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Visit us at: Contribution to SocietyUttar Pradesh is a large state where 20% of India's poor live. Oxfam projects in UP focus on improving the number of children that complete primary school, as this is the best way for them to break the cycle of poverty. Illiteracy is a major problem in UP, little over half the population are able to read and write, only 43% of women can read compared to 70.2 % of men, which is reflected by the number of girls who finish primary school - only 27% compared to 50% of boys, which is still far too low.This project, supported by Star Tours, is helping Oxfam to improve education for girls and boys In 2011, we at Star Tours are continuing to uphold our responsibility within the society by donating £1 for every passenger that travels with us to Oxfam's projects in India.In 2010, Star Tours donated £15,000 to Pratham UK in four areas of Uttar Pradesh, with a special focus on girls from marginalised communities. The project promotes quality and equality in education with the purpose to improve children's ability to read and write.This year the project activities will include: ? Continuing to run the four Oxfam run schools in UP for another year whilst helping them to become more self-sustainable by finding their own funding sources from the local communities. ? Provide teaching materials to the four Oxfam run schools and 60 government schools including black boards, bulletin boards, charts, educational aids, play materials, and mattresses etc. These materials will supplement the school books provided by the government and aid in child centred learning. ? Training of teachers will be a crucial component of the programme. The in-school trainings will focus on enhancing teachers' skills to provide joyful and child centred teaching and learning processes that capture the interest of students. We at Star Tours are hoping to donate over £15,000 towards this amazing cause and we hope that our contribution can make a real difference to those unfortunate children in areas where education can make all the difference to a child's future.Oxfam registered charity: England and Wales (no 202918) and Scotland (SC 039042)In 2010, Star Tours donated over £15,000 to Pratham UK, and continues to promote a better life and brighter future for less privileged children in India. Pratham was started by UNICEF in 1994 with a mission to erase illiteracy amongst India's 100 million underprivileged children. Pratham has already reached 33 million children since the launch of its "Read India" campaign in 2007. Pratham UK was formed in 2003 and it focuses on raising funds and awareness for Pratham's work. Pratham UK holds several events throughout the year and the funds raised go towards supporting Pratham's programs in India. Utilising its ground-breaking teaching techniques, the "Read India" campaign is efficiently run by mobilising over 450,000 volunteers who currently work in more than half of India's 600,000 villages. Working with 22 state governments in India, teachers have been trained in Pratham's ground breaking teaching techniques that help children improve their learning levels in 4-8 weeks.Pratham UK Charity Number: Tours is proud to work with the BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha and in 2009 we donated £15,000 to their causes The BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha engages in over 150 humanitarian services throughout the World in all spheres of life - medical, educational, environmental, spiritual and social. From recharging wells in rural India to providing aid to victims of natural disasters; from creating hospitals and clinics for the most deprived members of our society to providing free education in India. Star Tours continues to support the BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha and the amazing humanitarian work which the foundation advocates throughout the World.A teacher using local resources to teach maths, Uttar Pradesh, IndiaClass 5 students at Purvanchal Balika School, Uttar Pradesh, India

6For information and bookings call: 020 8900 2323Service GuaranteedOur TeamEach member of our team at Star Tours is a star in their own right. Our sales team go the extra mile to provide you with the information that you need to plan your perfect holiday. Our in-house operations team handle all the logistical aspects of every trip. Our carefully selected tour managers are the finest in the industry. Their expertise and years of travel makes them the world's best travel professionals. Hotels All hotels used are a minimum 3* category; that include en-suite bathrooms, televisions, telephones and toiletries. Some of the hotels also include bar and restaurant facilities and even a 24-hour reception service. Please remember that, unlike many other Continents, most hotels in Europe have small rooms, and that not all hotels have air-conditioning as standard. The majority of our hotels are located outside major cities. By using such hotels, we provide a personal service while ensuring our travellers get value for their money. Since you will be sightseeing for most of your tour, we ensure our hotels are ideally located so your day-to-day itinerary can be conducted efficiently.Please view page 51 for list of our regular hotels.Pick-Up PointsAt Star Tours, we aim to provide an enjoyable and completely hassle free service and so we provide our travellers with a range of pick-up points nationwide. Whether you are travelling from Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds or elsewhere, let us take care of you from start to finish. Or select from various pick-ups in London and en-route to Dover free of charge. The pickups we provide are resource intensive and therefore we charge a minimal fare per passenger for this service.Please view page 52 for list of pick up points.TransportationAt Star Tours, passenger safety is very important and we ensure that all the coaches we use meet current European safety standards. All our coaches have reclining seats, armrests, seat belts, WC facilities, as well as TV, CD player and DVD player along with air conditioning.*All of our coach tours cross the channel by ferry or Eurotunnel. The Eurotunnel train travels at an amazing speed of 86 mph (140 kph) and will transfer you and your coach across the English Channel in just 35 minutes. Whilst on board the ferry for ninety minutes there is a wide range of activities.On our flight tours, we use reputable, scheduled airlines, along with chartered and no frills airlines. On long haul services we generally use non-direct flights. Most of our flight tours depart from London Heathrow. Different airport departures are available on request and will be subject to availability. *During some transfers, we may use an alternative vehicle without the above facilities.Groups and CommunitiesArranging holidays can be both tricky and complex as well as time consuming for most of us. So if you are planning to arrange your own trip with friends and family or for your community, why not let Star Tours take care of it for you.We can arrange a tailor made itinerary, as per your requirements, make suggestions, advise you on various itineraries, and quote you a price which cannot be beaten, along with an outstanding service. We understand that it is not always possible to fill up an entire coach, in which case, why not choose from one of our scheduled tours and we will endeavour to provide you with an unbeatable group price (the minimum group size required is twenty people).VisasOur dedicated visa team can assist our travellers with their Schengen and Egyptian visas. We can take away the hassle and process the visas on your behalf. We can provide a standalone visa service even if you are not booking a holiday with us (subject to availability during peak season). The team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Please view page 53 for more information.Special Tour DeparturesThis year will mark the introduction of specialised tours which will cater for the specific tastes of our varied clientele. If you would like to have only vegetarian food to be served on your tour, or you wish to travel with individuals from your age group, select one of our many special departure dates throughout the year. Our "Special Tour" departure dates are listed throughout this brochure under the regular running departure dates."Gold Star Service"Star Tours is proud to unveil the newest addition to our services for 2011. For those who wish to embark on a luxury holiday experience, Star Tours has created our "Gold Star Service" tours. On these tours, experience Europe as never before. We have arranged lavish itineraries based around the concept of "bigger is better"! In choosing to experience our Gold Star Service, you will be taking the first step towards living in the lap of luxury. Our "Gold Star Service" incorporates a high quality of service with amazing sightseeing itineraries, to ensure that you will return from your holiday relaxed, refreshed and with cherished memories to last a lifetime Gold Star ServiceNEW for 2011