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ADVERTISING PROMOTION 4 Travel Namibia O f all the 13 regions of Namibia, Caprivi is unique in many ways: it has six ethnic tribes - Subia, Yeyi, Mafwe, San, Tortela and Mbukushu who have adopted Lozi, a Zambian language, as a medium of communication; it is surrounded by four perennial rivers - Chobe, Kwandu, Linyanti and Zambezi; it has vast wetlands and riverine forests; it has more than 600 species of birds and all the main animals, except rhino; as well boasting three national parks - Mamili, Mudumu and Bwabwata. Caprivi is also the only region that shares its borders with four Southern African Development Community countries - Angola, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Zambezi Waterfront development, located in the town of Katima Mulilo, covers an area of 21.66 hectares on the southern banks of the Zambezi River. The Park will offer tourists not only luxurious and comfortable accommodation, but also attractions such as game safaris and bird watching ( there are more than 340 different species in the area), as well as crocodile and hippo ponds and excursions into nature reserves nearby. Guests will have the opportunity On the banks of the Zambezi River the Zambezi Waterfront Tourism Park in Katima Mulilo, Caprivi is taking shape... Zambezi Waterfront to visit the Arts and Crafts Production Centre where they can watch the creation of African artifacts, and the fi nished items can be purchased directly from the artist. Cultural presentations by local tribes will also be given. In addition, more than 180 kinds of fl ora, shrubs, trees and fruits that are used locally, nationally and internationally for their medicinal benefi ts can be studied. A secured beachfront will allow guests the experience of swimming and refreshing themselves in the second largest river on the African continent. The Waterfront is designed to provide visitors with diverse experiences and attractions within the Park itself and additionally excursions into other nature reserves in Namibia and the bordering countries of Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Angola. From the beginning of 2010 the Zambezi Waterfront Tourism Park will be ready to accept accommodation bookings. Prospective guests will also be able to discuss potential adventure trips and other activities at this time. Welcome to Caprivi & the ¦ For further information please contact Bona Consultants, PO Box 365, Katima Mulilo, Namibia or email: bona@ iway. na

The Zambezi Waterfront is designed to provide visitors with diverse experiences and attractions within the park, itself, other reserves in Namibia and its four neighbouring countries May 2009 Travel Zambia the Zambezi Waterfront will offer: n Luxurious camping site n VIP, luxury, standard and economic bungalows n Traditional huts n Hotel n Aquarium n Live Arts & Crafts Centre n Museum n Conference Centre ( up to 600 seats) n Crocodile and hippopotamus ponds n Coffee shops, kiosks and restaurants n Curio shops ( with handicraft presentations) n Amphitheatre n Sports complex n Bus connection to the northern SADC countries