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44 Travel Zambia November 2009 People People Vakacha Vakacha Habitat Habitat Nkani Nkani A UK- based children's football club has donated kit, balls and other football equipment to the Donata Disability School in Mkushi. David Ramzan, head coach, visited Donata for himself in May 2009 to supervise the donation and arrange a week of activities. Invicta Valiants is a junior special needs/ disability football club based in Kent, UK, which runs football activities for local children and is part of the FA Three Lions club school link with Wyvern Special School, Ashford. A former coach with the club, Julie Meikle Venter, helped the club forge its link with Donata. This ' community school' currently takes over 35 children, from 6- 15 years old, with a wide range of disabilities. Around half have lost one or both parents and the school provides a place where they can feel welcome and cared for. Donata is run on a voluntary basis. Children attend from 8.30am to 1.00pm, and the school lunch is normally their only meal of the day. Sports activities at Donata are limited but all the children are keen footballers. During Ramzan's week at the school, a fun- packed series of football and sports activities allowed all the youngsters a chance to play games and enjoy themselves, while the school's volunteer staff learned a range of sporting activities that they could develop into an ongoing teaching programme. The week started with a traditional celebration welcome meal and a song of thanks. The children then received their club shirts and were given a day off their usual schoolwork to spend playing some football games. The following days were taken up with more sporting activities and culminated in a shooting competition. All the children who took part were presented with FA Three Lions club/ school link certifi cates, and the youngsters signed an Invicta Valiants England fl ag that will have pride of place in the club's trophy cabinet. Other donations to Donata came from Mid Kent and Ashford School Sports Partnership, the David Beckham Academy and Barclays Bank, Ashford, while children from Wyvern school sent out letters, drawings and photographs to the children and aim to keep this link going. All the teachers and children at Donata expressed their gratitude to Invicta Valiants for an unforgettable experience. Invicta Valiants would like to thank all those who gave generously to this project. However, more funding is always needed, stresses Ramzan, both to reach more children and to secure the school permanent premises. For more information visit www. donataschool. org and www. invicta- valiants. co. uk A HELPING HAND On the ball UK- based charity Action on Disability and Development ( ADD) has, since 1995, supported a child-centred physiotherapy and education service for children in Zambia suffering from cerebral palsy, polio and other disabling conditions. The service, known as Community- Based Intervention ( CBI), is delivered at home and in the community, and has been achieving impressive results. " In the fi rst half of this year 639 disabled children have directly benefi ted from the CBI programme In Zambia," reports ADD's Andy Capie. " ADD has funded the provision of 27 new home- based education teachers in Lusaka, alongside physiotherapy training for 39 parents and teachers in Livingstone and Kanchindu." Based in Lusaka, CBI has six outreach centres in the community and three at the University Teaching Hospital, where it is based. To date almost 3000 children and their families have directly benefi ted from this project. " When I started bringing Regina here, at nine months, she was unable to do anything," says one grateful mother. Now Regina can stand, walk with support and feed herself at the clinic. The CBI programme has persuaded the government to adopt a system of inclusive education for disabled children that will have far-reaching benefi ts. It also provides mobility aids through working with local partners, and promotes social skills such as family planning and HIV/ AIDS awareness. Find out more at www. add. org. uk Welcome intervention DAVID RAMZAN ( x3) ADD

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