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What those in the know are saying about Zimbabwe. voices. 52 Travel Zimbabwe December 2009 Let's hear it! " Zimbabwe offers a world's worth of wonders. Considering what has been written about it lately, I think people will be pleasantly surprised how it really is when they come here." SHINGI MUNYEZA GROUP CEO OF AFRICAN SUN LTD " The situation this year has improved tremendously. The challenge is to boost our image, which has deteriorated during the past ten years. To do this, the tourism industry must again be successful in showcasing the beauty of this country. We recognise tourism as an important foreign income earner for Zimbabwe." LOVEMORE MOYO SPEAKER OF PARLIAMENT AND NATIONAL CHAIRMAN OF THE MDC " Personal security has never been much of an issue in Zimbabwe, and I still regard it as one of the safest countries in the region. Contrary to uninformed opinion, you won't experience an ounce of anti- British sentiment." PAUL MURRAY AUTHOR OF THE UPCOMING BRADT GUIDEBOOK TO ZIMBABWE " Life has been very diffi cult for us. We've had no water for fi ve days and I earned just US$ 23 per week. But prices are coming down, and we have some hope about the political situation." FARAI TAXI DRIVER IN HARARE " It's been a magical, awesome experience. I came to see game and saw 16 lions take both a kudu then a crocodile that tried to steal their meal. I've had no security concerns whatsoever." PHIL BLAKE KIWI TOURIST AT RHINO ISLAND CAMP " People have struggled and starved and will continue to if tourists don't visit. The government may receive income from tourist visas and taxes, but tourism revenues pay for supporting local communities and Zimbabwe's wildlife." FIONA THOMPSON DIRECTOR OF NGOKO SAFARIS " Hwange - I don't think you'll have closer encounters with elephants anywhere else in Africa." BEKS NDLOVU MD, AFRICAN BUSH CAMPS Advertiser Index Africa Albida Tourism Outside Back Cover Africa Sun Leisure 2 African Bushcamps 42 African Impact 6 African Medical Investments 43 Air Zimbabwe 53 Avis Car Hire 50 Big Cave Camp 47 Co- ordinating Zimbabwe 47 Eco Logical Africa 30 Econet Victoria Falls Marathon 48 Econet Wireless Inside Front Cover Europcar 31 Experience Africa Safaris 47 Expert Africa 43 Gorges Lodge 7 Ilala Lodge 6 Jenman African Safaris 43 Kenya Airways 30- 31 Meikles Hotel 46 Ngoko Safaris 47 Okavango Tours and Safaris 18 Private Guided Safaris 47 Rainbow Tourism 51 Rani Africa Developments 12 Run Wild 47 Safari Baby 47 Shearwater Adventures 6 The Amalinda Collection 19 The Hide Safari Camp 18 The Victoria Falls Hotel 7 Varden Safaris 18 Wild Frontiers 12 Wild Horizons 12 Wild Zambezi 38 Wilderness Safaris 42 Zambezi Safari & Travel 7 The following is an index of all advertisers in this edition, with a cross- reference to the page on which their advertisment appears. When contacting advertisers for further information, please let them know you saw their ad in Travel Zimbabwe magazine. TO ADVERTISE in any of Travel Africa's magazines ( Travel Africa, Travel Zambia, Travel Namibia and Travel Zimbabwe): email advertising@ travelafricamag. com or contact our Sales Manager Dave Southwood on + 44 ( 0) 1844 278883

T Surprise yourself www. airzimbabwe. aero uk: + 44 ( 0) 1293 602510 | usa: + 1 ( 713) 626 0134 | sa: + 27 ( 0) 11 390 3064 | zim: + 263 ( 0) 4 575 021 They say that life is a journey... They say never judge a book by its cover. They say that heritage is forever. They say that reward comes by challenging yourself. They say that travel is about engaging with people. They say that memories last a lifetime. They say that hospitality is in our roots And that you can make a difference. But don't listen to them. Let Air Zimbabwe take you there. Surprise yourself.