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. Winner - Best Guiding Team in Africa - Good Safari Guide Awards . . Nominee - Africa's Leading Safari Lodge - World Travel Awards . . Finalist - Best Safari Lodge in Africa - Good Safari Guide Awards . Chiawa Camp lives up to its reputation as one of Africa's premier safari camps. Situated on the banks fo the Zambezi River deep in the unforgettable paradise that is the Lower Zambezi National Park, the family owned and run Chiawa Camp offers personalised service, exceptional guiding and uncompromised standards of service. . Game drives . Canoeing . River Safaris . Sport Angling . Walking " Chiawa Camp... Caring for people & wildlife" For reservations and information please contact your favourite safari specialist or: www. chiawa. com info@ chiawa. com Phone/ fax: + 260 211 262683

November 2009 Travel Zambia 3 TRAVEL ZAMBIA magazine is published by Travel Africa Ltd This edition, Issue 6, was published in November 2009 Travel Africa Ltd 4 Rycote Lane Farm, Milton Common Oxford, OX9 2NZ United Kingdom Tel: + 44 ( 0) 1844 278883 Fax: + 44 ( 0) 1844 278893 Email: zambia@ travelafricamag. com www. travelzambiamag. com www. travelafricamag. com Publisher Craig Rix craig@ travelafricamag. com Editor Mike Unwin mike@ travelafricamag. com Managing Director Iain Wallace Designer Dean Ryan Sales Manager Dave Southwood dave@ travelafricamag. com Publications Manager Phil Clisby phil@ travelafricamag. com Customer Services Sherry Rix zambia@ travelafricamag. com Consultant Nigel Foster Subscriptions For full details please email zambia@ travelafricamag. com Accounts Amanda Gaydon accounts@ travelafricamag. com Contributors Michelle Attala, Stephen Cunliffe, Philip Dickson, Alrik Green, Kieron Humphrey, Merlith McKendrick, Michelle Monteaux, Veronique Mougin, Nawa Mutumweno, Thandiwe Mweetwa, David Ramzan, Juliet Shenton, Anna Tolan, Frank Willems. Editorial Enquiries While we welcome editorial contributions, we accept no responsibility for unsolicited proposals and submissions. Please make all editorial- related enquiries by post, including a stamped, self- addressed envelope should you want material returned. Acknowledgements Travel Zambia was conceived from discussions with Jo Pope and Nick Aslin, who have helped to turn the concept into reality. We are also grateful for the assistance and enthusiasm of Donald Pelekamoyo of the Zambia Tourism Board. On the cover Tandem gorge swing( Abseil Zambia) Editorial Did you enjoy Travel Zambia? What would you like to see in future issues? We welcome all news and views on the magazine and on Zambia in general, and would love to publish your letters. Contact us at: mike@ travelafricamag. com TALK TO US More happy readers I am a Zambian living in the UK and I just want to congratulate you and your team. Well done on your efforts to promote Zambia as a ' must visit' destination! Mrs M McCormack, London, UK Must say I enjoyed reading your piece about Kafue. It sure got my toes tapping and made me want to go there. David Skillan, BC, Canada We plan to go to Zambia in August. Thanks again for your excellent magazine - we look forward to experiencing the country with new eyes. Elsa du Plessis, Pretoria, South Africa M waiseni! Welcome to the sixth edition of Travel Zambia. How old must you be to go on safari? While you're pondering that question you might also ask yourself where you expect the next generation of zoologists and conservationists to come from. The two are not unrelated. Conventional wisdom has it that safaris are no place for young children. Fair enough: the African bush is a far cry from Disneyland and many safari- goers, understandably, are paying good money for some grown- up peace and quiet. There are also practical considerations: nobody wants to see their fi ve- year- old playing hide-and- seek with the local buffalo. Hence many lodges impose a lower age limit ( 12 is common) to ensure that your safari experience remains appropriately adult. But is there not also room for safaris that cater to children? For camps or lodges that can indulge and encourage the irrepressible excitement of the very young? After all, that's where all of us started, including the Attenboroughs, the Goodalls and the Norman Carrs. And what might we adults learn by exploring the bush in the company of our juniors? Who needs to chase after the Big Five when there's so much fascination in sausage fruits, gecko battles and impala poo? Recent years have seen a welcome trend across Africa towards family- friendly safaris - and an increasing number of camps in Zambia are joining in. Find out on page 32 just how one family got on when they visited South Luangwa. Of course Zambia is not all about peace and quiet: not for nothing is Livingstone known as the adventure sports capital of Africa. Our cover story ( page 16) invites you to take a deep breath and plunge with Stephen Cunliffe into the churning Zambezi, as he samples whitewater rafting, gorge swinging and a host of other hair- raising thrills. Elsewhere we take a cultural journey through Zambia to discover how female chiefs still rule the roost ( page 28). We also go in search of the elusive African wild dog ( page 36), chat to a homecoming student prodigy ( page 48) and explore Lake Kariba on the 50th anniversary of the opening of the great dam ( page 24). And if all that is still not enough, then perhaps you just have to get out to Zambia and see the real thing. Until then, happy reading. Mike Unwin, Editor mike@ travelafricamag. com Early start