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Visit us at: InformationNote : For Dependant Spouse Travelling alone or applying Visa alone we need the passport & documents from employed spouse (Passport, Application form & Photographs from the applicant)TYPE OF UK VISA DOCUMENTS REQUIRED (HAS TO BE ORIGINAL)Indefinite stay/HSMP/Tier-1 General/work permit /WHM / permit free training(For Dependant)Travelling with spouseFor Dependant Spouse Travelling alone or applying Visa aloneStudent Visa0-17 Years old Dependant Child (if travelling with parents) 0-17 Years old Dependant Child (If travelling without parents with others) 18 Years old & above Dependant Child (if travelling with parents) 18 Yrs old & above Dependant Child (If travelling without parents with others) Indefinite stay (retired) Indefinite stay with british spouseIndefinite stay with British ChildrenPassport (more than 3 months validity)???????????Spouse / Children British Passport???????????Application Form (one form / applicant)???????????Employer Reference Letter???????????Payslip / Allowance Slips (for last three months)???????????Bank statements (for last one month)???????????2 Copies of recent Passport size photos (on White Background)???????????Pension book / letter???????????Original Marriage certificate ???????????Original Birth certificate?? ?????????School / University letter???????????Sponser Letter from Parents / Children???????????Parental authorisation form for minors to travel ???????????Travel Insurance???????????PLEASE MAKE A PHOTOCOPY OF ALL DOCUMENTS FOR YOUR RECORDS PRIOR TO SENDING THEM TO STAR TOURS. Please Note: The documents mentioned below should be original & no photocopied documents will be accepted by the consulate.PASSPORT: Must be valid for at least a minimum of three months from the date on which passengers are returning back to the UK.PASSPORT ISSUE DATE: Your passport must be issued no more than 10 years prior from your departure date to apply for a Schengen visa. Passport must be renewed before applying for Schengen visas if it is more than 10 years. (e.g. if the passport is issued on 26/01/2000 & if you are applying for visa on 25/12/2010 than your passport is more than 10 years old) UK VISA VALIDITY: Minimum 3 months of UK Visa validity after completion of the tour is mandatory, Schengen visa cannot be issued within last 3 months of UK visa.APPLICATION FORM: Available from our website. One application per applicant must be filled out, and duly signed and dated. VERY IMPORTANT: Everyone must sign question 37 & the last block on page 3. Any technical or difficult questions should be left empty - we will complete this (if applying through Star Tours). For minors (under 18) it is mandatory for both parents to sign the application form.PASSPORT SIZE PHOTOS: Each visa applicant must submit two recent passport size colour photos which should have a clear white background with good contrast and clear lighting printed on normal photographic paper and show the full face without sunglasses or head covering (size should be 4.5cm in length by 3.5cm in breadth) These photographs must have not been used in any previous visa stamps or on the first page of passport issued before the last 3 months. Digital photos & Dark photos are not acceptable.EMPLOYER REF LETTER: Original and less than 1 month old from the date of applying. Letters must be on the original letterhead of the company in colour, stating your name, your position, the date of joining the company in UK (it should also mention the annual salary in GBP if the person has recently joined the company & unable to submit the last 3 months payslips or allowance slips). If your company does not payslips or allowance slips than it has to be clarified in the employers reference letter (Please note contract letter, offer letter, terms and condition letter, appointment letter are not accepted by any consulate). In the case of self employment, a letter from your accountant confirming your self-employment status, the exact date of incorporation of the company, percentage of share holding and yearly / monthly income should be stated on an original letterhead. Consulate will also require the certificate of Incorporation. PAYSLIPS / ALLOWANCE SLIPS : Most recent 3 months payslips OR allowance slips which you receive in UK & must be in GBP only, internet print out is also valid in certain cases. (If your net pay is £0.00 for any of the month which you submit you need to clarify on your employers reference letter & state the reason) BANK STATEMENT: Last one month's original & till dated online bank statement (should state your bank logo, holders name, sort-code & account number on any internet banking print-out) for current account only with minimum balance of £400 per adult passenger (£60 per person per day if the trip is for more than 3 days) if you don't have a bank statement then we Schengen VisasIF YOU WANT STAR TOURS TO ARRANGE YOUR SCHENGEN VISASAt Star Tours we can take the hassle away from you and arrange your visas depending on your status and nationality. If you would like us to process your visas on your behalf then it is suggested that you provide us with all the relevant documents as set out below (for UK residents only) at the time of booking. It is recommended that you allow yourself plenty of time for the visa application process, usually 1 month prior to your departure date as it can take up to 15 working days, (During peak periods ie: Bank Holiday weekends & school holidays it is advisable to allow 6-8 weeks).require travellers' cheques for minimum £300 per person. (£60 per person per day if the trip is for more than 3 days) No saving accounts statements are accepted as only current account statement are accepted by the consulate.TRAVEL INSURANCE: Must have all applicants name, start and finish date of the travel insurance. Geographical regional coverage must include Europe or Worldwide only. This can be bought online from the Star Tours website. Internet copy is also acceptable. It also must include medical cover and repatriation expenses.Please note: Passengers who intend to have a long term visas should note that their UK visas must be valid for a minimum of 1 year from their return date along with a 1 year annual travel insurance policy. However; we cannot guarantee you the validity of the visa as the decision is at the discretion of the embassy and not Star Tours. SCHOOL / UNIVERSITY LETTER: Letter from educational institution should be original & on the college / university / school letterhead. Must be dated a maximum of four weeks prior to your departure, stating student name, course commencement date & the length of the course (e.g. 1 year). (Any scanned / fax copy for this letters are not accepted by the consulate).MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE: For a spouse visa application you must submit an original marriage certificate issued in the English Language only (with clear marriage registrar stamp). If your marriage certificate is translated in English then the translation must be certified as a true copy by the embassy/consulate of the country where your marriage was celebrated or by the legalisation bureau of the Foreign Office in GB.BIRTH CERTIFICATE: If minor (under 18): original full birth certificate, stating both parents' names and child's name is required. If original birth certificate is not in English language then an official translation is required. This official translation must be certified as a true copy by your embassy/consulate or by the legalisation bureau of the Foreign Office in GB. (If any birth certificate which does not have the name of the child mentioned than they need to go to nearest relevant consulate to get authenticated).PENSION BOOK / LETTER: Provide a recently dated original pension book / letter showing that income received by direct debit in your account. If under the age of 18 and travelling to France without the parents or with one parent: A parental authorisation to travel form must be completed and signed by each parent or legal guardian authorising a child to travel and appointing the person responsible for them. If the parents are separated/absent parent, court order (or official document to that effect) establishing sole custody. This document can be found on the Star Tours website. If under the age of 18 and fostered: An official up-to-date letter from the British social services authorising the trip to France. This letter must indicate the full name of the child, full name of the carer and the address and length of stay in France and carer's valid passport.COUNTRYTELEPHONE NOWEBSITE ADDRESSChina020 7631 1430 7581 1281 Egypt 09065 508 933* 508 940* Germany09065 540 740* 540 720* 7836 8484http://www.hcilondon.inItaly09065 540 707* 020 7235 020 7616 020 7589 2944 020 7499 9000 *These phone numbers can charge you £1/min or more. Please have your passport and pen and paper ready when calling for your appointment.EmbassiesFor detailed information on visas please contact the relevant consulates in the UK on the below numbers, email addresses or visit their websites.

54For information and bookings call: 020 8900 2323General InformationPrices Prices mentioned within this brochure are per person and based on a minimum of two adults sharing a room. The child rate will be applicable for children below 11 years of age that are being accompanied by two full paying adults. There will also be a charge payable for infants below 23 months as it is a legal requirement that all persons on board are allocated an individual seat. Hotels Star Tours carefully selects all hotels ensuring that a 3* category minimum is provided (ratings are normally subject to local and national board), unless otherwise stated. Facilities include en-suite bathroom and generally a TV and telephone. Some of the hotels also include facilities of bars, restaurants and 24-hour reception. Please remember that most hotels in Europe have small rooms unlike many other countries and also not all hotels will have air-conditioning as standard. You will find a list of hotels that we regularly use on page 51. Hotels are usually outside the city centre. Star Tours reserve the right to substitute hotels whilst passengers are on tour to a similar standard due to unseen circumstances. Please also note that in the majority of the hotels used by Star Tours, check in times are from late afternoon, e.g. 3pm, and