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North America North America holds some of the most diverse and stunning natural landscapes on earth. Vast canyons, towering waterfalls, arid deserts and lush forests provide a magnificent backdrop for exploration on foot. Our treks take in the premier national parks in the west but go beyond the well trodden trails for a unique perspective on this stunning natural world.54Download holiday itineraries fromwww.mountainkingdoms.come: info@mountainkingdoms.comUpper and Lower Yosemite Falls, Steve Harbert

55telephone: 0845 330 8579 (local call rate, UK only)international telephone: +44 1453 844 400www.mountainkingdoms.comNorth America USAL eaving Las Vegas we drive to Death Valley for a sunset walk on the dunes. From there we head north to the Sierra Nevada and Yosemite National Park. These celebrated landscapes offer magnificent trekking and we enjoy three full days on the trail here, taking in such sights as the peak of Half-Dome and the Yosemite, Vernal and Bridal Veil waterfalls. We may be lucky enough to spot black bear, while mule deer and eagles are frequently seen. With our bags carried by mules, we then head off deep into the mountains. Our trek on the John Muir Trail leads us across Donohue Pass at 3,370m/11,056ft to reach Thousand Island Lake and our ultimate goal, Devil's Postpile. The adventure continues with a hike to the summit of Mammoth mountain, before ending amid the bright lights of Las Vegas. A s well as great full and half-day walks in the Zion, Bryce, Canyonlands and Arches National Parks, we follow in the boot steps of John Wayne as we walk amongst the rock monoliths of Monument Valley. We then explore the tribal lands of the Navajo and Hopi Indians in the company of native guides. Heading west we experience the Grand Canyon from top to bottom, from the first sight of this breathtaking work of nature at the South Rim, to a supported trek to the canyon floor itself. Here we spend two nights in a lodge and explore the rushing waters that lead to the Colorado River. We rejoin the 21st century with a drive along Route 66, via the Hoover Dam, back to Las Vegas.O ur adventure begins with superb day and evening hikes in the more remote Yellowstone back country in the company of an expert naturalist. Here we may be lucky enough to see wolves, bear, bison and eagle. We then enter the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and hike to see the thundering falls before a steady walk takes us to the summit of Mount Washburn, the highest peak in the park, for tremendous panoramic views. Yellowstone is home to the highest concentration of geysers in the world and we will visit many including 'Old Faithful', the most spectacular of all. We continue to stylish Jackson Hole and make the short journey into the Grand Tetons Park to discover premier walking areas set against the backdrop of the majestic spires of the Tetons mountains.Yosemite & the John Muir TrailYosemite day walks combined with a four-day supported trek in the High Sierra. Grand Canyon Trek The best Wild West trails and a supported trek to the bed of the Grand Canyon. Yellowstone Back Country & the Tetons A thorough exploration of America's great natural 'wonderland'.£2,395£2,095£2,195£3,095£1,875£2,755£2,895£2,695Land OnlyLand OnlyLand OnlyFlight IncludedLand OnlyFlight IncludedFlight IncludedFlight IncludedSun 24 Jul - Sat 06 Aug 11Sun 04 Sep - Sat 17 Sep 11Sat 30 Apr - Sun 15 May 11Sat 24 Sep - Sun 09 Oct 11Sat 11 Jun - Wed 22 Jun 11Sat 03 Sep - Wed 14 Sep 11On Trek: 9 days Local LeaderAccommodation (nts): Hotels: 8 Lodge: 1 Camping: 3Optional: Single Room £425 Single Tent: £110Insurance: £109Day Walks: 13 Local LeaderAccommodation (nts): Hotels: 11 Lodges: 3 Optional: Single Room £600Insurance: £109Day Walks: 8 Local LeaderAccommodation (nts): Hotels: 10Optional: Single Room £345Insurance: £109Trek | Duration: 14 DaysTrek | Duration: 16 DaysTrek | Duration: 12 DaysGuaranteed to run for a minimum of 6 clientsGuaranteed to run for a minimum of 5 clientsGuaranteed to run for a minimum of 3 clientsGrade: Moderate Grade: Gentle/Moderate Grade: Gentle/Moderate Sunrise over the Grand Canyon, Adam ParsonsFor detailed itineraries see www.mountainkingdoms.comFor detailed itineraries see www.mountainkingdoms.comFor detailed itineraries see www.mountainkingdoms.comSat 05 May - Sun 20 May 12Grizzly bear in Yellowstone, Adam Parsons