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W elcome to the first edition of LiME, our new in- flight magazine. Across the Caribbean the word ' LIME' brings to mind important aspects of Caribbean Culture. Whether it is the tangy fruit or a Friday evening gathered with friends, as Caribbean people, LIME is something that we all embrace. For our in- flight magazine it is an acronym for liVE INSPIRE MOTIVATE EXPLORE. How you apply these terms to your experience, we leave up to you. But our magazine will cover all these things and more – the Caribbean way. LiME will feature articles on events, personalities, sports, business, cuisine, health and sights to see, and your contributions and feedback will be welcome. As an added benefit, you can also view the in- flight magazine online, at www. lime- magazine. com, where you can virtually turn the pages of each issue. The launch of LiME is one of the major changes that you will be noticing in the coming months as LIAT celebrates its 52nd anniversary on October 16th 2008. Stay tuned to our website www. liat. com to find special promotions and customer incentives as we strive to enhance our customer service and your overall travel experience. So sit back, relax, enjoy your flight and stay tuned to www. liat. com or www. lime- magazine. com for new developments. Warmest regards, WELCOME Welcome Leesa Parris- Rudder, CCO, reflects on exciting developments to come at LIAT The launch of LiME is one of the major changes that you will be noticing in the coming months Leesa Parris- Rudder Chief Commercial Officer on the COVER: young woman relaxing in tortola, british virgin islands photographed by ryan mcvay ( getty images) LiME is published by Travel Africa LTD / zest publishing inc for Liat, the Caribbean Airline. Travel Africa Ltd: 4 Rycote Lane Farm, Milton Common, Oxford, OX9 2NZ, United Kingdom y Tel: + 44 ( 0) 1844 278883 y Fax: + 44 ( 0) 1844 278893 y Email: zest@ lime- magazine. com y www. lime- magazine. com y Editor & Publisher Craig Rix y Art Director Lisa Duke y MANAGING DIRECTOR Iain Wallace y ADVERTISING MANAGER UK Craig Rix y Administration Sherry Rix y Financial controller Amanda Gaydon Represented in the Caribbean by ZEST PUBLISHING INC: PO Box 1329, General Post Office, Cheapside, Bridgetown, St Michael, Barbados y ADVERTISING MANAGER Clifton Henry advertising@ lime- magazine. com tel ( 246) 254 7121 for Liat, the Caribbean Airline: Suite 101, Lauriston, Lower Collymore Rock, St. Michael, BB11115, Barbados W. I. www. liat. com y MARKETING manager Derrick Frederick y ADVERTISING MANAGER Janelle Hunte y Marketing project manager Hughvon Sealey y www. liat. com y marketing@ liatairline. com y Tel: ( 246) 227 3850 y Fax: ( 246) 228 3336 © Travel Africa Ltd and individual contributors. No part of the contents may be reproduced or stored in a retrievable system without prior written permission from the publishers. All advertisements and non- commissioned text are taken in good faith. While every care is taken to ensure accuracy in preparing the magazine, the publisher and Liat assume no responsibility in effects risen therefrom. Material is submitted at the sender's risk and the publishers and Liat cannot accept responsibility for accidental loss or damage. October - December 2008 lime 05 TAKE ME HOME! THIS COPY OF Lime IS YOURS TO KEEP – FEL FRE TO SHARE IT WITH FRIENDS rachel gray

THIS IS THE CARIBBEAN Get the big picture on the islands we call home. LIMELITE Try cloudspotting, cook the perfect jerk, and go turtle- watching. ISLAND LIFE The guide books summarised. Why you should visit Antigua. EATING OUT Some great eateries in St Thomas. LIMEGREEN Activities to conserve environments near you. YOUR HEALTH Top tips for taking care of your skin. WHAT'S HAPPENING The lowdown on events across the region this quarter. NEWS An assortment of news and views from across the Caribbean. PHOTO COMPETITION How to enter. TRINIDAD: TIME OF YOUR LIFE Jason Thompson settled in Trinidad three years ago. Here he reflects on what makes the island so appealing – for locals and visitors alike. PLAN A CONFERENCE Conference organiser Jane Barsby explains how well- planned conferences can provide a refreshing change from the information overload of our everyday lives. 36 GREAT THINGS TO SEE AND DO AROUND THE REGION James Henderson recommends the must- see places that show the depth of our natural assets. And not a beach in sight! PROPERTY INVESTMENT The Caribbean real estate market seems to be a ray of sunshine in the gloom of the economic downturn around the world. But will it continue? By Judith Baker. BEST CRICKET TEAM EVER? If every West Indian cricketer was playing now, at his peak, who would you choose for your all- time First XI? Geoffrey Dean reflects on an extraordinary cricket heritage. DE- STRESS Would you like to live a calmer lifestyle? If you're like most people, you're under more stress than you realise. Lucia Cockcroft offers five tools to help you to chill out. HOT GADGETS FOR 2009 Next year is set to be the most technologically advanced in history. James Holland identifies the pick of the gadgets. esay Sir Hilary Beckles reflects on Caribbean society, independence and pride. LImeliat y 78 NEWS A brief look at developments within the company and our routes. y 82 Route map A quick glance at where we fly across the Caribbean. y 84 Healthy travel Taking care of yourself on board and on the ground. y 86 WELCOME ABOARD An overview of key aspects to ensure a smoother flying experience. 8 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 30 32 42 44 54 58 66 70 76 Limelite Easy to dip into, and with lots of interesting stuff inside... features The meat of the mag, where you can explore the Caribbean in depth LIMELIfe Settle down, engage brain and pick up a pencil... it's time to test yourself! CONTENTS 06 lime October - December 2008 14 8 32 GAMES & PUZZLES Suduko, word search and Kriss Kross... there's something for everyone! CARIBBEAN QUIZ How well do you know your home region? 14 questions to find out. LIME KIDS Things for your youngsters to explore under the sea. OLYMPIC PRIDE A moment that may have created a legacy. 89 90 92 96