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42Download holiday itineraries fromwww.mountainkingdoms.come: info@mountainkingdoms.comNorthwest India The Indian SubcontinentR ajasthan is a world of rugged desert landscapes, romantic warrior forts and impressive royal palaces. Here we will explore some of the 'must see' highlights such as the lakeside town of Udaipur, the Amber Palace in Jaipur and atmospheric Jodhpur. Our accommodation is always distinctive. We will stay in stylish heritage hotels created from former palaces, and comfortable cottages as guests of the local landowner. We will also spend two nights in luxury tents in an idyllic lakeside spot where we can watch wildlife and birds whilst sipping a sundowner. Finally we visit the Taj Mahal as a fitting finale to this unforgettable holiday.Private departures We can also offer this trip as a private holiday. Prices vary by season but start from £2,555 per person Land Only for a minimum of two people sharing. International flights available from £550.O ur holiday begins in Amritsar with a tour of the glittering Golden Temple. We continue with an exploration of some of the little known gems of rural Himachal Pradesh such as Pragpur and Palampur, as well as Manali and the renowned hill station of Dharamsala, home of the Dalai Lama. No trip to the region would be complete without a promenade along the Mall at Shimla, the summer capital of the British Raj. There is a ride on the narrow-gauge mountain 'toy train', and visits to Buddhist monasteries, Hindu temples and calming hot springs.We also have time to relax and enjoy the fascinating heritage properties in which we will be staying: a converted Maharajah's palace, the best hotel in Shimla (the Cecil), a converted Judges' Court and the wonderfully quirky Mrs Bandhari's Guest House in Amritsar.D ramatic canyons, majestic mountains and cascading waterfalls together with the holy waters of India's most sacred river, make this trip a feast for the soul and senses. We begin with an acclimatisation trek near Rudraprayag, which provides commanding views of the Garhwal Himalaya, and takes us through lush terraced hills, pristine forests and villages. We then transfer to Gangotri, one of India's most sacred pilgrimage sites, where we witness the daily puja at the temple and Hindu devotees bathing at the water's edge. As we trek from Gangotri to Tapovan (4,463m/14,294ft), every twist in the trail reveals another stunning 6,000m Himalayan giant. Our campsite at Tapovan must rate as one of the most awe-inspiring in the world, as we gaze at Mount Shivling's elegant peak - rising like a great deity before us. First Class Tour of Rajasthan This wonderful new trip captures the romance and colour of Royal Rajasthan. Gentle Trekking Indian Hill Stations & the Golden Temple Gentle walks exploring Indian culture and the history of the British Raj.The Source of the Ganges, Garhwal A spectacular trek with the perfect blend of cultural interest and physical challenge. £2,450£2,550£1,950£1,985£1,565£1,625£2,895£2,995£2,395£2,440£2,020£2,075Land OnlyLand OnlyLand OnlyLand OnlyLand OnlyLand OnlyFlight IncludedFlight IncludedFlight IncludedFlight IncludedFlight IncludedSat 12 Feb - Sun 27 Feb 11Flight IncludedSat 19 Nov - Sun 04 Dec 11Fri 11 Mar - Sat 26 Mar 11Fri 28 Oct - Sat 12 Nov 11Sat 21 May - Sun 05 Jun 11Sat 08 Oct - Sun 23 Oct 11Local LeaderAccommodation (nts): Hotels: 13 Luxury Camping: 2Optional:Single Room tbcInsurance: £77Day Walks: 7 Local LeaderAccommodation (nts): Hotels: 12 Guest House: 2Optional: Single Room £550Insurance: £95On Trek: 10 days Local Leader Accommodation (nts): Hotels: 3 Guesthouses: 2 Camping: 8 Train: 1Optional: Single Room £280Single Tent £45Insurance: £95 Cultural Tour | Duration: 16 DaysTrek | Duration: 16 DaysTrek | Duration: 16 DaysGuaranteed to run for a minimum of 3 clientsGrade: GentleGrade: Vigorous For detailed itineraries see www.mountainkingdoms.comFor detailed itineraries see www.mountainkingdoms.comOther Cultural Tours - see pages 12, 13, 20, 26, 41, 43, 47, 50, 51, 53, 58Haridwar, Source of the Ganges, Andi HarrisonGuaranteed to run for a minimum of 2 clientsGuaranteed to run for a minimum of 2 clients

43telephone: 0845 330 8579 (local call rate, UK only)international telephone: +44 1453 844 400www.mountainkingdoms.comO ur journey starts as we cross the Himalaya on the Manali-Leh highway, travelling over some of the highest passes in the world. Arriving in Leh, capital of Ladakh, we enjoy a walking tour of the many cultural highlights, bustling streets and fascinating bazaars. We then travel to the Indus Valley to explore the area's rich heritage and history including Stok and Shey Palaces and impressive Thikse Monastery. Our cultural exploration continues in Alchi and Chilling where we view temples and visit several home industries. Here we also spend the night in a homestay to really experience village life. Finally we return to Leh where we have our futures foretold by an Oracle. Our departure is timed to visit the Dakthok Festival near Leh to add an extra dimension to this highly enjoyable tour. B efore the trek begins there is plenty of time to acclimatise whilst exploring the sights and sounds of Ladakh's capital, Leh, and the major cultural attractions of the Indus Valley including Shey Gompa, Thikse Monastery and Stok Palace. We will also spend time at a traditional Buddhist festival - the Hemis Festival in July or the Dakthok Festival in August.We then drive up the Zanskar river gorge to Chilling (3,350m/10,990ft), before entering the Markha Valley where tiny villages and settlements dot the trail. Walking past extraordinary rock strata and numerous ruined fortresses we gradually climb to Nimaling to find yak herders grazing their animals in the wide verdant pastures. From here we can look across to the towering summit of Kang Yatze and the other peaks of the Zanskar range. Finally, we will cross the dramatic Kongmaru La, the highest point of the trek at 5,100m/16,732ft, before descending back down into the Indus Valley and on to Hemis Monastery. Private departures We can also offer this trip as a private holiday for a minimum of two people sharing for £1,495 per person, Land Only. International flights available from £550.Quest to Ladakh - A Himalayan JourneyTravel from the verdant valleys of Northern India to the dramatic mountain scenery of Ladakh.Markha Valley TrekEncompassing the best of Ladakh's varied and dramatic scenery, this is rightly considered its most celebrated trek. Guaranteed to run for a minimum of 2 clients£1,395£1,845Land OnlyFlight IncludedFri 08 Jul - Fri 22 Jul 11Sat 06 Aug - Sat 20 AugOn Trek: 8 days Local LeaderAccommodation (nts): Hotels: 6 Camping: 7Optional: Single Room £100 Single Tent £40Insurance: £95 Trek | Duration: 15 DaysFestivalGrade: Vigorous Appointed LeaderBarry BondAccommodation (nts): Hotels: 12 Camping: 1 Homestay: 1Optional: Single Room £335Insurance: £77Cultural Tour | Duration: 16 Days£1,845£2,295Land OnlyFlight IncludedSat 30 Jul - Sun 14 Aug 11FestivalGuaranteed to run for a minimum of 5 clientsFor detailed itineraries see www.mountainkingdoms.comFor detailed itineraries see www.mountainkingdoms.comThe Indian Subcontinent LadakhLadakhLadakh is one of the few areas of the Himalaya best visited and trekked in the summer months. The lunar landscape is characterised by snowy mountains, deep gorges and striking rock formations. 'Little Tibet' always leaves a lasting impression on its visitors. Leh Castle & Gompa, Ian Broom