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YOUR SAY! … fl y through the sky Imagine sailing 100 feet over the ground, speeding from one tree to the next at speeds of over 30 miles per hour. It isn't a dream – there are several locations across the Caribbean where you can hook yourself up with a ZIPLINE OPERATION TO FLY ACROSS A FOREST CANOPY. If you're visiting or live in the Dominican Republic you can face this thrill and adrenaline rush, but without the danger, at Yasika Adventures. Hundreds of tourists visit the ziplining attraction at Yasika each year, and the experience is one which few will ever forget. The adventure park has ten platforms and eight cables. Safety is of primary importance and all of the equipment is well- maintained, and the staff are highly trained. The park is situated only a thirty minute drive from Puerto Plato and remains open throughout the year from 8.00am to 5.00pm. Price is $ 84 per person, and the cost includes transport to and from Puerto Plata, water and a fruit cocktail. 10 lime January - March 2009 Antigua & Barbuda's Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer has renamed Boggy Peak, the country's highest mountain, Mount Obama. Spencer said it was the island's way of paying tribute to US president- elect Barack Obama. He informed Obama of the decision in a congratulatory note, adding that his message of change would ignite hope and action in people of many countries who might still be passive in the face of inadequacies and injustice. However, the renaming has caused some dissent on the island and has led to a number of blogs appealing against the decision. What do you think? Have your say at www. lime- magazine. com CELEBRATE YOUR WEDDING There are many things people do to celebrate their wedding, but one hotel in Nevis has come up with an initiative that will also help the environment… Newlyweds at the NISBET PLANTATION BEACH CLUB are being invited to plant a palm tree on their wedding day. The boutique hotel is famed for its scenic Avenue of the Palms, which runs down from the Great House to the beach. All couples now have the chance to commemorate their wedding with the planting of a tree near the Avenue. Jamie Holmes, general manager, said: " Palm trees fi rst became a major feature at Nisbet Plantation when it was operating as a coconut plantation. Over time the palms have become part of the landscape and a particular feature of the hotel. This palm- planting initiative gives wedding couples a lasting reminder of their big day and also serves to enhance the resort environment." LiMELITE Y HAPPENINGS P12 Y NEWS & VIEWS P14 Y EXPLORE PUERTO RICO P16 Y EATING OUT P18 Y LIMEGREEN P20 Y BUSINESS P22 Y HEALTH P24 TAKE ME HOME! THIS COPY OF LiME IS YOURS TO KEEP – FEEL FREE TO SHARE IT WITH FRIENDS YASIKA ADVENTURES ZIP LINE WHERE TOHOW TO Amanda Holden and Paul Alchin from Essex, England, were the fi rst couple to plant a tree on their wedding day.

… MAKE GRILLED CASSAVA WITH LIME GARLIC JUICE January - March 2009 lime 11 … WATCH SAILING The fourth weekend of March is now etched into every racer's calendar as the time when the " Crown Jewel" of Caribbean yacht racing takes place. The International Rolex Regatta will be held on 27- 29 March at St Thomas Yacht Club on the US Virgin Islands and involves sailboats from the Caribbean, US and Europe. The courses are a high calibre mix of round- the- island distance races and windward/ leewards designed to test the sailors' skills and showcase the stunning shoreline. Reliable tradewinds ensure excellent sailing conditions. This year's day one morning course ends at Charlotte Amalie Harbour, giving the racers an opportunity to The secret to great cooking is to do the simple things really well, of course adding a twist to provide a unique Caribbean fl avour. Whether you live in the region or are visiting, here's a dish that's quick and easy – and sure to impress. YOU'LL NEED: Y 2lb cassava, boiled and drained Y 1/ 3 cup olive oil or vegetable oil Y 1tbs chopped garlic Y 2tbs fresh lime juice Y 2tbs chopped cilantro ( chadon beni) Y Remove the inner vein from the cassava. Cut the cassava into 2 inch lengths and place in a shallow baking dish Y Heat the oil in a small saucapan, add the garlic, lime, and salt and freshly ground black pepper. Sauté for a few minutes, without browning the garlic Y Add the cilantro, stir and pour the mixture over the cassava Y Preheat broiler or grill Y Place the cassava under broiler and broil until it is hot and the edges are browned. Serves 4- 6 HOW TO WHERE TO Health tip If, like most of us, you over-indulged over the festive season and are feeling a bit run- down, boost your immune and digestive systems by taking a probiotic multivitamin. Probiotics are the ' friendly' bacteria that are found naturally occurring in our digestive system and which play an important role in keeping us fi t, healthy and full of energy by supporting and strengthening our immune system. MULTIBIONTA is the fi rst clinically proven probiotic multivitamin. Each tablet provides a unique blend of 10 million probiotic cultures combined with the recommended daily allowance of 23 different vitamin and minerals. RECIPE TAKEN ( WITH PERMISSION) FROM ' MODERN CARIBBEAN CUISINE' © WENDY RAHAMUT ( TEXT) AND MICHAEL BONAPARTE ( PHOTOGRAPH). PUBLISHED BY MACMILLAN PUBLISHERS 2006. ( WWW. MACMILLAN- CARIBBEAN. COM) see St Thomas' beautiful and historic capital. Other events taking place during the season are the Culebra Regatta held in Puerto Rico's offshore island in the week prior to the Rolex Regatta. The week after DANIEL FORSTER/ ROLEX Urayo, owned by Gilberto E. Rivera of Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, its way to the Spin Racing 2 title last spring Rolex is the BVI Spring Regatta on Tortola. There is also the Grenada Sailing Festival at the end of January, the St Maarten Heineken Regatta in early March and Antigua Sailing Week in April.