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before & after.Whether you need a place to stay in Cairo the night before you depart on your trip, or whether you fancy sticking around a bit longer in Marrakech and getting to know this incredible city a bit better, we've got something right up your street.Alexandria is rightfully known as 'The Pearl of the Mediterranean.' Only 225km from Cairo, Alexandria seems like a world away. Although Alexandria is still best known for its ancient history, today the city is synonymous with cosmopolitanism and bohemian culture.This excursion can be added to any trip starting or finishing in Cairo and can be arranged by extending your stay either at the start or end of your trip by one night. Any extension should be booked at the same time you book your Egypt trip. TRIP"Alexandria - amazing history, great falafel!"- Adam, Wellington, New ZealandWhat's Included»»Lunch»»Return transfer by air-conditioned mini-bus Cairo to Alexandria»»Guided tour including visits to the Catacombs, Alexandria library and CastleShorbagi Mosque, AlexandriaIndiana Hotel, CairoEgyptMoroccoJordanTiba Pyramids Hotel - Cairo ???? Star HotelSingleTwin (per room) Triple (per room) US$70 US$107 US$146For HTEEX, HTEEG, HTEJI & HTCLHIndiana Hotel - Cairo ??? Star HotelSingleTwin (per room) Triple (per room) US$48 US$70 US$87For HTEEP & HTEPBSwiss Inn Hotel - Cairo ???? Star HotelSingleTwin (per room) Triple (per room) US$70 US$107 US$146For HTESF, HTDHB, HTNAB, HTEGP, HTUEG, HTNID & HTCCH4 Star Hotel - Luxor ???? Star HotelSingleTwin (per room) Triple (per room) US$70 US$107 US$146For HTEEK & HTEEL3 Star Hotel - Amman ??? Star HotelSingleTwin (per room) Triple (per room) US$70 US$89 US$128For all Middle East tripsCorail Hotel - Marrakech ??? Star HotelSingleTwin (per room) Triple (per room) US$70 US$96 US$141For all Morocco tripsAlexandria day trip prices - per person TRIP CODE: HTALEXSingle PassengerTwo Passengers Three Passengers US$225pp US$140pp US$125ppPharaoh's Hotel - Cairo ??? Star HotelSingleTwin (per room) Triple (per room) USD48 USD70 US$87For HTEEP & HTEPB

How many people in my group? Experiencing a new country with a group of like-minded young people is a fantastic way to enhance your travels, and all of our passengers are aged between 18 and 39. The average group sizes in 2011 were 15 In Egypt and Turkey, 10 In Morocco and 8 in Jordan and Israel, the perfect size to allow you to get to know everyone well. And there's no issue if you are travelling alone - Topdeck trips are great for single travellers and usually over 50% of our passengers start their trips solo. It's a good way to meet people and better still, we don't charge compulsory single supplements, instead helping match you up with a roommate(s) of the same gender.What is the local payment?To give you the best value we have arranged that an element of your trip cost is paid locally. This amount is listed on each itinerary page. A variety of necessary trip expenses in this part of the world cannot be paid on account or in advance, and cash payment in non-domestic currency is the normal and preferred procedure for a large number of our suppliers. This also enables us to keep costs down for you, as full payment in advance would necessitate a surcharge. Another bonus is that it staggers the trip cost, lightening the payment load.The local payment should be paid in cash in the currency indicated at the arrival meeting on Day 1.What is included with my trip?Loads of things! Check out the "What's Included" box on each trip page. Everything that is included within the trip price is listed here, such as accommodation, meals, sight-seeing and modes of transport. Breakfast is included daily and will vary between cooked and continental. Lunches and dinners are included where listed on the trip itinerary. Are entrance fees included?In Morocco, Jordan, Israel and Syria we have included entrance fees in your trip price to all sights listed in the itinerary. We are able to offer this as entrance fees in these countries can be guaranteed and the group prices we can obtain are much better than any other discounts offered.In Egypt and Turkey, the prices change regularly and discounts for groups or students vary. For this reason we cannot calculate entrance fees in an accurate manner, and therefore we have not included them in your trip price so we don't unnecessarily overcharge you. Your Trip Leader will arrange the most cost-effective option on your trip. A guide to current entrance fees is available on our website.What type of accommodation will I stay in?The 'What's Included' section on each trip page has a full breakdown of accommodation used. On our Budget Egyptian trips we stay in tourist class and 3* hotels, selected for their good locations and services, on a twin or triple share basis. These trips are perfect for those wanting to have a bit more cash to spend on some of the great optional excursions.On our Plus trips, we stay primarily in superior quality 4* and 3* hotels on a twin share basis. In the stunning desert landscapes of Jordan or Morocco we also stay in tents in traditional desert camps - a unique experience!Our time cruising the Nile is