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The next 12 months promise a whirlwind of high- tech innovation. From connected household devices to next- generation mobiles, 2009 will be the most technologically advanced year in mankind's history – and it's all stuff you can get your hands on. Some of the hottest technology around will be on shelves in time for the New Year, so don't delay, get a step ahead with the latest gadget knowledge right now! October - December 2008 lime 71 2009 2009 is set to be the most technologically-advanced year in mankind's history. Want to be part of it? James Holland tells us how… ll

TECHNOLOGY 72 lime October - December 2008 HOT FOR HIM Samsung i8510 Q Samsung, from US$ 145 on contract Q www. samsung. com This eight megapixel cameraphone is nothing short of amazing. Tiny enough to slip un-noticed into a pocket, it's also one of the most advanced mobiles in the world. As well as packing in a jaw- dropping camera, there's also GPS, Wi- Fi and 3G connections. What makes it really special, however, is its smartphone operating system. It'll let the phone run third- party software, serving up chat, web applications and eye- popping games. It's a master at shooting video too, able to take DVD-quality footage as well as film ultra high- speed movies at 120 frames per second, capturing every bit of action- filled scenes, or creating smooth slow- motion clips. When it comes to storage, there's 8GB or 16GB built in, so there's no need to fiddle with memory cards, and enough space for up to 8,000 pictures! HOT FOR HER LG SCARLET TV Q LG, from US$ 635 Q www. lge. com Big- screen TVs should be on any tech- fancier's wishlist, but until now they've been tricky to slip into the lounge without re- organising the furniture. Not so, with this ultra- stylish model. Dubbed the Scarlet, it's phenomenally thin at just 45mm thick, yet it still manages to squeeze in the latest technology. There's full HD resolution, and a 24p mode to show high definition films at the same frame rate they were filmed in, ensuring silky smooth pictures and distortion- free playback. The Scarlet range also has ambient light sensors, automatically adjusting its backlighting to avoid straining your eyes, and wasting power, while three HDMI sockets and a USB connection make it easy to hook up your home entertainment kit, including digital cameras to show photos on the big screen. HOT FOR THE KIDS NINTENDO Wi MOTIONPLUS Q Nintendo, US$ 45 Q www. nintendo. com The Nintendo Wii was a huge hit during 2008, but it's almost a year old, and now Nintendo's ready for its second wind. That second wind will come in the shape of Wii MotionPlus. It's a neat little add- on that clips into the Wii's controller, packing extra sensors to instantly improve its responsiveness and unlock more accurate movement detection. Nintendo's planning a slew of new games to take advantage of the technology, but the majority will launch in 2009. Major publishers are clamouring to create games to take advantage of the refined motion- sensitivity, which allows true one- to- one actions in sports games, fighting simulations and even musical titles. It's a tiny device, but the difference it makes is monumental. With this in the Wii's accessory arsenal, there'll be no stopping its success next year. Solar technology has advanced to the point where it can generate enough