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46 lime January - March 2009 INTERVIEW W hile it may seem like she is living a charmed life – and she will be the fi rst to admit that it feels that way – Shontelle is no overnight success. Earning her stripes on the Caribbean music scene, she received accolades as a songwriter, penning lyrics for the likes of the queen of soca, Alison Hinds, among others. In 2006 Roll, which she wrote for Hinds, became an international soca hit and anthem for women in the region. Recently signed to Syndicated Rhythm Productions ( SRP)/ Universal Motown Records, the same label that led Rihanna to Stardom, Shontelle is seeing her dream of a career in music become reality. " It's been a long journey to date and, as far as I can see, the road isn't getting any shorter!" she gushed. " That's a good thing. I want to do this for the rest of my life. I love my job! I get to wake up each day and do what I'm most passionate about." Still getting used to the fact that she is now an international sensation, she expressed high hopes for Shontelligence. " I look forward to a successful year ahead and, beyond that, a successful sophomore album and some Grammy's of course. I like to dream big!" Given T- shirt's great reception, as well as the fact that another of her singles, Battle Cry, was chosen for the all- star download compilation album Yes We Can: Voices of a Grassroots Movement ( developed for Barack Obama), it seems as if this self- confessed beach- bum is well on her way to living her dream. No diva by any stretch of the imagination, when she is not involved in the music industry Shontelle can be found wearing no make- up, fl ip- fl ops and simple loose clothing, in direct contrast to her glamorous onstage image. Loving every minute of the ride, the avid reader, movie buff and food lover admits that, as anticipated, life has changed " dramatically", a far cry from her home on the tiny island of Barbados. She is still getting used to her success and the fast- paced lifestyle. " I can't really say what will be happening over the next few months since in this industry every event is very interdependent with the public's response to an artist's music. The greater and more positive the response, the faster things move along, and that will more or less greatly infl uence where you go. So we'll see how everything progresses over the next few months and where that eventually takes me. I'm praying it takes me to every corner of the world so I can represent Barbados!" Acknowledging that the music industry can be tough, she credits her long- time friends and family with keeping her grounded in a world that is rapidly changing, a world where anything and everything is likely to come at you. " It's also very important to fi nd some time for yourself just to refl ect, pray and meditate, because it can be very emotionally challenging at times. Picture the craziest roller coaster you can imagine! It takes a lot of self- motivation because sometimes things don't always go as planned or happen as fast as or in a manner that you'd like. " This industry looks very glamorous on the outside and we see many smiles and perfection, but there is a lot that goes into painting that pretty picture. I was in Cadets, a very physically – and mentally – oriented sub- military organisation. I have had all kinds of jobs, have been on all kind of sports teams and I've been through school at all levels. I think I can safely say none of those things, not even altogether, can nearly match up to how diffi cult and challenging entertainment has been for me." Quick to emphasise that she would not trade where she is now for anything, she stresses: " This is where passion plays a major role. The passion and the satisfaction of accomplishment make it all worth the hard work." Her 11- track CD features something for everyone, spanning the pop- urban spectrum, from the multicultural riddim- centric soca of Roll and Focus Pon Me, to the reggae tracks Life is Not an Easy Road, Crave You, Flesh and Bone. There's also a literate and progressive neo- soul vibe to Superwoman, Plastic People and Ghetto Lullaby, and a retro/ alternative urban note in Cold Cold Summer. And while most might think the fame and possible fortune are the things that excite Shontelle the most, she surprisingly says no. " To me the most exciting thing is seeing Barbados on the world stage, the recognition that there is nothing beyond your reach. I grew up hearing ' Bajans don't do that, you do soca, not R& B, and I did it'. " I accomplished it; it made me see myself in a whole new way. People know there is talent here... Just the understanding that people know that there is so much talent in my country, I love that so much." Shontelle's debut album Shontelligence is available for download from iTunes and from all good music stores. Keep an eye on her website www. shontellemusic. com for updates on her touring schedule. Shontelle MEETING It's also very important to fi nd some time for yourself just to refl ect, pray and meditate, because it can be very emotionally challenging at times

January - March 2009 lime 47