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Travel Namibia 9 BOTTLE IN THE WIND BY KOOS VAN DER LENDE At fi rst, the vast plain looked empty. Flat, dry and windswept, it stretched some 75km between the Kuiseb canyon and the Walvis Bay road in Namibia's Namib- Naukluft National Park. Then Koos noticed a lone tree, stubby and stubborn in the gravel. " I set up four big refl ector boards with stands and used a compass to plot exactly where the sun would set," he says. " The wind was blowing exceptionally hard, but it didn't bother the tree, which has grown leaning with the wind." Bottle trees survive in such hostile places by storing water and nutrients in their trunks. " I was just so amazed that this empty, barren world could be home to this fat, happy little tree."

Portfolio 10 Travel Namibia SKELETON COAST BY ANDY BIGGS Andy peered through the scratched airplane window and wondered how he could convey the giddy heights of the Namibian sand- dunes. He didn't have long to decide. The dense sea fog from the cold Benguela Current was being sucked inland over the Skeleton Coast, and the sun would soon sizzle it away. But for an hour the fog draped itself over the endless sandy crests and corrugations. " I wanted to capture the way shafts of sun piercing through the mist highlight the textures of the sand," says Andy. The huddle of Cape fur seals - a dark smudge on the narrow strip of beach - give a sense of the vastness of this wilderness.