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4Download holiday itineraries fromwww.mountainkingdoms.come: info@mountainkingdoms.comChoosing your holiday Trekking HolidaysMountain Kingdoms offers four styles of holiday: Treks, Trekking Peaks, Cultural Tours and Family Adventures, and on these pages we explain a little more about each one. There are also various tools available to help you to choose your perfect Mountain Kingdoms holiday:The Mountain Kingdoms Team email or call us on 0845 330 8579 and one of our friendly team will be happy to help you with your holiday plans. Day-by-day holiday itineraries - for every holiday we provide a detailed itinerary which introduces you to the region, describes daily activity on the trip and has trip notes to help you find out more about the holiday. Download the itineraries quickly and easily from our website - - or give us a call to request a particular itinerary by post or email. 2011 Holiday Programme - this table can be found in the centre of this brochure and summarises all our holidays, with price, destination, grade, duration and departure month. Private Departures - you will find Private Departure prices, based on a minimum of two people sharing, for a number of holidays in this brochure. We also offer a full Tailor Made service. See page 6 for - use the "Search for a Holiday" box on our home page, which instantly narrows your choice by either country destination, month in which you want to travel, or by specific trek name. Also view photo journeys, read our virtual brochure and download holiday itineraries. Holiday information boxes - we feel strongly that our clients should be able to see clearly what the holiday arrangements are: accommodation, trip leader, style/grade, number of trekking/walking days, minimum numbers to get the trip up and running and any festivals attended. Therefore, Our small group adventure walking holidays range from easy treks in the lower foothills right through to long distance hikes into very remote regions. Typically, our trekking holidays involve 5-8 hours walking a day, including a lunch stop somewhere on the trail. A common misconception is that if you are a slower walker you may hold people back - not so! During the day, group members often 'string out' and there will usually be an hour or two between the first to arrive and the last. You walk at your own pace and stop when you feel like it. Members of the trekking 'crew' will be at the front and rear ensuring no-one gets lost. There are jungle treks where you will meet colourful hill tribes, classic circuits of some of the world's highest peaks, pilgrim trails to holy mountains, base camp treks and spectacular routes across glaciers. For those seeking a gentler trekking experience we have plenty of trips which offer a mix of day walks and sightseeing. Trekking Peaks Essentially, our trekking peaks allow you to climb to your chosen summit and back in a day from Base Camp/High Camp. The highest is Mera Peak, 6,476m/21,246ft. The routes we use are chosen for their objective safety and sometimes involve easy angled snow slopes, straightforward ridges and occasionally minor scrambling. On some trips you may use crampons and an ice axe, ropes will be used for glacier travel, and you may camp on snow. On all these expeditions we have carefully designed interesting treks to provide proper acclimatisation. For the higher, more remote peaks, we will provide a satellite phone and Gamow bag. These treks are open to fit, determined walkers who have previously undertaken Strenuous treks; previous mountaineering experience is an advantage but not essential, with the exception of Island Peak. Please contact our Operations Manager, Niki Morgan, if you have any queries about your suitability; we will review your experience before accepting you onto one of these trips. Family AdventuresAs a company we were one of the first to pioneer family adventure holidays in the Himalaya some eleven years ago. Since then we have developed gentle treks where young children can be carried by porters or riding pony and special precautions are taken regarding hygiene. Walking is combined with other exciting adventures; camping, game viewing, rafting, local homestays and sightseeing. The aim is for these holidays to offer an exciting mix of experiences for your children to remember and talk about for years to come. They give mind broadening, even humbling, encounters with local village children, and no doubt you will make lifelong friends with your travelling companions - both large and small! See pages 72 & 73 for more detail.There is nothing better than celebrating with the locals and many of our holidays, from Bhutan to Tibet, include time spent at a colourful festival. If you fancy joining the singing and dancing for a day or two look out for holidays marked FESTIVAL. Details can also be found in our holiday itineraries and online. Festivals Cultural Tours Our adventurous cultural tours are not 'tourist trap' experiences. We have set out to provide hotels and lodges of comfort and character, expert leaders, and itineraries to get you under the skin of the exciting, remote countries in which we are specialists. Holidays may include any of the following:visiting local villages, exploring temples, game viewing and birdwatching, festivals, mountain flights, city tours, gentle walks and dramatic journeys by road, rail, or river. You will experience unique customs, deeply rooted religions and open hearted people, and many are in places where mass tourism has not yet arrived.Improved Definitive Cultural Tour of Bhutan 14/15 Bhutan 12Black-Necked Crane Festival Tour 11 Bhutan 12Cultural Highlights of Bhutan & Tibet 16/17 Bhutan 13&21First Class Tour of Bhutan 13 Bhutan 13New Definitive Cultural Tour of Tibet 16 Tibet 20First Class Tour of Nepal 14 Nepal 26New Nagaland - India's Northeast Frontier 16 N India 41New First Class Tour of Rajasthan 16 N India 42Improved Quest to Ladakh - a Himalayan Journey 16 Ladakh 43Improved Silk Road to Samarkand 15 C. Asia 47New The Indo-China Experience 21 Laos/ Cambodia 50Improved Cultural Highlights of Cambodia 16 Cambodia 51Cultural Highlights of Japan 16 Japan 53New Peruvian Explorer 16 Peru 58 Tour name Duration Lon-Lon Country PageParo Festival, Andi HarrisonChoosing your cultural tourOur selection of definitive cultural tours each holiday in this brochure, and on our website, has an information box that gives you a complete picture. Holiday films - for some of our holidays we have DVDs available to loan from the office. Look out for these in the Holiday Information boxes.

5telephone: 0845 330 8579 (local call rate, UK only)international telephone: +44 1453 844 400www.mountainkingdoms.comSleeping bag On some of our classic treks we provide good quality feather down sleeping bags and liners at no extra charge. Satellite phones For some of our remotest treks a satellite phone will be carried by the trek leader, strictly for use in medical emergency situations only. Ice axe and crampons This denotes that elementary use of ice axe and crampons for crossing glaciers or easy snow slopes will be necessary. You may also be required to carry a climbing harness where a safety rope may be used. Rucksack On a couple of treks, for some of the time, you will need to carry a change of clothes, toiletries and a packed lunch, besides the usual contents of your day sack. We recommend you restrict this to no more than 10kg. Full details of what you will be expected to carry, and for how many days, are detailed in the holiday itinerary and trek dossier.Trekking Peak see page 4Our trek gradesMountain Kingdoms trekking holidays have something to offer everyone, from casual walkers to keen long distance explorers. In 2010 there was an even split between the number of clients taking Gentle, Moderate/Vigorous and Strenuous graded treks, proving that there is definitely a Mountain Kingdoms trek for everyone! In mountainous regions, with their ups, downs and zig-zag paths, it is more appropriate to think in terms of hours spent walking, than miles covered. Times are given in our detailed holiday itineraries - downloadable from our website. All treks are based on a relaxed walking pace and a one hour stop for lunch. The grades below are our own definitions and should not be interpreted in a literal sense. Please do call us for advice. Gentle: Typically anything from 3 to 7 walking days and usually 4 to 6 hours walking per day. Low altitude trails, however paths are not all flat and walks may involve a reasonable amount of ascent and descent. Most utilise hotels and comfortable lodges; some involve elements of camping. Only light daypacks are carried. Suitable for anyone who enjoys long weekend walks in the British hills. Varied and fun. Moderate: Typically 5 to 10 days trekking. More remote country and the occasional 6 or 7 hour day. Crossing easy mountain tops. Relatively low altitude treks of no more than 4,300m/ 14,000ft. Suitable for keen hill-walkers. Vigorous: Typically 8 to 14 days trekking. Up to 7 days consecutive walking through wild country, including high passes (sometimes snow covered) between 3,660m/12,000ft and 4,900m/16,000ft and may possibly also involve some of the following: glacier travel; easy peaks; sometimes a 7 or 8-hour day; considerable ascents and descents. Suitable for the fit enthusiast. Strenuous: Typically anything from 10-30 days trekking. Challenging long-distance treks for the fit enthusiast. Occasionally more than 7 days consecutive walking, but all treks have rest days interspersed. All treks cross at least one pass of over 4,900m/16,000ft. Often very rarely visited areas. No harder than our Vigorous grade, but more of it! Expedition Grade: These all involve long, hard days and may include some camping above the snow line. Ice axe, crampons and safety ropes may be used. Not technically difficult but a considerable challenge. Previous strenuous trekking experience essential. Some high altitudes. Look out for the following symbols! Strenuous (Expedition Grade) Island Peak, 6,189m/20,305ft 19 Nepal 34 Mera Peak, 6,476m/21,246ft 17 Nepal 34 Mont Blanc Summit, 4,810m/15,781ft 7 The Alps 70 Stok Kangri, 6,121m/20,082ft, & Markha Valley 13 Ladakh 44Improved Dhaulagiri Circuit 12 Nepal 37 Strenuous The Complete Lunana Snowman Trek 28 Bhutan 19The Zanskar Dream Trek 22 Ladakh 44 Summits of Kilimanjaro, 5,892m/19,443ft & Meru 11 Tanzania 65 New Kilimanjaro Ascent, 5,892m/19,443ft 8 Tanzania 65New Mountains of Lunana 17 Bhutan 19The Pioneers' Trail to Everest Base Camp 23 Nepal 33Snow Leopard Trek, Upper Dolpo 21 Nepal 38Three High Passes to Everest 18 Nepal 33The Hidden Kingdom Trek 17 Bhutan 19Improved Everest Base Camp & Gokyo Lakes 17 Nepal 30Improved Manaslu Circuit 18 Nepal 37Annapurna Circuit 19 Nepal 27Kangchenjunga North & South Base Camps 23 Nepal 37The Kawa Karpo Pilgrimage 15 Tibet 22Mount Kailash & the Saga Dawa Festival 12 Tibet 22Mount Kailash & the Kingdom of Guge 11 Tibet 22The Cordillera Huayhuash Circuit 16 Peru 59Cordillera Real Traverse, Bolivia 15 Bolivia 60Everest's Kangshung Face & the Rongbuk Glacier 11 Tibet 23Improved The Everest Base Camp Trek 14 Nepal 30Complete Simien Mountains Trek 12 Ethiopia 66 Vigorous / Strenuous Kangchenjunga, Goecha La & Singalila Ridge 14 Sikkim 41Improved Langtang & the Laurebina La 15 Nepal 36Mount Chomolhari Base Camp Trek 10 Bhutan 18Mini Annapurna Circuit 12 Nepal 27Choquequirao, City of Condors 11 Peru 59Tour du Mont Blanc 11 The Alps 70 Vigorous Trail to Tibet - North Face of Everest 10 Tibet 23Annapurna Sanctuary 12 Nepal 27Kashgar to K2 Base Camp Trek 13 Central Asia 47The Source of the Ganges, Garhwal 10 N India 42Cotopaxi & Chimborazo - Trekking in the Avenue of the Volcanoes 8 Ecuador 60Improved Markha Valley Trek 8 Ladakh 43Everest Trails to Ama Dablam 12 Nepal 32 Berber Trails to Mount Toubkal, 4,167m/13,750ft 9 Morocco 69 New Mount Toubkal Ascent - 4,167m/13,750ft 6 Morocco 69 Improved The Mount Fansipan Adventure, 3,143m/10,308ft 5 Vietnam 52New Mustang to Muktinath 13 Nepal 36 Moderate / Vigorous New Limi Valley with Tashi Tenzing 16 Nepal 38New The Definitive Walker's Haute Route 11 The Alps 70New The Brokpas of Eastern Bhutan 12 Bhutan 17The Luxury Lodges of Everest 10 Nepal 32Secret Valleys & Sacred Mountains of Dagala 8 Bhutan 18The Chorten Path 9 Bhutan 16The Celestial Mountains Trek 11 Central Asia 47Torres Del Paine Circuit 9 Patagonia 62Improved Luxury Lodges to Machu Picchu 6 Peru 57Classic Inca Trail 4 Peru 58Family Adventure Peru 7 Family 72 Moderate Improved Yosemite & the John Muir Trail 9 USA 55The Imperial Pilgrimage Route 7 Japan 53Complete Patagonia - Paine & Fitzroy 8 Patagonia 62New Lost World Trek, Venezuela 6 Venezuela 61Bedouin Paths to Petra & Wadi Rum 7 Jordan 64Egypt & the Summits of Sinai 6 Egypt 64Mountains & Deserts of Arabia - Trekking in Oman 5 Oman 64New Druk Path Trek 5 Bhutan 16Treasure Discoverer's Trek - The Nabji Trail 6 Bhutan 17Singalila Ridge Top Walk 6 Sikkim 41The Mekong & Minorities Eco Trek 9 Laos 50The Great Wall of China Trek 6 China 48Hiram Bingham 100th Anniversary Trek 4 Peru 59Historical Ethiopia & the Simien Mountains 3 Ethiopia 66Hidden Village Trek, Langtang 6 Nepal 36Rara Lake & Far West Nepal 10 Nepal 38New A Winter Walk in Morocco 5 Morocco 68 Gentle / Moderate Grand Canyon Trek 13 USA 55Gentle Trekking Ecuador 10 Ecuador 60Improved Milford Track & Abel Tasman 9 New Zealand 71Gentle Trekking Tibet 5 Tibet 21New Yellowstone Back Country & the Tetons 8 USA 55Improved Gentle Trekking & Luxury Lodges, Annapurna Foothills 7 Nepal 26Tiger Leaping Gorge & Hidden China Trek 6 China 48Hill Tribe Trekking in Vietnam 5 Vietnam 52New The Cardamom Mountains Trek 7 Cambodia 51New Best of South Island 6 New Zealand 71The Bhutan Festival Trek 4 Bhutan 15 Gentle Gentle Trekking, Luxury Lodges, Argentina 8 Patagonia 62Gentle Trekking, Lodges & Hotels in Bhutan 8 Bhutan 14Gentle Trekking Northwest Thailand 5 Thailand 52Gentle Trekking Kandyan Kingdoms 7 Sri Lanka 45Old Trails of Japan 7 Japan 53Gentle Trekking, Indian Hill Stations & the Golden Temple 7 N India 42Family Adventure Indian Himalaya 4 Family 73Family Adventure Annapurna, Nepal 4 Family 73Gentle Trekking Laos 5 Laos 50Gentle Trekking, Spice Trails of Kerala, India 6 S India 45Improved Guilin & the Tribes of Southwest China 4 China 48Family Adventure Bhutan 5 Family 73Gentle Trekking, Riads & Kasbahs 7 Morocco 68New Travels in Sikkim & Bhutan 3 Bhutan 15 & 40New Tea Gardens of Sikkim & Darjeeling 7 Sikkim 40New Family Adventure Morocco 3 Family 72 (inc.rests) Country Page (inc.rests) Country PageAbout Mountain KingdomsChoosing your trek by grade (treks are listed by relative difficulty within each grade)No. of trek daysNo. of trek days