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BespokeYour personal design and manufacture service 4Polo Shirts210g Polo 6210g Ladies Fit Polo 7280g Deluxe Polo 7Papini Dri Polo 8Papini Dri Ladies Fit Polo 9Hi-Vis Polo 9Elite Polo 10Papini Dri Elite Polo 11DIY Polos 12Sweatshirts and hoodies380g Hoodie 14280g Sweatshirt 15380g Sweatshirt 15FleecesFull Zip Fleece 16Elite Fleece (made to order) 17Made to order Fleeces 18Performance JacketsHercules 3 in 1 21Poseidon 22Zeus 23Tempest 24Neptune 25SportswearMicrofibre Tracksuit Top 26Microfibre Tracksuit Bottom 26Training Jacket 27children's380g Hoodie 28210g Polo 29280g Sweatshirt 30380g Sweatshirt 30Full Zip Fleece 31Neptune Jacket 32Aquarius Jacket 32Tempest Jacket 33Training Jacket 34Tracksuit Top 35Tracksuit Bottoms 35PAbACONTENTS

Any colours.Choose colours from our stock range.Sometimes you may want garments made to your own specifications, with your own branding, colours and styles. So our Bespoke Design Service has been set up with this in mind. Simply;1. Tell us the garment/style and colours you want.2. We'll discuss these with you and then design the garment around your specifications.3. You approve all aspects of the garment.4. We manufacture and deliver your complete order.Minimum order across all sizes is 500. Contact us to discuss what you require and for more information about our bespoke service.Our Bespoke Design Service45or a Pantone reference colour.or perhaps you like the colour from something you've seen.