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January - March 2009 lime 79 The most common reasons – and some practical advice to help ensure you get on yours Problem: Misread and misspelt documents Solution: On receipt of your documents check the name, spelling and flight details are correct. Problem: Flight schedule changes Solution: Check your latest paperwork for any changes. Remember the times on the ticket will be written using the 24hr clock. Problem: Traffic delays Solution: Check the news for any accidents or roadworks that may delay your journey and if necessary allow more time to reach the airport or find an alternative route. Problem: Denied permission due to incorrect or expired passport Solution: On booking your flight, check your passport to ensure it still has six months to go. Also remember to pack your passport in your hand luggage. Problem: Medication needed urgently but packed in the hold luggage, which has been checked in Solution: If your bags do not join you on the aircraft you may miss your flight. Make sure any prescribed medication is packed in your hand luggage. Problem: Too late to check in Solution: Never underestimate the time needed. Make sure you have left plenty of time to get from the airport car park to the terminal and into the correct check- in zone. Remember there may be a queue. Make sure you know which terminal you need, as some airports have more than one. Problem: Not allowing enough time to get to the departure gate once checked- in Solution: Airlines require their passengers to arrive at the gate for their flights earlier than in the past. Plan on getting to the gate at least 30 minutes before your flight departs. If you're late they won't wait. Problem: Flights not connecting Solution: If there is no non- stop flight, then build extra time into your itinerary for the connection. Don't take a connecting flight that gives you just 30 minutes to change planes at a busy airport: ask for at least a two- hour layover to make the connection. WHY PEOPLE MISS FLIGHTS Safety is our priority The safety of our passengers and crew is paramount, as demonstrated on 12 November, when emergency procedures were called into play after an aircraft developed problems on route to St Kitts. After a safe and uneventful landing in Antigua, 42 passengers were facilitated with onward travel options of their choice. A special commendation for their handling of the situation goes to the flight's crew: Captain Kimani Tonge, First Officer Dean Richards and Cabin Crew Donna Beth James. The plane was taken off line to enable a through examination by our engineers and the problems were very quickly rectified. Book your full holiday experience at www. Liat. com LIAT's website has undergone a radical transformation. For the first time ever, the website enables passengers to book their full vacation experience – flights, accommodation, activities and travel insurance. This one- stop shop approach to booking your holiday incorporates a new, vibrant design, with an easy, user-friendly layout and a search engine, so that you can find what you need quickly. Go to www. liat. com and plan your holiday now.

80 lime January - March 2009 LIMELIAT LIATNEWS Y MAKE WWW. LIAT. COM YOUR FIRST STOP TO EASY TRAVEL IN THE CARIBBEAN WE WANT TO FLY YOU TO Nevis! 10 reasons to board our new fl ights LIAT now operates a direct schedule to Nevis from St Kitts and Antigua. Here are just 10 reasons why you should be boarding one of those planes! CHARLESTOWN One of the best- preserved old towns in the Caribbean, with several buildings dating from the 18th century. PINNEY'S BEACH Just north of the centre of Charlestown is a lovely stretch of beach lined with coconut trees. MONTPELIER GREAT HOUSE Where Admiral Lord Nelson married Fanny Nisbett. The plantation is now a hotel; a great place for lunch or a drink. WHITE BAY BEACH It's on the Atlantic coast, so the seas can get rough, but on quieter days the surf is good and there are great views of Montserrat to be had. NEWCASTLE POTTERY Where a distinctive red clay is used to make the traditional Nevis cooking pot. MONKEY SHOAL Head for this reef for excellent diving, where you can see angel fi sh, black durgons, octopus and even nurse sharks. OUALIE BEACH Excellent for snorkelling, as is Nag's head, which is just off the beach, where you can fi nd plenty of big fi sh such as barracuda. NEVIS PEAK Hike to the top of Nevis' 985m- high mountain for spectacular views over the island. BATH OUTDOOR SPRINGS Relax in a 40 degrees Celsius mineral-laden stream. TO GET MARRIED Nevis specialises in cosy weddings and romantic honeymoons, with many hotels offering special packages. 1 2stretch 3 4 5 6can 7off 8spectacular 9laden 10 Due to the cargo hold capacity limitations of the Dash 8 aircraft currently operated by LIAT, it is necessary to restrict the amount of baggage carried by passengers. This will help us offer a more consistent and reliable baggage delivery service to passengers. With effect from 1 December 2008 the free baggage allowance for all LIAT services will be one piece at a maximum of 50lbs ( 23 kgs) per adult or child passenger. The maximum overall size per piece will be 62 inches ( 157cms). In addition passengers will be allowed one piece of cabin baggage inclusive of a laptop at a maximum weight of 15lbs ( 7kgs) and maximum overall dimensions of 36 inches ( 91cms) Y For more information and details of excess baggage charges go to www. liat. com CHANGES TO BAGGAGE ACCEPTANCE POLICY