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SYRIAAmmanPetraWadi RumSAUDIARABIAJORDANLEBANONRed SeaDamascusPalmyraBosraTutankhamun's tombDead Sea, Jordan & IsraelDo you have trouble floating without an air mattress? You won't here! The mysterious Dead Sea lies 423m below sea level, the lowest elevation on Earth. The high salt content makes floating easy, and bathing in the mud is said to have therapeutic and cosmetic effects!Petra, JordanFeatured in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, this truly astonishing rock-carved city in Jordan might make you feel like 'Indy' yourself when you first discover it! Hidden in a valley and unknown to the Western world until 1812, this enigmatic World Heritage site deserves to grace anyone's 'to do list'.Dahab, Red SeaThis wonderfully relaxed Red Sea resort provides exceptional diving and snorkelling opportunities, with some of the world's finest coral reefs nearby. It also has excellent souvenir shops, fantastic restaurants serving sumptuous fresh seafood, and chilled-out cafes which make deliciously naughty thick shakes - an irresistible combination!Valley of the Kings, LuxorQuite simply an archaeological treasure-trove, this hidden valley is lined with fascinating ancient tombs to visit. It became world famous in 1922, with Howard Carter's discovery of the untouched burial chamber and priceless golden treasures of the 'Boy King' Tutankhamun, the single greatest discovery in the history of Egyptology. Desert Camp, Wadi RumStaying in a traditional Bedouin camp with the nomadic inhabitants of this beautiful desert landscape is a peaceful, tranquil and memorable experience. After all, the famous British officer 'Lawrence of Arabia' said of his time in Wadi Rum that "No man can live this life and emerge unchanged".5-star Nile cruise, NileWhen Pharaohs sailed the Nile, they did so in style. Much like our Deluxe 5-star cruises! Spacious cabins, great food and excellent service come as standard. Enjoy golden sunsets from deck, cool off in the plunge pool, and less re-packing means more relaxing!INCLUDED WITH TOPDECKINCLUDED WITH TOPDECKINCLUDED WITH TOPDECKINCLUDED WITH TOPDECKINCLUDED WITH TOPDECKINCLUDED WITH TOPDECK

10|11Topdeck's 4 Star Resort in DahabDid you know?The Blue Hole reef in Dahab is one of the top ten scuba diving spots in the world, while this pool is one of the top ten belly-flopping spots in Dahab!