checkout is at 11am.Rooming configurationMost of the hotels Star Tours use can only accommodate a maximum of three persons in each room however if you are a family of four, i.e. two adults and two children, then your first child will be given an extra bed but the second child will be required to share the bed as no extra bed can be provided. (Please see below)*For Example: if tour cost was - Adult £100 / Child £50Single Travellers Passengers travelling alone will be required to pay a single supplement; this is displayed in the brochure under 'Single'. Upon your request, it may be possible to accommodate a single passenger in a shared room with another single passenger. This is only possible if there is another single passenger of the same gender who is also willing to share. Upon the other party agreeing we will then refund the appropriate passenger the difference, this can only be done before the tour commences.Ferry CrossingsFor 2011, the programme for our coach tours is based on the shortest channel crossing route, Dover-Calais. We also use Eurotunnel services from Folkestone for many of our departures. You may find on a particular tour that both means are used; Eurotunnel for your outbound travel and the ferry crossing for your inbound travel and vice versa. Star Tours' reserves the right to direct tours to alternative ports if necessary.Tour ManagersEscorted tours are accompanied by professional tour managers & local guides throughout the itinerary. On rare occasions the Tour Manager may not meet passengers at their respective pick up point but at a later stage, however the driver will be there to take care of any of the passengers' needs. A number of itineraries include travel via flight or rail and on these itineraries it may be the case that passengers are not accompanied by their tour manager/local representative during these journeys. In this case the tour manager will to heat up milk bottles (cold water not suitable for drinking). However this cannot be guaranteed and it is therefore the passengers' responsibility to make sure of necessary arrangements for any children in their group. Milk and baby food cannot be provided by the hotel or restaurants and passengers are advised to carry ready baby milk cartons whilst on tour. Please also note that not all hotels provide a kettle so if hot water is required for warming milk etc in the hotel then it is advisable to carry a bottle warmer / kettle. Pushchairs can be kept in the baggage lockers of the coach. BaggageStar Tours operate a luggage handling service under which the driver will load and unload one piece of luggage per person from the coach (weighing up to a maximum of 20kg). It will be the passengers' responsibility to carry their luggage to and from the coach as well as their hotel room. In addition, they are also entitled to carry one piece of hand luggage, which can fit under their seat or in the overhead compartment. Star Tours advice that each passenger carries one small to medium sized trolley bag per person rather than one big bag between several passengers as this will be more comfortable. Also it is advisable for one passenger to carry a small handbag/backpack in between their group in which they can carry essentials like water, tissues, cameras etc. WeatherWeather in much of Western Europe tends to be similar to England and is very unpredictable. Regardless of the time of the year, it is advisable to carry an umbrella. Temperatures vary from place to place and it is a good idea to check online for average temperatures for the destination(s) being visited depending on the time of the year. On a multi destination tour it is likely passengers will travel through various weather fronts; whilst in Switzerland during excursions to mountain tops passengers may experience temperatures between 0 °c and 2 °c whilst at the same time experience temperatures of over 25 °c whilst they are in Italy. Passengers can be well prepared by ensuring they are carrying appropriate clothing, footwear and accessories. Passengers should also be aware that during the winter months most of the sightseeing will be in the dark as, in Europe, the day becomes dark very early during winter. Passengers should consult with Star Tours at the time of booking if they are unsure. Clothing & Accessories Passengers should aim to carry clothing best suited to their particular requirements. During summer months it is advisable to wear light garments and perhaps keep a light jacket or sweater handy. It is advisable to carry a light waterproof jacket or umbrella. Passengers should also carry suitable footwear as per the itinerary of the tour e.g. comfortable trainers for a tour which includes several walking tours or a visit to Disneyland® or suitable footwear/boots for tours which include excursions to mountain tops such as Mt. Titlis or Mt. Jungfrau. For tours including excursions to mountain tops it is advisable that passengers carry appropriate clothing (warm waterproof jacket). Passengers should also carry travel adapters so they can charge their electronic items in their hotel room (as the sockets in Europe and elsewhere vary from those in the UK). Passengers may also want to carry a small travel iron, hair