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56For information and bookings call: 020 8900 2323Star Tours believes that a well prepared traveller is a happy traveller. Careful preparation for your tour will ensure that you are ready for every circumstance. Please use our weather and distance chart to help you plan ahead for your tour.CALAISBRUSSELSAMSTERDAMKOLNHEIDELBERGSTRASBOURGMANNHEIMRHINE FALLSENGELBERGLUZERNINTERLAKENGENEVA BERN ZURICHVADUZINNSBRUCKSALZBURGVERONAVENICEROMEFLORENCEPISANICEMONTE CARLOPARISCALAIS2003704196526216318008878539058218548429501,1411,1211,2451,3601,6821,4121,3581,2291,251296BRUSSELS2002122205634294337086956617147866636507589479261,0541,1691,4901,2201,1921,1941,216311AMSTERDAM3702122675066084997728718388909928398278879949741,2301,3451,6671,3971,3681,3931,415508KOLN4192202672543542445206195866387405875756357427229781,0931,4141,1441,1161,1391,123499HEIDELBERG652563506254139192723713373894913383263865104907298441,166896868891874542STRASBOURG6214296083541391371812682352873892362233315425226277421,064793765788772487MANNHEIM631433499244191372843823494015033503383985225027418561,178908879903886522RHINE FALLS80070877252027218128514411022232417153149287448489604926656627650634702ENGELBERG887695871619371268382144358629814685165349540398513835565536559543701LUZERN853661838586337235349110356826511252131315507393508830560531554538667INTERLAKEN905714890638389287401222866821556118198382622412527848578550573557628GENEVA 821786992740491389503324298265215158278386563724469584903632544537520540BERN 85466383958733823635017114611256158125233410571504619941671642608592572ZURICH842650827575326223338538552118278125108291451430545867597568591575655VADUZ950758887635386331398149165131198386233108169351409524845575547570554763INNSBRUCK1,141947994742510542522287349315382563410291169185274389770500560717701934SALZBURG1,121926974722490522502448540507622724571451351185455441951681741898882985VERONA1,2451,0541,2309787296277414893983934124695044304092744551205172473074644471,001VENICE1,3601,1691,3451,0938447428566045135085275846195455243894411205462763365795621,116ROME1,6821,4901,6671,4141,1661,0641,1789268358308489039418678457709515175462913937167001,444FLORENCE1,4121,2201,3971,1448967939086565655605786326715975755006812472762911024264101,168PISA1,3581,1921,3681,1168687658796275365315505446425685475607413073363931023593431,076NICE1,2291,1941,3931,13989178890365055955457353760859157071789846457971642635921932MONTE CARLO1,2511,2161,4151,12387477288663454353855752059257555470188244756270041034321954PARIS2963115084995424875227027016676285405726557639349851,0011,1161,4441,1681,076932954Place LondonMin/MaxScotlandMin/MaxParisMin/MaxSwitzerlandMin/MaxNetherlandMin/MaxItalyMin/MaxGermanyMin/MaxAustriaMin/MaxJan2/70/62/7-3/20/54/13-1/4-5/3Feb2/70/63/8-2/40/64/14-1/5-3/6Mar4/101/85/120/82/96/151/100/11Apr5/133/117/154/124/128/184//143/15May8/175/1410/198/178/1712/228/198/20June11/208/1713/2211/2010/1915/2512/2211/23July13/2210/1915/2413/2312/2118/2814/2513/25Aug13/2210/1815/2512/2212/2218/2813/2513/24Sept11/198/1612/2110/1910/1816/2610/209/21Oct9/156/139/166/137/1412/226/145/16Nov5/102/85/101/74/98/172/80/8Dec3/81/73/8-2/32/65/140/5-4/4DRIVING DISTANCESWEATHER CHARTThe distances shown below are all in kilometres. The indications shown are approximations of average temperatures in °C within the respective countries. Be aware that there may be variations to these indications.Weather and Distance Charts

