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56 Travel Namibia Olweendo Le Mirage Desert Lodge Travel shorts Desert rain In February Le Mirage Desert Lodge and Spa experienced a cloud burst during which a staggering 80mm of rain fell within just 45 minutes. Not surprisingly, roofs, drains and some floors all needed repairs. The lodge is 21km from Sesriem. Raptor raptures Students from the Polytechnic of Namibia, in conjunction with NARREC ( Namibia Animal Rehabilitation, Research and Education Centre), are surveying rock kestrels and other raptors breeding in urban areas. Many of these birds nest on buildings in Namibia's towns and cities. Due to ignorance, young birds are often frightened from the nests before they are ready to fly. They land in the street and, if they are lucky, end up at NARREC. Others are kept in small cages or have their wings clipped. If you see a raptor in an urban area contact Liz Komen. Her e- mail is liz@ narrec. net Camp revamp Two years ago Khowarib Community Camp, close to the Hoanib River in Damaraland, was in disrepair, management was poor and visitors were in short supply. However, the community received funds from NACOBTA - Namibia Community Based Tourism Assistance Trust - to revamp the camp. Locally- sourced materials were used to ensure that it blended into its environment. The new camp has now re- opened and is proving very popular. Mola Mola moves Marine safari firm Mola Mola has relocated all its offices to the jetty park, past the Walvis Bay Yacht club. Mola Mola has also announced that its trips to Sandwich Harbour will run under a new brand, Sandwich Harbour 4X4. Its offices are situated alongside Mola Mola in the jetty park. Boss Megan Dreyer says: " The most difficult part of all will be adapting to sitting in an office every day with a view over the sea, watching pelicans flying past, dolphins swimming around, and seagulls making a noise." RESERVATIONS Tel : + 264 61 224909 Fax : + 264 61 224924 reservations@ gocheganas. com - www. gocheganas. com ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Situated a mere 29 kilometres south east from Windhoek on a hilltop overlooking a spectacular landscape, GOCHEGANAS is a luxurious lodge offering a unique combination of Wildlife, Nature and Wellness experiences. With 25 different wildlife species located on a 6000 hectare nature reserve, GOCHEGANAS offers game drives, exceptional birdviewing, walking activities and mountainbiking as an enriching experience. Wellness treatments of exceptional standard ensure a renewal of mind, body and spirit. Our complete package rates include luxurious living in exclusive and private chalets, full board menu, mineral water from own hot-water source as well as the use of world class spa facilities.

Travel Namibia 57