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4For information and bookings call: 020 8900 2323ParisFragonardL'histoire passionnante du parfum à travers les siècles, deux musées insolites aux visites gratuites et guidées au coeur de Paris.Welcome to the world of Fragonard. Freeguided tour of our museums in Paris. MUSÉE DU PARFUM :9 RUE SCRIBE . 75009 PARIS . T. +33 (0)1 47 42 04 56MUSÉE DES CAPUCINES : 39, BD DES CAPUCINES . 75002 PARIS . T. +33 (0)1 42 60 37 14E-MAIL : TOURISME@FRAGONARD.COM . WWW.FRAGONARD.COMWWW.GREGOIREGARDETTE.COM © 2008 08N000332 . CRÉDITS PHOTOS : DROITS RÉSERVÉSMUSÉE DU PARFUM :9 RUE SCRIBE . 75009 MUSÉE DES CAPUCINES : 39, BD DES CAPUCINES .E-MAIL : TOURISME@FRAGONARD.COM jungfrau.chJungfrau Railways · Harderstrasse 14 · CH-3800 Interlaken · Phone +41 33 828 72 33 · info@jungfrau.chJungfrauJoch?-Top?of?europeThe SwiSS MounTain experienceJungfrau railwaycentenary1912 - 2012On the journey, this engineering masterpiece of the century, which celebrates its 100th birthday in 2012, awards simply stunning views from the middle of the famous Eiger North Wall. The railway terminus is an impressive 3454 metres above sea level. A wonderworld of snow and ice.Aletsch Glacier - at 22 km the longest ice-stream in the AlpsUNESCO - World Natural Heritage of the Swiss AlpsIce Palace - ice-cold fascination Sphinx terrace, 3571 m - panoramic views beyond Swiss bordersGlacier plateau - inspiring strolls in eternal snow and iceGlacier restaurants - fine fare in five different restaurantsSnow Fun - Top of Europe - zip-line, children's ski carpet, sledging park, skiing & snowboarding365 days - Every day to Europe's highest-altitude railway stationSeeing it once is better than speaking of it a thousand times. Jungfraujoch-Top of EuropeUp to the highest-altitude railway station in EuropeJuNgfRAu RAIlWAyCENTENARy1912 - 2012Ins_JJ_Sony_Kesari_World_Shocase_215,9x279,4mm.indd 129.10.10 17:22New for 2011. 24 Hour Helpline. 18 - 35's Age Banded Tours. Pure Vegetarian Departures on Selected Tours. "Gold Star" Premium Tours. Extensive Pick-Up Points in the UK. A Wider Selection of Worldwide Destinations

Visit us at: Contribution to SocietyUttar Pradesh is a large state where 20% of India's poor live. Oxfam projects in UP focus on improving the number of children that complete primary school, as this is the best way for them to break the cycle of poverty. Illiteracy is a major problem in UP, little over half the population are able to read and write, only 43% of women can read compared to 70.2 % of men, which is reflected by the number of girls who finish primary school - only 27% compared to 50% of boys, which is still far too low.This project, supported by Star Tours, is helping Oxfam to improve education for girls and boys In 2011, we at Star Tours are continuing to uphold our responsibility within the society by donating £1 for every passenger that travels with us to Oxfam's projects in India.In 2010, Star Tours donated £15,000 to Pratham UK in four areas of Uttar Pradesh, with a special focus on girls from marginalised communities. The project promotes quality and equality in education with the purpose to improve children's ability to read and write.This year the project activities will include: ? Continuing to run the four Oxfam run schools in UP for another year whilst helping them to become more self-sustainable by finding their own funding sources from the local communities. ? Provide teaching materials to the four Oxfam run schools and 60 government schools including black boards, bulletin boards, charts, educational aids, play materials, and mattresses etc. These materials will supplement the school books provided by the government and aid in child centred learning. ? Training of teachers will be a crucial component of the programme. The in-school trainings will focus on enhancing teachers' skills to provide joyful and child centred teaching and learning processes that capture the interest of students. We at Star Tours are hoping to donate over £15,000 towards this amazing cause and we hope that our contribution can make a real difference to those unfortunate children in areas where education can make all the difference to a child's future.Oxfam registered charity: England and Wales (no 202918) and Scotland (SC 039042)In 2010, Star Tours donated over £15,000 to Pratham UK, and continues to promote a better life and brighter future for less privileged children in India. Pratham was started by UNICEF in 1994 with a mission to erase illiteracy amongst India's 100 million underprivileged children. Pratham has already reached 33 million children since the launch of its "Read India" campaign in 2007. Pratham UK was formed in 2003 and it focuses on raising funds and awareness for Pratham's work. Pratham UK holds several events throughout the year and the funds raised go towards supporting Pratham's programs in India. Utilising its ground-breaking teaching techniques, the "Read India" campaign is efficiently run by mobilising over 450,000 volunteers who currently work in more than half of India's 600,000 villages. Working with 22 state governments in India, teachers have been trained in Pratham's ground breaking teaching techniques that help children improve their learning levels in 4-8 weeks.Pratham UK Charity Number: Tours is proud to work with the BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha and in 2009 we donated £15,000 to their causes The BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha engages in over 150 humanitarian services throughout the World in all spheres of life - medical, educational, environmental, spiritual and social. From recharging wells in rural India to providing aid to victims of natural disasters; from creating hospitals and clinics for the most deprived members of our society to providing free education in India. Star Tours continues to support the BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha and the amazing humanitarian work which the foundation advocates throughout the World.A teacher using local resources to teach maths, Uttar Pradesh, IndiaClass 5 students at Purvanchal Balika School, Uttar Pradesh, India