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T he New Year is upon us and with it comes great expectations and new hope. We are excited that you have joined us for the second edition of our new in- fl ight magazine, LiME. As you dust off your resolutions to face the opportunities and challenges of the year ahead, we at LIAT are constantly working on fresh, new initiatives to help make your journey that much easier. Visit us online at our newly designed liat. com, which has been enhanced with you in mind. Some of the benefi ts to be enjoyed include our new travel insurance product as well as the opportunity to BOOK REGIONAL HOTELS, RENTAL CARS AND CRUISES DIRECTLY FROM OUR WEBSITE. Not bad for an upgrade! Whilst you are online, be sure to take advantage of our Just Go specials, which are some of the lowest fares to be found, and travel across our 21 destinations to exciting upcoming events such as the Barbados Jazz Festival or Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago. We certainly hope that you enjoy your journey with us as much as we enjoy providing you with the service of travel. Have a happy and a prosperous 2009! WELCOME Happy 2009! Leesa Parris- Rudder, CCO, refl ects on exciting developments at LIAT WE ARE CONSTANTLY WORKING ON FRESH, NEW INITIATIVES TO HELP MAKE YOUR JOURNEY THAT MUCH EASIER LEESA PARRIS- RUDDER CHIEF COMMERCIAL OFFICER ON THE COVER: SINGER SHONTELLE, COURTESY UNIVERSAL MOTOWN LiME IS PUBLISHED BY TRAVEL AFRICA LTD / ZEST PUBLISHING INC FOR LIAT, THE CARIBBEAN AIRLINE. Travel Africa Ltd: 4 Rycote Lane Farm, Milton Common, Oxford, OX9 2NZ, United Kingdom Y Tel: + 44 ( 0) 1844 278883 Y Fax: + 44 ( 0) 1844 278893 Y Email: zest@ lime- magazine. com Y www. lime- magazine. com Y EDITOR & PUBLISHER Craig Rix Y PUBLICATIONS MANAGER Phil Clisby Y ART DIRECTOR Lisa Duke Y MANAGING DIRECTOR Iain Wallace Y ADVERTISING MANAGER UK Craig Rix Y ADMINISTRATION Sherry Rix Y FINANCIAL CONTROLLER Amanda Gaydon Represented in the Caribbean by ZEST PUBLISHING INC: PO Box 1329, General Post Offi ce, Cheapside, Bridgetown, St Michael, Barbados Y ADVERTISING MANAGER Clifton Henry advertising@ lime- magazine. com tel ( 246) 254 7121 FOR LIAT, THE CARIBBEAN AIRLINE: Suite 101, Lauriston, Lower Collymore Rock, St. Michael, BB11115, Barbados W. I. www. liat. com Y MARKETING MANAGER Derrick Frederick Y ADVERTISING MANAGER Janelle Hunte Y MARKETING PROJECT MANAGER Hughvon Sealey Y www. liat. com Y marketing@ liatairline. com Y Tel: ( 246) 227 3850 Y Fax: ( 246) 228 3336 © Travel Africa Ltd and individual contributors. No part of the contents may be reproduced or stored in a retrievable system without prior written permission from the publishers. All advertisements and non- commissioned text are taken in good faith. While every care is taken to ensure accuracy in preparing the magazine, the publisher and Liat assume no responsibility in effects risen therefrom. Material is submitted at the sender's risk and the publishers and Liat cannot accept responsibility for accidental loss or damage. January - March 2009 lime 03 TAKE ME HOME! THIS COPY OF LiME IS YOURS TO KEEP – FEEL FREE TO SHARE IT WITH FRIENDS RACHEL GRAY

THIS IS THE CARIBBEAN Get the big picture on the islands we call home. LIMELITE Regatta season, Have your say and Go ziplining. WHAT'S HAPPENING The lowdown on events across the region this quarter. NEWS An assortment of news and views from across the Caribbean. ISLAND LIFE The guide books summarised. Why you should visit Puerto Rico. EATING OUT Some great restaurants in St Kitts. LIMEGREEN Activities to conserve environments near you. BUSINESS LIME How to get the best out of your negotiations. YOUR HEALTH A beginner's guide to meditation. PHOTO COMPETITION How to take better pictures of Carnival. guyana Kirk Smock introduces you to the wonders of Guyana, from its dense rainforests and breathtaking scenery to its extraordinary wealth of wildlife. HOW TO BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR In the first of a two- part series, Anver Versi explains how to set up a small business. shontele Anemarie Blake talks to the latest Bajan singing sensation to storm the international music scene. GOLF Nine of the best golf courses in the Dominican Republic. barbados walking history Brian Ramsey takes a step back in time with a stroll around the Garrison Savannah. FASHION Caribbean fashion is beginning to make waves around the world. Carol Bareuther talks to six of the region's top designers. CRICkET England v West Indies: Jason Thompson takes a look at what one of the world's great sporting contests means to the fans. new year's resolutions Have you already broken your new year's resolutions? Heather Barker suggests a new approach that could lead to a meaningful change in your life. LImeliat y 78 NEWS A brief look at developments within the company and our routes. y 82 Route map A quick glance at where we fly across the Caribbean. y 84 Healthy travel Taking care of yourself on board and on the ground. y 86 WELCOME ABOARD An overview of some ways to ensure a smoother flying experience. 6 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 22 26 28 40 44 48 52 56 64 72 Limelite Easy to dip into, and with lots of interesting stuff inside... features The meat of the mag, where you can explore the Caribbean in depth LIMELIfe Settle down, engage brain and pick up a pencil... it's time to test yourself! CONTENTS 04 lime January - March 2009 64 28 GAMES & PUZZLES Suduko, word search and Kriss Kross... there's something for everyone! CARIBBEAN QUIZ How well do you know your home region? 10 questions to find out. LIME KIDS Healthy living for your children. ESSAY Kevin Pilley takes a look at the amusing side of travel. FOOTBALLING ICONS Trinidad's Premier League connections. 88 89 90 92 96 26