate, and the pairs raise their chicks before taking to the air again. 48 lime October - December 2008 St Kitts l12 Brimstone Hill Imagine being so brave that your enemies – who had stormed your fortress until not a building was left standing – allowed you to surrender and march out with your regimental colours flying. The occupants of Brimstone Hill, a massive, lumbering fortress in St Kitts, were permitted this in 1782. l13 Petroglyphs There are Amerindian petroglyphs all over the islands, but some excellent examples are at Old Road in St Kitts. Now painted to make them more visible, the rock carvings are like cartoons, with diamond bodies and wiggly antennae, waving at you from the volcanic rockface. St Marten/ St Martin l15 St Martin The smallest area in the world to be shared between two nations ( France and Holland) has more restaurants than you can shake a fork at, but the best area is the waterfront at Grand Case, where they stand shoulder to shoulder. A leisurely lunch between flights perhaps? Anguilla l14 Anguillian Chefs What sets Anguilla apart is not just its excellent restaurants, but its chefs. They have set out on their own, blending international technique with West Indian ingredients and traditions to create a sophisticated Caribbean cuisine. Try Tasty's and Flavours for uniquely West Indian cuisine. Rain Forest Canopy Tour, Antigua ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA TOURIST OFFICE Nevis l16 Admiral Nelson As a young man, Admiral Nelson professed to hate the Caribbean ( it was a hardship posting in those days), but he found solace in Nevis, marrying Fanny Nesbit, a widow on the island. Now you can see Nelsoniana in Fig Tree Church and the Nelson Museum: maps, models of ships, even Nelson mugs from which to drink an ale. Nelson's Dockyard ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA TOURIST OFFICE Petroglphs. St Kitts ST KITTS TOURISM authority Lady cooking ANGUILLA TOURIST BOARD