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EGYPTLuxorHurghadaAswanKom OmboAbuSimbel2Dahab5Cairostart/finishISRAELJORDANSAUDIARABIASt Catherine1 overnighttrain2 overnightfeluccaNO. OF NIGHTS STAYDAY STOP22Dates & Prices 2012/13EGYPTStartFinish01May1219May1215May1202Jun1229May1216Jun1212Jun1230Jun1226Jun1214Jul1210Jul1228Jul1224Jul1211Aug1207Aug1225Aug1221Aug1208Sep1204Sep1222Sep1218Sep1206Oct1202Oct1220Oct1216Oct1203Nov1230Oct1217Nov1213Nov1201Dec1227Nov1215Dec1211Dec1229Dec1225Dec1212Jan1308Jan1326Jan1322Jan1309Feb1305Feb1323Feb1319Feb1309Mar1305Mar1323Mar1319Mar1306Apr1302Apr1320Apr1316Apr1304May1330Apr1318May13Go to for more info.Day 1 Cairo. An arrival transfer from the airport to the hotel is included. Join your fellow passengers and Trip Leader in the evening to learn more about the trip. Day 2 Cairo. In the morning we visit the Egyptian Museum housing over 100,000 relics including the magnificent treasures of King Tutankhamun. On the Giza plateau, overlooking Cairo we view the Great Pyramids and Sphinx, Egypt's most renowned monuments. (B)Day 3 Cairo - Aswan. Cairo, the bustling metropolis beckons and a free day allows for further exploration. Visit the vibrant Khan el Khalili market or choose an optional tour to discover more of this fascinating city. In the evening we board the first class overnight train to Aswan, a city with a relaxed and appealing charm after the hustle and bustle of Cairo. (B)Day 4 Aswan. After breakfast (on board train), we arrive in Aswan and transfer to the hotel. This afternoon we board a motorboat to pass by the Elephantine and Kitchener Islands, viewing the Nilometer, Aga Khan Mausoleum and the Tombs of the Nobles on the west bank of the Nile. We continue to a Nubian Village to learn about the lifestyle and customs of the original inhabitants of this region. (B) Day 5 Aswan. This morning we have a very early departure to Abu Simbel to visit the incredible temple built by Ramses II. We also visit the Temple of Hathor, built in honour of the Goddess of Love and Music and Ramses' wife, Queen Nefertari. On returning to Aswan there is an optional tour visiting the majestic setting of the Temple of Isis on the Island of Philae. In the evening there is an option to dine on the banks of the Nile, a truly memorable setting. (B)Days 6-7 Felucca Journey. Today we hop aboard our felucca, ready for two days of complete relaxation. On board, the Nubian crew cook and sail giving us the chance to do as much or as little as we wish. (B,L,D) (B,L,D) Day 8 Luxor. We stop at Kom Ombo temple with our Egyptologist before continuing to the ancient capital of Luxor, from where we take a trip by air-conditioned mini-bus as our guide introduces us to the amazing Temple of Karnak. We explore the Temple of Luxor as the tour of the east bank continues, discovering the magnificence of what was once the capital of Egypt. (B)Day 9 Luxor. A highlight for all visitors to Egypt is the guided tour of the Valley of the Kings, which after the Pyramids of Giza, is the most famous site in Egypt. We also visit the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the Colossi of Memnon. There is time to visit the colourful market of Luxor famous for its gold and silver. (B) DayS 10-11 Hurghada. This morning we head across the desert to the beautiful Red Sea. The days are free to enjoy the beach and facilities. Choose from an array of optional activities including snorkelling, boat tours and desert safaris. (B,D) (B,D)Day 12 Hurghada - Cairo. After a free morning to savour the sun, sand and sea at the resort we travel back to Cairo. (B) Day 13 Cairo - Dahab. We depart this morning for the Sinai Peninsula, stopping en route for lunch. We arrive in Dahab, formerly a Bedouin fishing village and now home to some of Egypt's best diving. (B) Days 14-17 Dahab. Four days lie ahead to enjoy at leisure. Swimming, snorkelling, water sports and relaxation are all on hand. Also the local diving centre can help you with any equipment hire or to locate the best dive spots in the Red Sea. On land, experience the thrill of a desert safari on quad bikes or camels. At night the fire lit seafood eateries are tempting for dinner. There is also an option to climb to the top of Mt Sinai, where you can witness the spectacular sunrise - one of the most unforgettable views in Egypt. In the morning, after descending to the valley floor we visit the Monastery of St Catherine. (B) (B) (B) (B) Day 18 Dahab - Cairo. This morning we reluctantly say goodbye to the town of Dahab and set off into the mountains of the Sinai Peninsula on our way back to Cairo. (B) Day 19 Cairo. The trip ends at the hotel today after breakfast. (B)TRIP CODE: HTUEGQuad biking, HurghadaTopdeck's 4 Star Resort in DahabSLEEPING BAG REQUIREDFELUCCA SAILING19 Days from $995 per personTrip price of $995 + $345 Local PaymentTrip price of $1095 + $345 Local PaymentUSD