either spent in high standard cabins on 5-Star cruise boats (Deluxe trips), or on a traditional felucca sailboat. The facilities on the felucca are basic, but the relaxation and enjoyment is definitely first class.Overnight trains in Egypt consist of a recliner seat in a First or Second Class cabin (see itinerary page for details). All hotels used are fully air-conditioned. Can I extend my stay?In addition to being able to arrange pre and post-trip accommodation for you, we offer some great add-on packages to extend your holiday, or you could even combine two trips to follow on from one another. For example you could spend some more time in Cairo, take an excursion to historic Alexandria, perhaps add on some hiking in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. If you need any advice, visit, ask us a question on facebook or Twitter, or ring your local Topdeck Reservations team and we'll be happy to help. How do I get to my destination?Because our passengers fly in from all over the world, and to give you the chance to grab great flight deals locally, we do not include flights with our packages. You'll be able to source the best deals either from the internet or your travel agent. To ensure a stress-free start to your holiday, we include an airport meet & greet and hotel transfer at all starting destinations in this brochure, with the exception of Istanbul in Turkey.Can I learn to dive?Topdeck's Learn to Dive in Dahab is the perfect trip for people wanting to learn to scuba dive. All equipment (with the exception of the dive manual) is included in the trip price.If you are an experienced diver and need a refresher course, these can be booked for an additional USD$30. Guided dives are also available for passengers who already have an Open Water Licence and have been for a dive within the last six months (supplement applies).What kind of transportation does Topdeck use?The simple answer is; it varies! Your trip might use a combination of modern air-conditioned coaches and mini-buses, First or Second Class recliner seat trains, 5 Star luxury Nile cruise boats or traditional felucca sailboats. Importantly we own all of our coaches meaning we can be sure they are well serviced and of a high standard. The quality of all other types of transport has been thoroughly checked and verified by our local offices to ensure they meet our specific requirements. All transport is included in your trip price, and will ensure you arrive at each destination feeling refreshed and ready to explore.Please note that for operational reasons we often substitute coaches in place of overnight trains in Egypt. This is because sometimes groups can be split over several carriages on the train. If we use our own air-conditioned coaches we can guarantee the group stays together in a comfortable environment. This will not affect your itinerary or places visited.What should I bring?The region is mostly dry and varies between hot days and mild nights in the (northern hemisphere) summer to warm days and cool nights in the winter. Lightweight cottons and linens are recommended for the summer with some warmer clothing needed for winter. Don't forget you will be travelling in predominantly Muslim countries where dress codes may be less liberal than in your own country. Many sites, particularly religious ones, require shoulders and knees to be covered. A sarong is a handy piece of clothing to add as they are light, and can be used as a shawl, skirt or for a sunbathing blanket.For trips that include a felucca sail, it is important that you bring a sleeping bag with you. Be sure to bring a swimming costume with you (although for winter departures this isn't as important!).How do I get my visas?Visa requirements change and can vary from nationality to nationality. Most nationalities can get a visa on arrival in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Turkey, and at the land border crossings in to Syria and Israel. However it is always best to check with your local Consulates or with your Government's foreign office, which can let you know your visa requirements for all countries. At all times obtaining the correct visa is your responsibility. South African nationals require a pre-arranged visa for Egypt and Morocco.Currency...Local currency is easily available from numerous cash machines in all countries, but you should plan to have some cash (US$ or UK£) with you on arrival. You should advise your bank in advance that you are travelling to your chosen country/countries so they are aware and will not block your card when you try to withdraw cash. Tipping...Tipping locals for their services is expected and is a way of life in the regions featured in this brochure. Small amounts are all that is required and your Trip Leader will advise you the correct amount so you won't get confused and part with too much. Your Topdeck crew never expect tips themselves and will not ask for any, but if you feel compelled to tip in keeping with the customs of the region then they will be gratefully received.frequently asked questions.Still got some questions? Why not get in touch with some past Topdeck passengers who've done it before. To find out more head to