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Travel Namibia 21 NAMIB DESERT LODGE'S latest guest is very reserved. He never shows his face in the restaurant, preferring long walks in the grounds. He withdraws when other guests approach. He's a cheetah - the fi rst to be seen in Gondwana Namib Park. He was fi rst spotted in the immediate vicinity of the lodge when guests were enjoying a long drink on the terrace. The cheetah suddenly rose from tall grass about 60 m away and ambled off into the surrounding darkness. Apparently he had been lying there for quite a while, watching the fl oodlit waterhole. Previously only the spoor of cheetah had been found in Gondwana Namib Park - and that only rarely. For decades, the area on the eastern fringe of the Namib was used for keeping sheep and goats. Predators like cheetahs, hyenas and jackals were shot or driven away by the farmers. Cheetah checks in The white black- backed jackal ON A MORNING GAME DRIVE in the Okondeka region of Etosha, an eerie snow- white ghost appeared out the bush - an albino black- backed jackal. Guests of Wilderness Safari's Ongava Lodge watched as he moved out onto Etosha pan and ' disappeared', perfectly camoufl aged against the white ground. This posed the fascinating question: Had albinism actually benefi tted this animal? It is generally accepted that animals with this condition do not MARY ASKEW Phantom of Etosha " If we gave you our old football kits, what would you do?" IT WAS ONE OF THE more unusual queries Namibia Tourism UK had received. But, on a recent trip to Windhoek, Namibia Tourism's Debbie Walker found the answer at The Dr Frans Aupa Indongo Primary School - a school in the former township of Katutura. The children are all from a very poor background and most have no electricity or running water in their homes. The school provides not only an education to these children, but also gives a sense of normality and stability to their lives. The donation of the football shirts, no longer needed by a UK primary school, has given the young Katutura team a much-needed boost and a team identity. Head Paulus Lewin said: " We promise that we will use the kit to further boost the morale of the boys and give them an opportunity to one day play for the national team". Children all over Africa love football, but rarely have a proper ball to play with. They often make do with a homemade version, cobbled together out of plastic bags and elastic bands. Footballs for Fun is a UK charity which encourages people to give footballs away while they are on holiday in Africa. ¦ www. footballs4fun. org Kit for Katutura BRIAN STACEY BELOW: Golden moment. New shirts for the Katatora team, seen with Debbie Walker of Namibia Tourism UK needed survive long as they are so conspicuous to predators. Not so this jackal, who was " fi t, fat and thriving," according to guide Kim Nixon. Albinism is the complete absence of pigmentation due to inability to produce melanin. An albino's eyes are pink as a result of blood vessels showing through in the absence of darker colours. Albinism is normally caused by a genetic mutation that can be inherited if both parents have the albino gene.

22 Travel Namibia Moro >> News · views · people · places · conservation · community · wildlife · culture SECRET NAMIBIA ¦ Q Where serves the best breakfast? " I love the sausages at Cafe Schneider in Livingstone Arcade. They do a great traditional Namibian breakfast - expect lots of meat!" ¦ Q How should I spend my morning? " A historical city tour is a great introduction to Windhoek. It explains our colonial past, points out interesting buildings and takes in one of our museums, which are all free. " If you want to shop then there is a craft market on Post Street Mall where producers sell their own goods. All the Photographers Marcel Jouve and Lily Yousry- Jouve have just published a book entitled Secret Namibia. The collection of pictures of Namibia's spectacular landscapes sits alongside informative text on the country's geology, fauna and fl ora. And if that wasn't enough, there is a guide to the best accommodation and a list of suggested routes. Secret Namibia is published by Struik. Insider's guide to Windhoek Interview Grace Kamuingona has lived in Windhoek since she was twelve and now works for the City Tourism Offi ce. Her knowledge of the city's facilities is one of the best in the business, so we asked her how to spend 24 hours in Namibia's capital. prices are fi xed so you don't have to worry about haggling. Or, if you fancy your own Namibian diamond as a souve-nir, there's The House of Gems which is a family- owned business". ¦ Q Now I'm hungry. Where to for lunch? " Thule is an upmarket restaurant with stunning views over the city. If you want to eat with the locals, then head into Katatura, Windhoek's former town-ship. Try Otjikaendu Den, Mama Hileni, Club Thriller or Tizombazu Restaurant. You'll always get a really friendly wel-come. If you want to do something a little different, try Iitumba. It's about three kilometres from the city centre. They do a lunch and quad biking deal, which is a lot of fun. And you get a great view of the city from the quad bike trail too". ¦ Q What should I do in the afternoon? " No competition. Everyone should go on our Katatura Tour. It's three hours long and will give you a real insight into Namibian life." ¦ Q And in the evening? " Joe's Beer House is popular. They serve every type of meat you can imagine, from buffalo to zebra. For some-thing a little more sophisticated try NICE. Or, if you can't drag yourself away from Katatura after your tour, a company called Face to Face will take you drinking and playing pool in the local shebeens". ¦ Q Finally, where should I stay? " Arebbusch is fantastic value and fi ve minutes drive from the centre of town. It does self catering and camping accommodation. There is a nice swim-ming pool and a restaurant. If you book in advance, they will even pick you up from the airport. " If you want to treat yourself, try The Olive Grove. I've just seen their new honeymoon suite, which has its own balconies and even a plunge pool". ¦ There's more information on Windhoek at www. windhoekcc. org. na Grace Kamuingona Working up an appetite for lunch. Quad biking at Iitumba MARY ASKEW MARY ASKEW