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? 1Marshall's The fl agship restaurant in Verral Marshall's growing culinary empire, Marshall's is handily located in the Horizons Villas residential complex in Frigate Bay, the island's main tourist area, and offers poolside dining with spectacular views of the Caribbean. ' Marsh', as he's known to one and all, is a hands- on proprietor who delivers impeccably prepared and frequently adventurous dishes ranging from Caribbean ackee and saltfi sh to a perfectly grilled French rack of lamb. The local regulars who swear by his food and his ambience are perhaps the most telling testimonial to his consistency and originality. Ywww. marshalls- stkitts. com ? 2PJ's Bar and Restaurant The doyen of the numerous eateries lining the road that runs parallel with North Frigate Bay Beach, PJs is an Italian restaurant offering a solid range of pastas and sandwiches. But the stars of the show are the thin- crust pizzas, which have achieved legendary status. Pizza options include the ' Garbage', which, as the name implies, comes with just about every topping imaginable. A bonus is the cosy bar, a favourite hang- out for a lively bunch of locals. Ywww. pjsrestaurantstkitts. com ? 3Alfredo's Don't be fooled by the name: Alfredo's may sound like the sort of place you'd expect to fi nd mama's home- made pasta but, in fact, it's strictly local. Handily located on the Bay Road just a few minutes stroll from the capital of Basseterre, in the decidedly lively Newtown neighbourhood, Alfredo's offers no- nonsense Caribbean favourites, with top billing reserved for some of the fi nest, freshest fi sh straight out of the Caribbean. The dozen or so tables attract an eclectic local lunch crowd and the small, friendly bar dispenses beastly cold beers, stiff rum drinks and – a bonus – Caribbean music. Another bonus: the price is decidedly right. ? 4Serendipity The views of Basseterre Bay from the terrace tables could hardly be more spectacular, but this welcome addition to the St Kitts dining scene is best known for its creative and consistent lunch and dinner offerings. The extensive, reasonably priced, lunch menu features unusual items like Asian vegetable or chicken samosas, served with tortilla and warm stuffed crab back. Dinner choices include Caribbean bouillabaisse and rare yellowfi n tuna. Located in the venerable residential area of Fortlands, a stroll from the Ocean Terrace Inn. Ywww. serendipitystkitts. com ? 5Reggae Beach Bar- Grill Owner Gary Pereira has been a fi xture on the St Kitts dining scene for almost 30 years. An avid fi sherman, his hobby has always been refl ected in his menus, which inevitably feature freshly caught, simply prepared and downright delicious fi sh offerings. Gary's most recent venture is a comfortable, relaxed beach bar on Cockleshell Beach at the tip of St Kitts' rapidly developing southeast peninsula, and his down- to- earth menu features beach staples like conch fritters, grilled mahi mahi sandwich, and, when available, lobster. All accompanied by reggae music in surroundings dominated by Bob Marley pictures. Irie! ? 6Frigate Bay / South Friars Nothing's more West Indian than enjoying a casual, tasty meal and a cold drink a few feet from the Caribbean Sea, and there are so many places to indulge in this pleasure on these two popular beaches it would be impossible to single any one out. So here goes a handful. On Frigate Bay, check out Mr X's Shiggidy Shack for succulent fi sh burgers, the Rainbow Bar for some of the juiciest chicken wings anywhere, and Buddies for excellent chicken, rib and fi sh dishes. On South Friars, Olivia's Sunset Cafe has a well- deserved reputation for home-made local dishes and, at the opposite end of the beach, check out Raman's Shipwreck Bar. LIMELITE 18 lime January - March 2009 Reggae Beach Bar- Grill ST KITTS eatingout It's not so long ago that dining out options in St Kitts were fairly limited. No longer. From no- nonsense local staples to epicurean experiences, there's something for just about every taste... and every budget. LiME recommends six of the best: Marshall's Alfredo's Shipwreck at Frigate Bay and South Friars beaches PHOTOGRAPHS: MICHAEL HEAD