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The Underwater Sculpture Park at Moliniere Bay, Grenada An exciting concept in the world of marine conservation and scuba diving – Grenadian- borne artist Jason Taylor has created an underwater world of art installations depicting Grenada's colourful history and folklore. As you snorkel or dive your way around Moliniere Bay, shapes and bodies appear to you from the depths. Bianca C, Grenada The Bianca C is a 200m- long cruise ship which sank off Grenada on 24 October 1961. The large coral- encrusted wreck attracts a multitude of marine life, including barracuda, turtles, grouper and the occasional eagle ray or shark. Anse Chastanet, St Lucia The Anse Chastanet marine park and resort is set in lush jungle in a private bay. and is home to more than 150 different species of fish, which include scorpionfish, moray eels, parrotfish and needlefish. Mushroom Forest, Curacao Diving at the Mushroom Forest is like entering a fairytale land. It is packed with giant sponges which dwarf even the largest of divers. These bizarre and extremely colourful 3m- tall formations have been carved out of star coral by years of erosion. West Caicos Walls, Turks and Caicos The reef walls off the small, uninhabited island of West Caicos drop dramatically to well below 300m. Among the sheer wall drops are huge underhanging gardens of coral and colourful sponges. An incredible diversity of life is attracted to this area. The RMS Rhone Wreck, BV Islands The major pull for divers in the British Virgin Islands is the area known as ' wreck alley', particularly as this is home to the famous 85m- long RMS Rhone. This former Royal Mail steamer sank in a hurricane in 1897. Highlights of this dive include the exposed cannon, large bronze propeller and mast, complete with crow's- nest. Get on board and don your wetsuit at these LIAT destinations... 6 sites to dive for 1 SCHEDULE WATCH KEEP AN EYE ON OUR SCHEDULES TO ALL DESTINATIONS. VISIT WW. LIAT. COM REGULARLY. October - December 2008 lime 83 The Underwater Sculpture Park, GrenadaDiving in Turks and Caicos Scorpionfish 2 3 4 5 6 jason decaires taylor getty images

84 lime October - December 2008 save on your travel! for a full overview of our special promotions, keep visiting WWW. LIAT. COM LIMELIAT Fly healthy... y Be rested Get a good night's sleep before you travel, eat a light meal and do some gentle exercise( s) before leaving. y DRES COMFORTABLY Wear cool, loose- fitting clothing and shoes that are not too restrictive. y KEEP IT HANDY Pack essentials in your carry- on bag for quick, easy access. Don't forget medication, your glasses or contact lens case, and a toothbrush! For clarity on what can be carried on board, turn to page 86. y HYDRATE The low cabin humidity in planes can cause dry eyes, nose and throat, especially on longer journeys. Drink plenty of water and fruit juice and keep alcohol, tea and coffee to a minimum as these can lead to dehydration. If possible, remove contact lenses and apply skin moisturiser and lip balm. y UNDER PRESURE? If your ears feel blocked during take- off and landing, ease pressure by sucking a sweet, yawning or swallowing. y KEEP MOVING! Keep your circulation going by standing up and walking in the aisle where possible – and repeat some of our recommended exercises at regular intervals. y EAT RIGHT Eat a light, well- balanced meal before you travel, avoiding excessive salt, sugar and dairy products. Try to steer clear of fizzy drinks and gaseous food. Eating and drinking in excess ( except water!) or consuming the wrong type of food can lead to indigestion and uncomfortable bloating. y STAY FOCUSED If you are prone to motion sickness during take-off, landing or in the event of turbulence, focus on a fixed object. Follow our top tips to help you reach your destination feeling fresh EXERCISE! Keep your circulation going with these easy in- seat exercises: y Shoulder rotation Raise your shoulders up and rotate back to front. Repeat several times in each direction. y FINGER/ TOE STRETCH Clench fingers inward towards palms, then stretch outwards. Repeat several times and do the same with your toes. y ANKLE rotation Lift one foot off the floor, keeping your leg stationary. Move it in small circular motions in each direction. Repeat with other foot. y FOOT FLEX With heels on the floor, lift your toes upward as far as possible, hold for several seconds, then relax and repeat several times. y HEL LIFT Lift one heel as high as possible while keeping toes on the floor, then relax heel to the floor. Repeat while alternating right and left heels. y NECK ROLL Bring chin to chest, then slowly rotate head clockwise several times. Repeat in other direction.