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Four young rhinos called Unongo, Koshi, Fiona and Appaloosa, have been moved from the far north of Namibia to the country's far south. GONDWANA COLLECTION Unongo chases Appaloosa through Canon Park THE RETURN OF THE 22 Travel Namibia Moro >> News · views · people · places · conservation · community · wildlife · culture IT'S BEEN TWO HUNDRED YEARS since rhinos roamed close to Fish River Canyon, but recently four adults were relocated from Etosha and Damaraland, writes Sven- Eric Kanzler. In the late sixties there were just ninety rhino left in the whole of Namibia. A series of conservation measures ensured there are now well over a thousand, and a carefully- monitored government programme is re- introducing rhino to areas of the country where they are still extinct. Gondwana Canon Park at Fish River Canyon is one of those areas. " We got exactly what we wished for - two males and two females, healthy, INSTANTEXPERT Taking a guide will certainly increase your wildlife- spotting odds. They will have intimate knowledge on animal movements and behaviour, including which waterholes are best at which times of the year. They will show you a wealth of birds and smaller creatures that you might otherwise miss, and point out the different habitat types. And they will do all this while delving into the origins and cultures of this fascinating park. MARTIN BENADIE, WILDERNESS SAFARI GUIDE To take a guide around Etosha defeats the lure of Namibia. This is safari for beginners! Good roads and easily accessible waterholes mean you don't have to search for the animals inside Etosha. All you have to do is position yourself at a waterhole and they appear. Armed with a cooler box, bird and animal fi eld guides, you won't miss much. Best of all, you will have the pleasure of being alone in the solitude of Etosha. MATT TODD, EXPERIENCED NAMIBIAN SELF- DRIVER DID YOU KNOW: You can download detailed road maps free of charge at www. map- of- namibia. com In 1920, a hunter called Jacobus Brits saw a strange- coloured rock sticking out of the ground. He scratched it with a knife and discovered it had a metallic gleam. It was a meteorite. ? A meteorite? Is it big? Oh yes, it's the largest known meteorite in the world, roughly three metres wide and a metre high. strong and just the right age," says delighted Canon Park manager Danie Brand. Soon after the release, everyone got a big fright. Koshi was missing. " Koshi is a really crafty one. In a small dry riverbed he had lifted the fence with his horn and squeezed through underneath. We've since heard he was known for this trick in western Etosha," says Danie. Koshi was fi nally sighted next to a waterhole. He was still within Canon Park, but outside the designated ' rhino zone'. Since there are enough plants for him to eat on that side of the fence too, he was left there. A strong- willed rhino is not to be messed with. THE HOBA METEORITE Should I take a guide in Etosha? TAKE IT TO THE JUDGE!

Travel Namibia 23 What exactly is the sailing record you are after? It's the outright world speed record. It is timed over 500m, and for a long time it was held by kitesurfers. However, a French boat recently took the record, going at 60mph. That must have hurt? It's good to have competition, but I have a love affair with this record. It feels very wrong that it is in someone else's hands, so I am going to ? What's it made out of? Iron, it's the largest piece of naturally occurring iron on the surface of the earth, weighing more than 60 tons. It fell to earth less than 80,000 years ago. ? 80,000 years ago? How do they know that? Scientists used a rare radioactive nickel isotope with a half- life of less than 80,000 years to put a date on its arrival. Sorry, but you did ask. ? Can I see it? Sure, it's on the farm Hoba West, just outside Grootfontein. There's a small information centre there too. pursue it until we're married! What is your boat like? It's unique. It's built solely to go very fast in a straight line, nothing else. It's made out of carbon fi bre, which is baked in an oven in a vacuum to make it incredibly strong. What is it like to go that fast? The 500m normally takes me 9.5 seconds, so it's over before you realise it. It's like riding a rocket - and that's what the boat is PAUL LARSEN As Travel Namibia goes to print, Paul Larsen is on the water at Walvis Bay attempting to break a world record in a sailing boat he designed himself. INTERVIEW DON'T MISS the Lüderitz Speed Challenge throughout November. Windsurfers, kitesurfers and boats will all be racing. www. luderitz- speed. com Paul Larsen and his team with the Sail Rocket in Walvis Bay The best place for lunch on the road up to Etosha is the Etosha Garden Hotel in one of the back streets of Outjo. Its beautifully tranquil gardens are perfect for unwinding before hitting the road again. MARTIN BENADIE, WILDERNESS SAFARIS GUIDE POST called, The Sail Rocket. You have to point and shoot it, and then hang on! Why Namibia? I started doing this in the UK, but quickly got fed up with the weather. At Walvis Bay there is an amazing stretch of water with consistent wind, and I have it all to myself. ? Find out if Paul broke the record by going to www. sailrocket. com