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10|11Topdeck's 4 Star Resort in DahabDid you know?The Blue Hole reef in Dahab is one of the top ten scuba diving spots in the world, while this pool is one of the top ten belly-flopping spots in Dahab!

explore egypt.Our PartnersThe names of great Egyptian leaders transcend history; Ramses II, Cleopatra, Tamer. What's that? You haven't heard of Tamer? Forgive us, because he is a part of Topdeck history! We operated our first Egyptian trips over 20 years ago and Tamer was our first local guide. He was so good and talented that today, we're proud to say he is the Managing Director of Topdeck's Egypt operation. Tamer's partner Rafik was born in Egypt and raised in Australia, and between them they have a unique understanding of the requirements of our passengers, acquired through years of experience. They are blessed with local expertise and are helped by a family of dedicated and passionate staff, so you can begin to understand why Topdeck Egypt is a cut above our competitors. We just hope they don't expect pyramids when they retire!Our AccommodationWe have three different styles of trip to cater for a range of budgets. Our Budget trips stay in well-equipped hotels, which are predominantly 3-star and all fully air-conditioned. Our Plus trips also use air-conditioned hotels only - these are primarily 4-star, apart from a select few chosen for their superior location or service. Certain Plus trips also offer the unique opportunity to camp in the White Desert and Wadi Rum. Our Deluxe cruise programmes stay on superb 5-star cruise boats while on the Nile. Whichever trip you choose, you can rest assured that every hotel has been thoroughly inspected by Topdeck's Egyptian office to ensure they meet our very specific requirements and high standards. Our Starting PointsThis year we're pleased to offer a choice of starting points, with Luxor as an alternative to Cairo. This gives you more opportunity to find great flight deals and take advantage of the budget airlines which service Luxor. But whether you fly into Cairo or Luxor, you can enjoy an included airport pickup on arrival!Our TransportEgypt is a large country and getting from place to place comfortably and safely is central to your enjoyment. In this respect Topdeck can boast a key advantage over other operators - we own all of our vehicles. This means we can guarantee an excellent standard of transport throughout your holiday, from your included airport arrival transfer to longer coach journeys. Having our own vehicles means we can vouch for the quality of each one and ensure they are regularly maintained. Perhaps even more crucially, it means our Drivers are all familiar to us so we know they're first rate, an added advantage of not relying on third-party coach operators. What's more, all of our vehicles are non-smoking (and that goes for the drivers as well!).Sometimes we take overnight train services to cover the longer journeys from Cairo to Aswan and Luxor to Cairo. These services are generally reliable, however they can occasionally be delayed or experience reliability problems, and with larger groups it can sometimes prove difficult to obtain tickets seating the whole group together. Fortunately, we have our fleet of modern air-conditioned coaches on hand, which we often use as an alternative to the trains. In this case there will always be two Drivers and we'll take comfort stops along the way, ensuring a reliable and comfortable passage. The method of transport being used on your trip (train or coach) is normally advised at the briefing meeting on Day 1. Our InclusionsThe two 3000 year old temples at Abu Simbel are amongst the most magnificent monuments in the world, masterpieces of Ancient Egyptian architecture and truly among Egypt's 'must-see' sights. However, not every operator classifies them as essential viewing, and you might have to fork out up to $200 for the option to visit them. With Topdeck, all trips that feature Abu Simbel in the itinerary include this unforgettable excursion in the trip price, meaning a massive saving for you! It's just one example of the fantastic inclusions our trips offer, giving you great value for money to complement our high quality service.Topdeck owned and operated coachesAbu Simbel (Excursion included in all Egypt trips)Felucca sailing on the Nile, Aswan