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A n ascent of Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, is achievable by any fit trekker. The key to reaching the top is good acclimatisation, which we begin with an initial trek up Tanzania's second highest peak, Mount Meru (4,562m /15,054ft.) This trek takes us through a series of different vegetation zones, with an abundance of wildlife at lower levels and wonderful views across to our ultimate goal. Leaving Meru we begin our ascent of Kilimanjaro on the lesser trekked and varied Lemosho route. This path climbs through beautiful, peaceful forest to reach Shira plateau from where a steady ascent will take us to Stella Point, before the final push to the summit. Standing on Uhuru Peak, surrounded by vast glaciers and watching the sunrise, is a magical experience. Extend your holiday with a four-day safari to Tarangire and Ngorongoro Crater. Alternatively the Spice Island of Zanzibar offers perfect relaxation after a trek. Please contact us on 0845 330 8579 for details.W ith more time on Kilimanjaro than our 'Summits of Kilimanjaro and Meru' itinerary, this shorter trip still offers excellent acclimatisation giving us the best chance of making it to the highest point on the African continent. Many operators expect to reach the summit on the fifth day on the mountain but on this trip we take a fairly leisurely ascent via the unspoilt, less trekked and scenic Lemosho route which gives us a full six nights on the mountain before the final summit push on the seventh day. This longer climbing time gives a greater chance of reaching the summit with fewer problems. The Lemosho route is considered the most gentle and perhaps easiest route on the mountain although, of course, on Africa's highest mountain, this is a relative term and getting to the summit will be a real achievement.Private departures We can also offer this trip as a private holiday for a minimum of two people sharing for £1,795 per person, Land Only. International flights available from £645.Summits of Kilimanjaro 5,892m/19,443ft & Meru The ultimate Mount Kilimanjaro trek giving the best possible chance of reaching the elusive summit. Kilimanjaro Ascent 5,892m/19,443ft Reach the summit of Kilimanjaro with extended acclimatisation time on the mountain.Meru and glacier from the summit of Kilimanjaro, Ashley Heath£1,695£2,445Land OnlyFlight IncludedSat 09 Jul - Wed 20 Jul 11Sat 10 Sep - Wed 21 Sep 11On Trek: 8 days Local Leader Accommodation (nts): Hotels: 2 Camping: 7 Optional: Single Room & Tent £55Insurance: £95Trekking Peak | Duration: 12 DaysGrade: StrenuousOn Trek: 11 days Local Leader Accommodation (nts): Hotels: 4 Camping: 6 Mountain Huts: 3Optional: Single Room & Tent £135Insurance: £95Trekking Peak | Duration: 15 DaysOther Trekking Peaks - see pages 34, 44, 52, 69 & 70 Other Trekking Peaks - see pages 34, 44, 52, 69 & 70 £2,145£2,895Land OnlyFlight IncludedFri 11 Feb - Fri 25 Feb 11Fri 05 Aug - Fri 19 Aug 11Grade: StrenuousGuaranteed to run for a minimum of 2 clientsFor detailed itineraries see www.mountainkingdoms.comFor detailed itineraries see www.mountainkingdoms.com65telephone: 0845 330 8579 (local call rate, UK only)international telephone: +44 1453 844 400www.mountainkingdoms.comTanzaniaTanzania is a classic destination for trekking and safaris, offering the high snows of Kilimanjaro, the teeming wildlife of the Great Rift Valley and wide open plains. Standing on the 'Roof of Africa' is a dream of mountain lovers the world over and witnessing an African sunrise from here is a truly extraordinary experience.Guaranteed to run for a minimum of 2 clients

T his holiday has been designed to give you the best and most comprehensive trek in the Simien Mountains. Trekking around the escarpments of Sankaber, Geech and Chenek, we will have stunning views and ample time to observe the unique wildlife such as Gelada Baboon, Walia Ibex and Simien Fox. We also have the opportunity to summit Ethiopia's highest mountain, Ras Dashden (4,533m/14,873ft) and our pre-summit rest day gives us the best preparation. Rather than retracing our steps, we complete our trek by heading north, on lesser trekked trails, through varied scenery and culturally interesting villages. To provide a perfect balance to the itinerary we have included a visit to Lalibela, where we explore the 12th century rock-hewn churches, and sightseeing in the ancient capital of Gonder. We end our holiday in the lively city of Addis Ababa making this a truly definitive trip.A fter a day exploring the colourful capital city, Addis Ababa, we travel on to Lalibela, famous for its unique rock-hewn churches that are still thriving today. We then head north to Axum, the ancient capital of the longstanding Axumite kingdom - one of the oldest African kingdoms. The cultural interest continues when we travel to Gonder often described as Africa's Camelot, and home to a dozen castles built by the various emperors over the course of 236 years.We break our cultural tour with a three-day moderate trek taking in the wildlife havens and stunning scenery of the Simien Mountains National Park. To complete the circuit we visit the 328 feet wide Blue Nile Falls at Bahir Dar, and we end our trip with a boat ride over Lake Tana, Ethiopia's largest lake.Complete Simien Mountains Trek Abundant wildlife, beautiful scenery, welcoming villagers and Ethiopia's highest mountain - all in one trek.Historical Ethiopia & the Simien MountainsThe cultural highlights of Ethiopia's Historic Circuit combined with a superb short trek in the Simien Mountains.Simien Mountains Village, Clare Gardiner Guaranteed to run for a minimum of 5 clients£1,995£2,650Land OnlyFlight IncludedSun 09 Oct - Sun 23 Oct 11Sun 06 Nov - Sun 20 Nov 11On Trek: 3 days Local Leader Accommodation: Hotels: 9 Camping: 4 Optional: Single Room £195 Single Tent £75Insurance: £95Trek | Duration: 15 DaysGrade: Moderate On Trek: 12 days Local LeaderAccommodation: Hotels: 5 Camping: 11Optional: Single Room £175 Single Tent £95Insurance: £99Trek | Duration: 18 Days£2,095£2,650Land OnlyFlight IncludedThu 20 Jan - Sun 06 Feb 11Thu 06 Oct - Sun 23 Oct 11Thu 03 Nov - Sun 20 Nov 11Thu 19 Jan - Sun 05 Feb 12Grade: StrenuousFor detailed itineraries see www.mountainkingdoms.comFor detailed itineraries see www.mountainkingdoms.com66Download holiday itineraries fromwww.mountainkingdoms.come: info@mountainkingdoms.comEthiopia The 'cradle of civilization' offer visitors a wealth of cultural treasures and natural wonders. The rock-hewn churches of Lalibela and the remains of 'Africa's Camelot' at Gonder are only two of the highlights on the Historical Circuit whilst the high peaks and rare wildlife of the Simien Mountains make a trekking holiday in Ethiopia truly unforgettable.Children on Ras Dashen, Niki MorganGuaranteed to run for a minimum of 5 clients