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74Download holiday itineraries fromwww.mountainkingdoms.come: info@mountainkingdoms.comAdventure Travel Our holidays are adventures, often in the developing world. Our itineraries allow a degree of flexibility in case a landslide blocks a road, a vehicle breaks down, or bad weather cancels a flight. We aim to provide the highest quality service, both from our office and once out on holiday, but it is not possible to legislate for the unexpected, and many countries just do not operate in the same way as those in Europe. Anyone booking one of our holidays should possess a spirit of adventure, an easy-going, laid-back attitude and a capacity for tolerance. Do not expect an itinerary cast in stone - this is, by definition, Adventure Travel! Day by day itineraries Before booking your holiday it is important that you read the relevant, detailed holiday itinerary. This contains important information on each day's walk, type of terrain and altitude gains. Call us on 01453 844 400 or 0845 330 8579 and we will be happy to send you an itinerary, or you can download them at: Land only price All of our holidays are offered with a Land Only option and price. Holiday itineraries show the city in which you join the trek. Unlike some of our competitors, all of our Land Only prices include hotel/airport transfers and all internal flights required by the itinerary. Before booking your international flights please check first with us to see whether your trip is up and running. Single travellers If you are a single person booking one of our holidays, we will arrange for you to share hotel rooms/a tent, with another traveller of the same sex. If no sharer subsequently books onto the holiday, you will not be required to pay a single supplement. Should you prefer to have either a hotel room or a tent (or both) to yourself throughout your trip, where available we will book this for you and charge the appropriate supplement(s). In some destinations booked single rooms may be withdrawn at very short notice. Should this situation arise on your holiday, the relevant cost will be refunded. If you book an extension or a Tailor Made holiday, a single supplement must be paid unless you have someone to share with in your party. Special requests If you have a special request, such as diet, please advise us at the time of booking. We will pass on your request to our colleagues overseas and although we can give no guarantee, we will do our utmost to ensure that your request is met. Price changes & surcharges Prices in this brochure are correct at the time of publication. However, prices may change as a result of factors beyond our control, eg lack of flight availability. Any such variation in price or minimum group size will be advised before your booking is confirmed. We reserve the right to surcharge, for instance, in the case of dramatic foreign exchange fluctuation, or if airline prices rise substantially, but would only do so in extreme circumstances. Passports & visas The passport and visa requirements applicable for British citizens for your chosen holiday destination(s) are provided in the Dossier we send you when you make a booking. We also provide information to assist with any visa application, including the relevant application forms. Requirements may change and you must check the up-to-date position in good time before departure. If you, or any member of your party, is not a British citizen, or holds a non-British passport, you must check passport and visa requirements with the embassy or consulate of the country(ies) to, or through, which you intend to travel. Will the holiday run? For each of our holidays we clearly state the minimum number of clients we need to guarantee that it will run. Often our minimum group size is as little as two or four clients, meaning that you can book with confidence. In the rare event that we cancel a holiday we will refund you in full and give you at least six weeks' warning. Group size Our standard maximum group size is 12, sometimes lower. Exceptions to this are Family Treks, which have a maximum size of 20 people to allow several families to participate and our Gentle Trekking, Luxury Lodges, Nepal which has a maximum of 16 people, as the lodges each have 8 rooms.Health, fitness & physical preparation Details of any compulsory health requirements applicable to British citizens for your holiday are shown in the Dossier we send you upon booking. It is your responsibility to ensure you are aware of all recommended vaccinations and health precautions in good time before departure. All clients booked to travel with us are sent a questionnaire covering general health and fitness, which we ask to be completed and returned to us upon receipt. Occasionally we may refer a questionnaire to our Company Doctor for review, or ask a client to confirm their fitness to travel with a letter from their own Doctor. Clients aged 70 or over will need to submit a letter from their Doctor confirming their fitness to travel. Provided you are in reasonable physical shape and are taking some form of regular exercise you can be confident of capably undertaking most of our treks. Our Grading System (see page 5) gives an indication of the number of hours you can expect to walk each day, the type of terrain, and the number of consecutive days walking. We do advise that in the months prior to departure you do some warm-up training, such as long weekend walks, jogging, swimming, or cycling. Any exercise you take, even for touring trips, is likely to greatly enhance your enjoyment of your holiday. Effects of altitude Our holidays are designed to allow gradual height gain, spread over a number of days; typically with more time dedicated to acclimatisation than our competitors. The Dossier