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Travel Namibia 49 Does Iain's route leave you feeling a little breathless? Turn to p60 for an alternative itinerary

Sensational sundowners Olweendo 50 Travel Namibia T he N ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??? ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ? amibians hold fantastic ?? ?? ?? drinks ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? parti ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? e ??? s at ?? ??? suns ?? ?? ???? et - sundowners, as they call them. Uncluttered horizons and apricot- coloured landscapes make these occasions an unforgettable experience. For many tourists, sundowners are the highlight of their trip. But where is the ultimate location in the country to watch the sun spectacularly dip out of sight? Travel Namibia decided to find out. We asked around, and before we knew it were deluged with emails. Guides, lodge owners, travel writers, Namibian journalists, and seasoned travellers al got in touch to ofer their opinion. Perhaps the most enthusiastic however, were the photographers - after al a great sunset makes a fabulous picture. The spots that were most frequently mentioned are plotted on the map. Go on.. have a sundowner on us. Kunene River Windhoek- based photographer Roy van de Merwe was once so entranced by the sunset at Epupa Falls he had to find his way back in the dark. " In the pitch dark I found myself scrabbling up a sheer rock face. It was worth it though - the photos were great." A little further east, Kunene River Lodge will take you out on a boat for drinks at sundown. Owner Hillary Morgan says, " The Kunene River forms the border between Namibia and Angola, so when on our sundowner we are definitely between the two countries." Walvis Bay Lagoon Photographers Steve and Ann Toon and Philip Dickson all chose this spot. Philip suggests going for dinner at the Raft Restaurant. He says: " Where else can you dine on a raft structure in a bay in Africa where pink flamingos fish ever- so elegantly a few feet away and squadrons of pelicans bank sharply and almost land in your lap?" We'll show you the best places to relax with a drink in your hand at the end of the day. Swakopmund John Wheeling runs Swakopmund's Leisure Times. He says nothing beats a sundowner at The Tiger Reef Bar in the town. " We also often drive out to the sand dunes and have sundowners overlooking the town, the desert, and the sea." On top of a dune Perhaps the best- known place to watch the sun set in Namibia is on top of Dune 45 at Sossusvlei. The light changes the sand every colour of glowing coals. For a luxurious alternative, Tarryn Davidson of andBeyond suggests a private sundowner at Sossusvlei Desert Lodge. Have we missed your Favourite sundowner spot? We'd love to hear about it. Email: mary@ travelafricamag. com STEVE AND ANN TOON Between two countries. A sundowner shot from Kunene River Lodge boat trip Kunene River Lodge Desert- at- the- coast Swakopmund Sossusvlei Desert Lodge sundowner