dryer, kettle etc as not all hotels will have these in the rooms. Passengers should consult with Star Tours at the time of booking if they are unsure.Lost Property & Thefts It is the passengers' responsibility to keep their property and valuables safe at all times. If an item has been left at the hotel then the passenger can call the hotel and provide them with their home address along with their credit/debit card details so the hotel can arrange for the items to be returned to their home address. In case of theft, passengers should advise their tour manager immediately and report the theft to the nearest police personnel, so they can be provided with a police report or crime reference number. Passengers are advised not to carry unnecessary valuables and to be vigilant at all times as tourist spots are well known targets for pick pockets. It is strongly recommended by Star Tours that all passengers have valid travel insurance, including EU citizens. YOUR FAMILY WHAT YOU PAY TOTAL ROOMS1 Adult + 1 Child £100+£100£20012 Adults + 1 Child £100+£100+£50£25012 Adults + 2 Children £100+£100+£50+£50*£30012 Adults + 3 Children You will have to pay for either a single supplement for your third child, otherwise two of the children will have to upgrade to pay adult fares. You will receive two rooms.*4th bed is never guaranteedmeet passengers on arrival at their destination. On occasions it may be the case that the tour manager may change whilst on tour; this is usually due to operational reasons. Star Tour's aims to provide tour managers with contact mobile numbers that their escorted passengers will be carrying whilst on tour (it is advisable that at least one passenger in a group carry a mobile). On coach tours the tour manager will provide passengers with their contact details for the duration of the tour on the first day. For flight tours, the passengers will receive these details via a tour confirmation within seven days of their departure. Changing the itinerary & timingsPlease note that during the tour, the tour manager reserves the right to modify the itinerary as they deem fit. These minor changes are made for the benefit of the passengers, and for the smooth running of the tour. These changes are usually due to un-expected delays that can often occur, however all aspects of the tour will be covered time permitting. Whilst travelling on organised group tours, adhering to timings given by the tour manager is very important. Unfortunately due to time constraints we can not delay the coach and any passengers found not respecting these times may be left behind. Star Tours will not take responsibility for passengers left behind due to not adhering to itineraries and times stated by the tour manager. CoachesAll coaches are fitted with arm rests, TV, VCR/ DVD & cassette player, and toilet facilities (W.C. facilities on coaches have limited capacities and therefore we advice passengers to use them only on an 'emergency' basis. We try and make sufficient stops to ensure comfort breaks for passengers). On rare occasions your coach may not have a W.C. facility onboard. All coaches are either air conditioned or air cooled. We have a strict "no smoking" policy on all our coaches. During transfers we may use an alternative vehicle without the above facilities (W.C. may not be there on smaller coaches). Distances & Journeys An important point to note whilst on a touring holiday is that some long journeys are unavoidable especially when travelling from city to city. It is usually the case that the first and last days are the longest. Star Tours' recommend passengers wear comfortable clothing on these days, and bear in mind that a major part of these days will be spent on the coach. It is advisable passengers carry necessities which they may need for the day such as water, dry snacks, tissues etc. with them in their hand luggage.CurrencyStar Tours' advices passengers to exchange any spending money for their holiday before they commence their tour. You may also change money on the ferry, however not all passengers will cross the channel via ferry. Whilst on tour it is very inconvenient and often not possible for the tour manager to arrange for a passenger to be specially taken to exchange money and not all places of interest passengers will be visiting will have ATM machines or accept credit/debit cards. We also advice our passengers to keep some change (currency in coins of the destination) on them whilst on tour as they may need them to use the toilets as using toilets in many parts of Europe is not free. We recommend that, passengers should carry £20/30 pounds per person per day converted into the relevant currency of the destination(s) they are travelling to. Passengers should also carry some GBP for any Duty/Tax Free shopping they may wish to do on the ferry (if your outbound/inbound journey includes ferry crossing). Children & Young infants Children and young infants are welcome to travel on our tours. Children under the age of two years will be charged an infant fare and on a flight tour, a nominal supplement applies. Car seats are not provided on coaches and it is strongly advisable to carry your own. Some coaches will have cold or hot water available