pack we provide upon booking includes comprehensive advice on safe travel at altitude and on certain high-altitude treks a 'Gamow Bag' is carried as a precautionary measure. For those seeking further information on altitude sickness we recommend discount If you are a past client you are eligible for free travel insurance up to the value of £100, on any holiday booked from this brochure, or any Tailor Made holiday. Should the cost of insurance required for your holiday exceed £100, you will only need to pay the difference. If as a past client you already possess an adequate travel policy, you will be eligible for a discount (£30 for trips to 'Europe', North Africa and Jordan, £75 for 'Rest of the World'). These offers do not apply to bookings received via travel agents. Essential information The Mountain Kingdoms travel insurance scheme (Available to all EU residents. Non EU residents please contact the office for assistance in organising travel insurance) Special travel insurance has been arranged by our insurance brokers, Campbell Irvine: Tel 020 7938 1734 ? Activities - The Mountain Kingdoms travel insurance policy contains no upper altitude limit and is specifically designed to cover any activity booked and arranged with us. ? Travel delay - The Travel Delay section of the policy covers your return journey as well as the outbound. ? War and terrorism - The policy covers acts of war and terrorism but not nuclear, chemical or biological. ? Automatic extension of cover - In the event that you are prevented from returning home due to circumstances beyond your control the policy is automatically extended for up to 31 days from the date the policy was due to expire, free of charge. Please note: This is only a summary of cover, full details of the cover provided are shown on the policy document which will be sent to you once the appropriate premium has been paid. Please read it carefully to ensure you understand the cover provided which is offered on a Non Advised basis from a single insurer. The policy includes certain terms, conditions, exclusions and excesses. In particular, cover is excluded for any defined pre-existing medical condition from which you or any person upon whom travel depends are suffering. If in doubt please contact the medical helpline in confidence on 0844 826 2686, as additional cover may be purchased directly from the insurer's medical screening help line for certain pre-existing medical conditions. Should you wish to see a specimen, a copy will be made available prior to purchase upon request or alternatively a copy is available to download at The policy contains a 14 day Cooling Off Period and details of how to make a claim and who to contact in the event of a medical emergency. PLEASE READ YOUR INSURANCE POLICY CAREFULLY This scheme is also available if you are travelling independently or if you are extending your holiday, assuming that your itinerary is acceptable to the Insurers. Please contact Mountain Kingdoms for further details. Mountain Kingdoms Ltd. is an Appointed Representative of Campbell Irvine Ltd. Who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. This can be checked on the FSA register by visiting the FSA website on or by contacting them on 0845 606 1234. BRIEF DETAILS OF THE COVER PROVIDED ARE AS FOLLOWS: Up to a Maximum of (per person) 1. Cancellation or curtailment, Either £3,500 or £5,000 as specified on the policy document. Includes loss of deposit. (£50 excess but not applicable to loss of deposit only) 2. Medical and other expenses £5,000,000 (£50 excess) Additional In Patient benefit £2003. Personal accident £25,0004. Personal baggage £1,500 (Single article limit £300 and limit for 'valuables' which includes: photographic equipment and binoculars £300) (£50 excess) 5. Personal money (£50 excess) £3006. Passport and visas £2507. Personal liability £2,000,0008. Travel delay or abandonment £1,0009. Missed departure £30010. Legal expenses £15,000The premiums shown are valid for policies issued up to 31/12/2011 and are inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax (currently 20%) and are shown against each individual holiday in the brochure. If you are aged 70 years or over the premiums are doubled. Cancellation cover starts immediately your application and any payment is received, and other sections on commencement of the booked travel. A certificate will be issued and sent to you within a few days. You do not have to use this scheme but, if you make your own insurance arrangements, we will ask you to complete our Travel Insurance Form. Your policy must include satisfactory cover for repatriation and helicopter rescue following a medical emergency. Insurance prices for brochure treks are shown on the relevant pages. For private itineraries or insurance-only enquires please contact the office. Trekking - with no upper height limit - from £42 for 10 days in Europe, £95 for 17 days worldwide. To arrange cover, call us on 01453 844 400