LuxorAswanAbu SimbelCairostart/finish1 overnighttrain1 overnighttrainEGYPTISRAELJORDANSAUDIARABIANO. OF NIGHTS STAYDAY STOPKom OmboEdfu2overnightcruise boat1Dates & Prices 2012/13EGYPTDeluxe see pg. 2StartFinish06May1213May1213May1220May1227May1203Jun1203Jun1210Jun1217Jun1224Jun1224Jun1201Jul1208Jul1215Jul1215Jul1222Jul1229Jul1205Aug1212Aug1219Aug1219Aug1226Aug1202Sep1209Sep1216Sep1223Sep1223Sep1230Sep1230Sep1207Oct1214Oct1221Oct1221Oct1228Oct1228Oct1204Nov1211Nov1218Nov1218Nov1225Nov1225Nov1202Dec1209Dec1216Dec1223Dec1230Dec1230Dec1206Jan1306Jan1313Jan1320Jan1327Jan1303Feb1310Feb1317Feb1324Feb1324Feb1303Mar1303Mar1310Mar1317Mar1324Mar1324Mar1331Mar1331Mar1307Apr1314Apr1321Apr1328Apr1305May13Go to for more info.What's Included»»7 breakfasts (B) , 3 lunches (L), 3 dinners (D)»»2 nights twin share in 4? hotels, 3 nights 5? cruise boat in cabin accommodation, 2 nights aboard first class overnight train between Cairo and Aswan, Luxor and Cairo (recliner seat)»»Arrival transfer from airport to hotel »»Transportation in an air-conditioned minibus and cruise boat as per the itinerary»»Excursion to the Egyptian Museum, Pyramids, Sphinx, Saqqara, Coptic Churches, Khan El Khalili, Abu Simbel, Kom Ombo Temple, Edfu Temple, Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple and Luxor Temples (entrance fees not included)»»Fully guided tours with Egyptologist at all major sites»»Services of a fully trained English speaking Trip LeaderTRIP CODE: HTNIDDay 1 Cairo. Arrive at Cairo International Airport. An arrival transfer from the airport to the hotel is included. Day 2 Cairo - Aswan. In the morning accompanied by a qualified, English speaking Egyptologist, we visit the Egyptian Museum housing over 100,000 relics including the magnificent treasures of King Tutankhamun. We then see the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx. In the evening we board the first class overnight train to Aswan. (B) Day 3 Aswan - Cruise Boat. After freshening up in our cruise boat cabins we experience a traditional felucca sailboat before we set off to the Nubian village by motor boat, passing the Elephantine and Kitchener Islands, viewing the Nilometer, the Aga Khan Mausoleum, and the Tombs of the Nobles. At the Nubian village we learn more about their language and culture. (B,L,D) Day 4 Cruise Boat. It's an early start this morning as we visit Abu Simbel to see the incredible temple built by Ramses II. When we return lunch is on board the panoramic decks of our cruise boat. On the way we pass via Kom Ombo and stop to visit the temple. (B,L,D) Day 5 Cruise Boat. Our journey continues to the town of Edfu where we gaze at the temple dedicated to the falcon headed sky god, Horus. We travel by horse and carriage to the almost fully-intact Temple of Edfu. (B,L,D) Day 6 Cruise Boat - Luxor. We continue along the river arriving at the ancient capital of Thebes. A highlight for all visitors to Egypt is our guided tour of the Valley of the Kings. We also visit the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. Our guide then introduces us to the amazing Temple of Karnak and we take a trip by air-conditioned minibus to explore the Temple of Luxor. In the evening we board the overnight first class train to return to the capital. (B) Day 7 Cairo. Arriving in Cairo we transfer to the hotel to freshen up. The rest of the day is spent further exploring Cairo. We see the necropolis of Saqqara, including the Step Pyramid of King Zoser. Returning to the city we visit Coptic Cairo and some of the oldest churches in the history of Christianity. In the afternoon we take time to visit the vibrant Khan el Khallili market. (B)Day 8 Cairo. Our trip ends at the hotel after breakfast. (B)8 Day Nile DiscoveryKom OmboKarnak Temple, Luxor22|235-star Nile cruise boatUSD8 Days from $740 per personTrip price of $740 + $210 Local PaymentTrip price of $860 + $210 Local Payment