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November 2009 Travel Zambia 1 Contents Travel Zambia Edition 6, November 2009 3 Editorial: Early start A welcome to Travel Zambia from editor, Mike Unwin. 6 In the Frame: Cat walk Photographer Juliet Shenton captures the elusive allure of South Luangwa's celebrated leopards. NKANI Meet here for all the latest news and views from around Zambia. 10- 11 People: David Shepherd meets Zambia's president; wise words from the top; Archbishop Tutu and street children; new safari faces; a buffalo's journey. 12- 15 Places: African Parks in Bangweulu; predators return to Kasanka; new park for Lusaka; solar power bush- style; elephant rescue in Lower Zambezi; Luangwa journal; competition. FEATURES 16 Cover Story: Into the abyss One week: eleven ways to make yourself scream. Stephen Cunliffe takes the plunge and discovers just what makes Livingstone the adventure playground of southern Africa. 24 Zambia undiscovered: Holding back the fl ood On the 50th anniversary of the completion of Kariba Dam, Philip Dickson explores the glories of Lake Kariba and reveals the amazing history behind this controversial project. 28 Heritage: Queens of the bush Veronique Mougin and Michel Monteaux investigate the role of female chiefs in traditional Zambian society and capture the spirit of some remarkable women. 32 Lodge Life: Child's play Is Africa any place to take your kids? Alrik Green and his family spent their school holidays on safari. Find out how they got on. 36 Wildlife focus: Dog days Few animals are more fascinating than the African wild dog. Merlith McKendrick takes a special safari in search of Africa's most endangered predator. VAKACHA Hit the road with our safari news, travel advice and top visitor tips. 38- 39 Around Zambia: Red in tooth and claw Mike Unwin reveals where to fi nd Zambia's top predators. 40 Safari: Agricultural tours; anniversary safaris; visitor statistics; and all the latest travel and safari news. 44 A helping hand: Footballs for disability school; community care; bicycles; calendars and fun runs. 47 Brain of Zambia: Try your hand at our fi endish quiz. 48 Interview: Wanderer returns Kieron Humphrey catches up with student prodigy Thandiwe Mweetwa as she returns home with a new mission. Space and serenity on Lake Kariba 24 You're never too 32young for a safari Wild dogs have right of way 36 ROBIN POPE SAFARISALRIK GREENDAVID GODNY