75telephone: 0845 330 8579 (local call rate, UK only)international telephone: +44 1453 844 400www.mountainkingdoms.comEssential Information Mountain KingdomsPROVISIONAL BOOKINGWant to hold a place/s on one of our trips? Then call us to make a Provisional Booking, on 0845 330 8579. This is a no-obligation booking, and we will hold your place/s until space comes under pressure, or until we need your decision.Once you've chosen your Mountain Kingdoms holiday, you can book either: 1. online at 2. over the phone using a credit/debit card 3. by completing and returning the Booking Form overleaf to us, together with a £300 per person deposit and insurance premium, if applicable. Please note that any bookings received less than 60 days prior to departure require a deposit of £750 per person, and for certain destinations we may require an interim flight payment. We will then confirm your booking and send you a Dossier pack, which contains: ? A flight itinerary ? Visa and permit instructions ? Vaccination information ? A personal first-aid kit list ? An equipment and suggested clothing list ? Getting a good deal on gear - discounts at certain retailers ? A reading list appropriate to your destination ? Tips on Responsible Travel ? Information on Pre-Trip Meets ? Invoice for final balance, due 60 days prior to departure Flight tickets and joining information will be sent to you approximately two weeks prior to departure. Your free Mountain Kingdoms kit bag and baggage labels will either be sent separately, or given to you at a Pre-Trip Meet. NB The additional cost of delivering kit bags outside the UK or Channel Islands will be added to the confirmation invoice (approx. £10 to Europe and £16 Worldwide).Porters and baggage Everyone travelling with Mountain Kingdoms is provided with a free water-resistant kit bag for use on their trip. Even if you are not trekking, these high quality kit bags are perfect for stowing on planes, loading onto jeeps, and for the general wear and tear associated with adventure travel. On holidays involving overnight trekking your kit bag will be transported for you, leaving you to carry just your day sack. Your kit bag, along with the tents, food and camping gear will be carried on trek by jeep, mule, horse, yak and/or porters. Where porters or animals are used for load-carrying, we adhere to the relevant national guidelines and are active supporters of the International Porters' Protection Group ( Full guidance on what to take, porterage arrangements and the weight allowances for each holiday are included in the Dossier we provide when you book. Hire of equipment Certain items are available from us, which will save you considerable expense if you do not already own them. ? A 4-season down sleeping bag £55 per trek ? A down jacket £45 per trek Our stocks are limited so please book these well in advance. Prices include VAT. A fully refundable deposit is required (see your Dossier after booking). Email newsletter How would you like to be right up-to-date with our news and late availability? Send us an email or sign up on our website and you will receive our monthly enewsletter. Email: We adhere strictly to the Data Protection Act Exclusive membership AITO sets criteria regarding ownership, finance and quality which must be satisfied before new companies are admitted to membership. All members are required to adhere to a Code of Business Practice which encourages high operational standards and conduct.Financial security An AITO member is required to protect money paid by customers to the member for any holiday sold under the AITO logo. This protection applies to customers who are in the UK at the time of booking or to overseas customers who have booked directly with the member. Members have to comply with UK Government Regulations in this respect. Members submit details of their bonding or guarantee arrangements to the Association on a regular basis. Accurate brochures and websites All members do their utmost to ensure that all their brochures and other publications, print or electronic, clearly and accurately describe the holidays and services offered. Professional service and continual improvements All members are committed to high standards of service and believe in regular and thorough training of employees. Members continually seek to review and improve their holidays. They listen to their customers and always welcome suggestions for improving standards. Monitoring standards AITO endeavours to monitor quality standards regularly. All customers should receive a post-holiday questionnaire the results of which are scrutinised by the Association. Sustainable tourism All members acknowledge the importance of AITO's Sustainable Tourism guidelines, which recognise the social, economic and environmental responsibilities of tour operating. Those demonstrating their achievements beyond the pure acceptance of this principle are recognised by the award of 2 to 5 star status.Customer relations All members endeavour to deal swiftly and fairly with any issues their customers may raise. In the unlikely event that a dispute between an AITO member and a customer cannot be settled amicably, AITO's low-cost Independent Dispute Settlement Service may be called upon by either side to bring the matter to a speedy and acceptable conclusion. AITO QUALITY CHARTER AITO is the Association for independent and specialist holiday companies. Member companies, usually owner-managed, strive to create overseas holidays with high levels of professionalism and a shared concern for quality and personal service. The Association encourages the highest standards in all aspects of tour operating.Booking your holiday Useful information Financial security & quality assurance Flights only We offer very competitive flight prices worldwide but especially to the Indian Sub-Continent. Our preferred airlines are British Airways, Etihad, Virgin, Jet, LAN, Thai, Malaysian and Air New Zealand. Our IATA accreditation and direct access to airline reservations systems means that we can readily provide you with a quote, make a booking and issue your tickets. What's more 'flight only' bookings originating in the UK are covered by our ATOL bonding. Call us for a quote on 01453 844 400 or 0845 330 8579 ATOL The air holidays and flights in this brochure are ATOL Protected by the Civil Aviation Authority. Our ATOL number is ATOL 2973. LAND ONLY HOLIDAYS are covered by a bond secured with AITO Trust. Mountain Kingdoms Ltd is a member of the Association of Independent Tour Operators. FULL BOOKINGTo contact the Association visit or call 020 8744 9280Annapurna Sanctuary, Alan Gallop