Your Personal DetailsName EmailHome addressPostcode Telephone MobileEmergency Contact DetailsName EmailTel MobileTour InformationTour code Departure date Tour namePick-up pointTitle First name Surname D.O.B Room Type Meal Passport no. Nationality Price MR/MRS/MS DOUBLE/TWIN/ TRIPLE/ SINGLE JAIN/ VEG / NON-VEGPassenger Information£££££Visa Fee £Insurance £Optionals £Total ££Price per person x Number of passengers + Visa Fee + Insurance + OptionalsI authorise Star Tours Ltd to deduct the amount shown from my card. I accept the surcharge of 2% if paying by Credit Card/ Amex 4%. I declare that on behalf of the person(s) named, I have read and accepted the Terms & Conditions stated on Pg 59, as well as General Information pages provided in this brochure and on the website.Name Date SignatureCardholders Name Credit Card/ Debit Card*Valid From Expiry Issue no. Security CodeLAST 3 DIGITS ON REVERSE OF CARD*DELETE AS APPLICABLEFull payment is required within 4 weeks of your date of travel if you are making a Coach Tour booking (6 weeks for Flight Tours). For bookings 4 weeks prior to date of travel, a deposit of £50 per person or 25% of the holiday cost (whichever is greater) is required (40% for Flight Tours). I enclosed a Non-Refunable deposit of £towards the cost of the tour (If booking from the UK please make cheque payable to Star Tours Ltd, for bookings from USA or India please ask your travel agent).Declaration & Payment DetailsPLEASE READ OUR TERMS & CONDITIONS BEFORE COMPLETING THIS FORM. PLEASE WRITE CLEARLY IN BLOCK CAPITALS, USING BLACK BIRO.FOR OFFICE USE ONLYInvoice no.Booking taken byHead Office: 312 Harrow Road, Wembley, Middlesex HA9 6LLABTA No.W8770Tel: 020 8900 2323 Fax: 020 8903 6380 Email: InformationInsurance company name TelephonePolicy number Cover period FROM TOEUROPE PREMIUMS DURATION (UP TO) (including Insurance Premium Tax) 5 DAYS 10 DAYS 17 DAYS 24 DAYS 31 DAYSper person £14 £16 £19.50 £22.50 £26.50. Family rate - 2 times the base premium. Person aged 66 to 70 years on departure - 2 times the base premium. Person aged 71 to 75 years on departure - 3 times the base premiumIf you are frequent traveller who travels more than two or three times each year, our annual multi trip policy is excellent value for money. Our policy offers great flexibility and a number of important advantages.PREMIUMS Worldwide exc. (including Insurance Premium Tax) Europe North America WorldwideAdult £50.00 £60.00 £70.00Couple £90.00 £110.00 £130.00Family £99.00 £115.00 £135.00. Available for persons aged up to 75 . Business travel cover . Covers journeys up to 31 days . Winter sports cover . Cover for adult members of the family to travel independently . Adventure activities and sports coverSECTIONSUM INSUREDEXCESSStandard cover A Cancellation chargesUp to £5,000£50B CurtailmentUp to £5,000£50C Emergency medical repatriation and associated expenses abroadUp to £5,000,000£50 Hospital benefit£20 for each 24 hour period to a maximum of £500NilD Emergency assistance in the UKUp to £2,000£50E Personal accidentUp to £15,000 (age limits apply)NilF Travel delay£20 first 12 hours and £10 each subsequent 12 hours to maximum of £100Nil Missed departureUp to £750£50 Missed connectionUp to £750£50Single Trip Policy Schedule of cover (per person)Annual multi trip insuranceSECTIONSUM INSUREDEXCESSG Personal possessionsUp to £2,500£50 Delay baggage (after 12 hours)Up to £100Nil Travel documentsUp to £500£50H Personal moneyUp to £250£50I Hijack£50 for each 24 hour period to a maximum of £500NilJ Personal liabilityUp to £2,000,000£250K Legal expensesUp to £25,000NilOptional cover (available on payment of additional premium). Business travel cover . Golf cover . Scuba cover . Winter sports cover . Adventure activitiesVisit us at: