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The last 12 months have seen a transformation of Namibia Wildlife Resorts. From the magic of Sossusvlei before sunrise to the thrill of a night game drive in Etosha – your Namibian holiday has just got a whole lot better. To coincide with Etosha National Park’s 100th birthday Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) has relaunched, introducing luxurious facilities across the country. Inside fabulous new chalets, you can now relax in your own private Jacuzzi or fall asleep with a skylight view of the night sky. And that’s not all…. ETOSHA The three rest camps in Etosha have been completely revamped. At Okaukuejo, chalets have a balcony that overlooks the floodlit waterhole where night-time visits by rhinos are common. At Halali landscapers have ensured that Etosha’s fascinating vegetation has returned to within the camp, while kids will love the new-look pool And if you have ever experienced a sunset at Namutoni you’ll know that the 20 Travel Namibia Sponsored editorial NAMIBIA WILDLIFE RESORTS A new dawn fornew decking facing the waterhole here will provide a fabulous place to relax after a day of game drives. NIGHT GAME DRIVES For the first time, guests are being allowed outside park restcamps after dusk. At Etosha and at the newly renovated Waterberg Camp, you can take a night game drives with an experienced guide. The parks are transformed during the cool night when, under the cover of darkness, animals are at their most active. NAMIB NAUKLUFT PARK Perhaps the most exciting development has been the opening of Sossus Dune Lodge where guests will be able to stay inside Sesriem park gates – something that has not been possible before. This means they can be at websitewebsitewebsitewebsitewebsitewebsitewebsite : emailemailemailemailemail : informationinformationinformationinformationinformationinformationinformationinformationinformationinformationinformation : bookingsbookingsbookingsbookingsbookingsbookingsbookingsbookings : Tel: +264 61 2857200 and Fax: +264 61 2249000. contaontaontaontact detailsdetailsdetailsdetailsdetailsdetailsdetails O ne line standfirst here and here One line standfirst here and here One line standfirst here and here C aption for room pics here and here C aption for room pics here and here

Travel Namibia 21 Namibia has such a vast range of destinations that just planning your route will be enough to set your heart racing in anticipation. Do you want to photograph the mining ghost towns or search for desert elephants in Kaokoland? What about heading up to Etosha and staying at Okaukuejo in the hope of spotting a black rhino? Given time you could probably do all three. And that’s the key to a successful Namibian driving holiday; allowing plenty of time. Often it’s the detour down some minor road or a conversation over an extra cup of rooibos tea that you remember more than the main attractions, so try to plan some spare time in your schedule every day. These itineraries can be done in a 2WD car unless otherwise stated. They are designed so that you can adapt them to suit your needs, interests and timescale. The time allowed is the minimum you will need and you should think seriously about building in some rest days, particularly after long drives. Enjoy. Laying down routes Main pic: Which way now? Namibia has 37,000km of remote sand and gravel roads. Insets: Victoria Falls, Zebra at an Etosha waterhole Itineraries