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MONUMENT VALLEY THE GRAND CANYON LAS VEGASSAN FRANCISCOYOSEMITE NATIONAL PARKYELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARKDENALI NATIONAL PARKKENAI FJORDS NATIONAL PARKBANFF NATIONAL PARKPALENQUEYELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARKThe world's first ever national park, this geothermic wonderland is like a zoo without cages, with bison, elk and grizzly bears calling this hotspot home.Getting to know the Americas...YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARKTowering granite peaks, giant trees and some of the highest waterfalls in the world, provide a stunning backdrop for hiking, biking and whitewater rafting.SAN FRANCISCO The iconic Golden Gate Bridge, plus Haight-Ashbury, Fishermans Wharf, Chinatown and Alcatraz, make San Fran an American favourite.LAS VEGAS This one of a kind desert oasis is home to pirates, pyramids, white tigers and waterfalls, so join the high-rollers for a night out you won't soon forget.THE GRAND CANYON One of the world's natural wonders, this 280 mile long, 15 mile wide and mile deep canyon is best enjoyed at sunset; it'll leave you spellbound! MONUMENT VALLEY Home to the Navajo Indians, this iconic American landscape of red-rock mesas and towering buttes is one of the most photographed locations on earth.PALENQUE Famous for its spectacular ruins set deep in the jungle, this lost Mayan city with its magnifi cent Temple of Inscriptions has a mythical quality about it. MERIDACapital of the Yucatan, this colonial city is full of historic architecture, lovely caf├ęs and the local markets are the perfect place to shop for a Mexican hammock. >> mexico Beautiful beaches, colourful culture and a wealth of archaeological sites make Mexico an unforgettable holiday destination. >> see pages to 67>> western usa A land of extremes, where celebrities revel in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and cowboys still ride the dusty plains. >> see pages 12 to 2165 4To book visit or call 0844 576 1358

NIAGARA FALLSNEW YORK CITYFLORIDA BEACHESNEW ORLEANSPALENQUEMERIDAMONTEVERDE NATIONAL PARKMANUEL ANTONIO NATIONAL PARKMANUEL ANTONIO NATIONAL PARK Although it is Costa Rica's smallest national park, the diversity of wildlife in its 683 hectares is unequalled, as are its stunningly beautiful beaches.MONTEVERDE NATIONAL PARKMonteverde is a region of cloud forests, coffee plantations, monkeys, mist and friendly locals and is a world apart from the coastal towns that dot the country's famous shoreline. DENALI NATIONAL PARK Home to Mount McKinley, the highest peak in North America and more grizzly bears than people, Denali is the centrepiece of Alaska's wilderness.NIAGARA FALLS See the falls fl oodlit at night or up close on a Maid of the Mist cruise and marvel at 63 year old Annie Taylor, the fi rst person to go over these falls in a barrel and survive in 1901!>> costa rica This small country boasts one of the richest natural habitats on the planet, with opportunities for adventure at every turn. >> see pages 68 to KENAI FJORDS NATIONAL PARKRugged mountains, calving glaciers and seas teeming with marine life, all offer endless thrills in this beautiful and ever-changing environment. BANFF NATIONAL PARK Canada's fi rst ever national park, this world renowned wilderness region lets you connect with nature on a grand scale, in the heart of the Canadian Rockies.NEW YORK CITY You'll get drawn in to the hyperactive rush of the Big Apple, from the non-stop mayhem of Times Square to the proud old Empire State building.FLORIDA BEACHES Year round sunshine and some of the hottest nightlife in America make Florida's palm fringed, white sandy beaches a major east coast highlight. NEW ORLEANS A mix of French, African and American cultures make New Orleans unlike anywhere else in the USA, with its vibrant nightlife, funky jazz haunts and delicious Cajun cuisine.>> canada & alaska Enjoy abundant wildlife, awesome natural beauty and all things adventurous in what many call the 'Last Frontier'. >> see pages 26 to 33>> eastern usa A giant melting pot of virtually anything and everything, Eastern USA guarantees a wicked ride from New York to New Orleans. >> see pages 22 to 25 695