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DID YOU KNOW? A brief look at events at LIAT and across our network... 78 lime January - March 2009 LIMELIAT LIATNEWS LIAT CHAIRMAN DR JEAN HOLDER has been awarded the Companion of Honour of Barbados for distinguished national achievement and merit at the National Indpendence Festival of Creative Arts ( NIFCA) 35th Anniversary National Stalwart Awards, in recognition of his initial vision that led to the creation of the fi rst NIFCA. The NIFCA is one of the main events that celebrate Barbados' independence. The island gained its independence from Britain on 30 November 1966. Organised by the National Cultural Foundation, the festival runs throughout the month of November and attracts Bajans of all ages to showcase their talent in seven disciplines - Dance, Drama/ Speech, Music, Literary Arts, Culinary Arts, Visual Arts and Craft and Photography. The month is fi lled with many performances, art exhibitions and demonstrations and closes with a grand fi nale with a gala presentation in which the fi nalists are featured. Holder's career spans 44 years in diplomacy and tourism, including posts in the Federal Government of the West Indies, the Barbados High Commission in the UK and the Caribbean Tourism Organisation. He is the recipient of 18 national, regional and international awards for public service and services to tourism. LIAT CHAIRMAN RECEIVES COMPANION OF HONOUR AWARD OUR FLEET LIAT operates a fl eet of 17 Dash 8 Q100 / Q300 aircraft, which have proved to be safe, economical and reliable, a favourite for airlines fl ying the frequencies and range of our Caribbean routes. The latest model uses an advanced Noise Vibration Suppression system to dramatically reduce cabin noise and vibration, meaning it can boast to be the quietest, most vibration-free turboprop aircraft in the sky today. Y Crew: 2+ 1 Y Passengers: 50 Y Engines: Two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW123B turboprops Y Power: 2500shp Y Cruise speed: 285 knots ( 528km/ h) Y Maximum range ( with optional long- range fuel tanks): 2,034km Y Maximum take- off weight: 19,505kg Y Average cabin noise level: 75dBA * specs apply to the Q300 model only Y FOR THE LATEST INFORMATION ON OUR SCHEDULES, SPECIAL OFFERS OR TO MAKE RESERVATIONS, VISIT WWW. LIAT. COM LIAT entered the jet age in the 1970s, using BAC One- Elevens for their longer Caribbean routes, as well as a fl eet of Britten- Norman aircraft. NEW REQUIREMENTS FOR VISA- FREE TRAVEL TO THE US The Electronic System for Travel Authorisation ( ESTA) will become effective for travel to the US from Monday, 12 January 2009. Nationals of Visa- Waiver Program ( VWP) countries will still be eligible to travel without a visa but will have to obtain an approved travel authorisation prior to their travel to the US. The US Department of Homeland Security recommends submitting travel authorisation applications at least 72 hours prior to departure. Authorisations are valid for two years or until your passport expires, whichever comes fi rst. If intending to travel to the US after 12 January, passengers must be able to present proof of ESTA approval to LIAT at the time of check- in, otherwise boarding will be declined. For further information, including a list of VWP countries, go to www. esta. us or www. liat. com.

January - March 2009 lime 79 The most common reasons – and some practical advice to help ensure you get on yours Problem: Misread and misspelt documents Solution: On receipt of your documents check the name, spelling and flight details are correct. Problem: Flight schedule changes Solution: Check your latest paperwork for any changes. Remember the times on the ticket will be written using the 24hr clock. Problem: Traffic delays Solution: Check the news for any accidents or roadworks that may delay your journey and if necessary allow more time to reach the airport or find an alternative route. Problem: Denied permission due to incorrect or expired passport Solution: On booking your flight, check your passport to ensure it still has six months to go. Also remember to pack your passport in your hand luggage. Problem: Medication needed urgently but packed in the hold luggage, which has been checked in Solution: If your bags do not join you on the aircraft you may miss your flight. Make sure any prescribed medication is packed in your hand luggage. Problem: Too late to check in Solution: Never underestimate the time needed. Make sure you have left plenty of time to get from the airport car park to the terminal and into the correct check- in zone. Remember there may be a queue. Make sure you know which terminal you need, as some airports have more than one. Problem: Not allowing enough time to get to the departure gate once checked- in Solution: Airlines require their passengers to arrive at the gate for their flights earlier than in the past. Plan on getting to the gate at least 30 minutes before your flight departs. If you're late they won't wait. Problem: Flights not connecting Solution: If there is no non- stop flight, then build extra time into your itinerary for the connection. Don't take a connecting flight that gives you just 30 minutes to change planes at a busy airport: ask for at least a two- hour layover to make the connection. WHY PEOPLE MISS FLIGHTS Safety is our priority The safety of our passengers and crew is paramount, as demonstrated on 12 November, when emergency procedures were called into play after an aircraft developed problems on route to St Kitts. After a safe and uneventful landing in Antigua, 42 passengers were facilitated with onward travel options of their choice. A special commendation for their handling of the situation goes to the flight's crew: Captain Kimani Tonge, First Officer Dean Richards and Cabin Crew Donna Beth James. The plane was taken off line to enable a through examination by our engineers and the problems were very quickly rectified. Book your full holiday experience at www. Liat. com LIAT's website has undergone a radical transformation. For the first time ever, the website enables passengers to book their full vacation experience – flights, accommodation, activities and travel insurance. This one- stop shop approach to booking your holiday incorporates a new, vibrant design, with an easy, user-friendly layout and a search engine, so that you can find what you need quickly. Go to www. liat. com and plan your holiday now.