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October - December 2008 lime 63 1West Indies' first Test win in England in 1950. After no victories in three pre- war series in England, and a heavy defeat in the first Test in Birmingham, Ramadhin and Valentine, both only 20, shared 18 wickets in the second Test, a game made all the more special as it took place at Lord's. 2 The first Test of 1960- 1 in Brisbane when Solomon's direct hit ran out Meckiff with the scores level ( and Australia 232 for nine) to produce the first tie in Test history. 3 Gary Sobers°' six sixes off an over for Nottinghamshire off the hapless Malcolm Nash of Glamorgan at Swansea in 1968. 4 West Indies' two World Cup triumphs at Lord's, against Australia in 1975 and England in 1979. Clive Lloyd's hundred in the former arguably remains the finest made in a final. 5 West Indies' first Test series win in Australia in 1979- 80. Coming only four years after Lloyd's side were thrashed 5- 1 Down Under made revenge even sweeter. 6 West Indies' first 5- 0 whitewash ( known affectionately as a blackwash) of England, in 1984, again under Lloyd. 7 Viv Richards' 56- ball hundred, still the fastest in Test history, against England on his home island of Antigua. His destructive innings helped West Indies to another 5- 0 blackwash. 8 Brian Lara's 375 not out against England in Antigua in 1994, breaking Sobers' Test record of 365 against Pakistan at Sabina in 1957- 8 ( itself another notable West Indian moment). Ten years later, also at the Recreation Ground, Lara went past Hayden's 380 to become the first man to make 400 in a Test. Once more, England suffered. 9Lara's sensational unbeaten 153 in 1999 that gave West Indies one of their most famous victories of all. Set 308 by Australia in Barbados, Lara steered them home by one wicket. 10West Indies's successful pursuit of a victory target of 418 to beat Australia by three wickets in Antigua. No side has ever made more to win a Test match. Sarwan and Chanderpaul each scored hundreds. llH wzat? GETTY images Australian batsman Meckliff's wicket is broken off the second last ball, resulting in the first ever tied Test match Television may have a strong visual appeal, but it is radio that has stirred the passions of many a West Indian cricket lover over the long history of the game. We asked Geoffrey Dean to think of ten great moments in West Indies cricket history that he would have liked to have heard over the radio…

CRICKET 64 lime October - December 2008 Andy Roberts and Courtney Walsh. Cozier and I agreed that a tall bowler with unrelenting accuracy and steepling bounce was desirable and narrowed the choice down to Ambrose or Garner, both useful tailenders. Like Marshall, each took their wickets at just 20 apiece ( Ambrose 405 in 98 Tests and Garner 259 in 58). Ambrose, by a short head, got the nomination at number nine. To complete a varied quartet of fast bowlers, with Sobers offering left- arm variety and swing not to mention a second spin option, we both felt some raw pace was required. All the others mentioned above could supply it at times, not least the What do you think? It is impossible, let alone irrelevant, to choose a definitive all- time XI, but we thought it would be a bit of fun – and serve to remind us how strong the West Indies cricketing heritage is. There is so much to be proud of that hopefully it will help focus the attention of cricket lovers across the region who would like to see West Indies once again stand on top of the cricketing world. No doubt our selection will cause some debate. Drop us a line ( email editor@ lime- magazine. com) with your comments, or visit our website to post your team selection: www. lime- magazine. com clever Roberts, but the vote went to Holding, consistently the quickest. Who can forget his 14 wickets against England on an Oval featherbed in 1976, or his electric over to Geoff Boycott at Kensington in 1980? When you remember his dangerous hitting ability and athletic fielding, he was more than a great pacer who took 249 wickets in 60 Tests at 23. Finally, who should be twelfth man? On fielding ability alone, Roger Harper has no equal, but another fast bowler was required as cover. It is not often a former captain with 519 wickets in 132 Tests carries the drinks, but on this occasion, Courtney Walsh must. At least, he could sit back on the dressing- room balcony and enjoy watching what looks a completely unbeatable team. Dream team Keep the team for yourself! Would you like a copy of the illustration we had commissioned for this feature? A poster is available for purchase off our website: www. lime- magazine. com Top row, left to right: yMD Marshall yMA Holding yCEL Ambrose y GA Headley yLR Gibbs ( CA Walsh not shown) Bottom row, left to right: yEDEC Weekes yCG Greenidge yIVA Richards yGSTA Sobers ( capt) yBC Lara yCL Walcott ( kpr)