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Selling Down Under is produced by Also in this issue: Thala, a top eco-resort Stella pushes top brands Bloom time for WA Outback Queensland – a big sky welcome Luxury camp for Kings Canyon Discover the Flinders .......................... Selling Down Under The monthly international travel industry publication that helps you to sell Australia July 2007

ABOUT SELLING DOWN UNDER Selling Down Under is a monthly on-line publication that currently reaches more than 14,000 key travel industry staff around the world – including Aussie Specialists, Aussie Enthusiasts and members of the Aussie Elite Team. Selling Down Under is the officially recognised international publication of the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) and Eco Tourism Australia. It is also a member of Interactive Travel Industry Publications (ITIP). To ensure you get news of upcoming editions of Selling Down Under send your e-mail address to register@ All information will be treated with confidence and not passed to any third parties. All information in this edition was deemed correct at time of publication. Neither the publishers, nor any persons contracted by the publishers accept any responsibility for errors or omissions. Advertising – Selling Down Under Tel: (08) 8947 1111 Fax: (08) 8947 1400 Design – Media2B Published by e-downunder Pty Ltd, GPO Box 2023, Darwin NT 0801, Australia Aussie Specialist News Have you ever been stuck for inspiration for an itinerary you are putting together ? Do you ever wish you could pull that last extra special experience out of the bag to change your client’s visit from being ‘fantastic’ to being ‘out of this world’ ? Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a guru on all things Australian and want to share your knowledge with other agents ? If you are one Tourism Australia’s valued Aussie Specialists your membership will allow you access onto the popular AusTalk chatroom on Loads of agents use this forum to get advice and tips from other agents. Questions like ‘Help, does anybody know any really good places to stay in Melbourne/ Perth/Brisbane ?’ are commonplace. Increase your commissions If you are not already reaping the rewards of being an Aussie Specialist, why not join today ? The Aussie Specialist Programme is Tourism Australia’s free, award-winning online training tool, built specifi cally for agents. It is designed to help you increase your commissions by helping you to sell Australia more effectively. In addition to the general Australia modules, there is also the opportunity to learn about the individual States and Territories through the State and Territory specifi c modules. Once you have completed the Aussie Specialist Programme you will have 24-7 access to You will also gain membership to the Travel Club where you can access special deals from Australian operators. In addition, you receive a newsletter once a month to keep you up to date with all things Australia! As if this wasn’t enough, as an Aussie Specialist you will get the opportunity to go on famils Down Under. For more information about the Aussie Specialist Programme visit Don’t forget that Tourism Australia’s know ledge able team of Trade Counsellors are always on hand to answer any queries you have when selling Australia. The Trade Counsellors will not only provide you with loads of info to help you sell Australia, they can also send you lots of ‘where the bloody hell are you ?’ collateral to decorate your workplace. You can email the team on or call them on + 44 20 7438 4682. H cli 2 w w w . S E L L I N G D O W N U N D E R . c o m J u l y 2 0 0 7