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Early Payment Option*Save 5% off the trip price when you book and pay in full 6 months in advance. Save 10% off the trip price when you book and pay in full 12 months in advancePast Passenger Discount*Save 5% off the trip price if you've travelled with Topdeck or Connections Adventures before.Friends & Discounts*Save 5% off the trip price for 4 friends who book and travel together. Save 7.5% for 7 friends, and save 10% for 10 friends!Multi-Trip Discount*Save 5% off the cheapest trip price when you book 2 trips at the same time. Book 3 at the same time and save 5% off the second, and SAVE 10% off the third.Combine any two of these discounts for an even bigger saving!**Terms & conditions apply: Only two discounts can be combined up to the value of 15%. This excludes the Early Payment Option pay 12 months in advance - this is not combinable with any other offers. Discounts do not apply to ancillary items. All discounts are subject to availability. For 'Friends & Discounts' and 'Multi-Trip Discount' offers, all passengers must be booked on the same trip at the same time. Only one 'Friends & Discounts' can be used.special offers.With Topdeck, your trip doesn't just start when you get on the coach. By linking up with us on social media, you can kick off your trip as early as you want, meeting travel buddies, sharing advice and hearing what past travellers have to say about the trip you've booked. And when the adventure ends, you can stay in touch by sharing photos and organising catch-ups, all with a few clicks of a mouse.Facebook a fan on Facebook and you can put a shout out to other travellers on your trip, get travel advice and share photos, videos and tips from your past adventures. There's even a Facebook App where you can upload your travel snaps into a slideshow, complete with music and travel your travel experiences in 140 characters - as if that's possible! Follow @TopdeckTravel and not only will you have a direct link to our helpful staff hovering eagerly over their keyboards but you can tweet about your #TopdeckTravel adventures for all to see on Twitter. ForumForum.topdeck.travelIf you've got too much to say to fit in a tweet, head to the Topdeck forums, a place for travellers past and present to exchange stories, find friends and get advice from those who have 'been there, done that''s no better way to find out about the Topdeck experience than from our team of passionate travellers. Head to our blogs page and get inspired for your next Topdeck YouTube channel has videos to whet your appetite before you head off on your trip, including a clip submitted by one of our passengers, featuring the most travelled mini-football in the history of coach travel.log in, hook up.SCAN TO CHECK OUT OUR BLOG For the latest Topdeck special offers make sure you check out

JerusalemEGYPTLuxorAswanAbu SimbelFelucca Sail BoatDahabHurghadaCairoISRAELLEBANONMediterannean SeaNile RiverNile RiverSuez CanalDead SeaNile RiverGreat Pyramid of Giza, CairoOf the original 'Seven Wonders of the World' only the monumental Great Pyramid of Giza remains, and staggeringly it was the tallest man-made structure on Earth for over 3800 years. Along with the elegant Sphinx and the other Pyramids of Giza Plateau near Cairo, it continues to mystify and captivate visitors.Abu Simbel, AswanOver 3000 years ago, Pharaoh Ramses the Great had two vast temples carved from solid rock at Abu Simbel, dedicating the smaller one to his beloved Queen Nefertari. Their colossal sculptures and complex hieroglyphics place them amongst the finest and most vital ancient monuments in the world. Felucca Sailboat, AswanThese traditional wooden boats are beautiful in their simplicity, and their proud sails have been a familiar sight in Egypt since antiquity. Lying back in the shade while the waters of the mighty River Nile slip silently past is one of the most relaxing experiences you could possibly imagine!Jerusalem, IsraelThis celebrated holy city in Israel is revered in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Defying its tumultuous and fascinating past, its labyrinth of alleys and bustling bazaars are flanked with remarkably well-preserved architecture, whilst in the Old City there's an enduring sense of being in the presence of history. INCLUDED WITH TOPDECKINCLUDED WITH TOPDECKINCLUDED WITH TOPDECKINCLUDED WITH TOPDECK