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s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s 38 Travel Namibia Road trips The Mechanics Every year dozens of intrepid travellers drive the length of Africa, a journey that can take months. Here, taken from some of their on-line diaries, are some highlights and tips from their time in Namibia. www.4x4global “We stopped in Outjo, for provisions and for a divine coffee and cake at the German bakery there. Namibia used to be a German colony and they seem to have left behind some excellent cake chefs. Picking up a few provisions in the supermarket, we saw a number of Herero women, who wear 18th-century style dresses with three-pointed hats, quite unusual.” Bill and Claire Hombersley found it raining in the desert. “Our next stop was at the dunes of Sossusvlei. Normally it’s recommended to take plenty of water into the desert but this year was the exception and you were more likely to drown than die of thirst. The road was severely flooded and the last 5kms to the dunes were closed, as it no longer resembled a 4WD track but a raging river. It was a surreal experience to be wading knee deep in water in an area normally bone dry. The dunes were covered in grass and flowers. “We then spent a few days in a log cabin in Aus and did some hiking in the surrounding hills. Pete, the owner of the lodge took us on a guided 4WD day into the dunes locally. The steep climbs usually required a good run up from the older cars and on one occasion entailed a long section downhill to get the momentum to make it up the other side.” “Checked out the small Daan Viljoen Game Park and was surprised to find that it was centred around a small dam which made a fine backdrop for the small camping area and the self-catering chalets. Located only 20km from the heart of Windhoek it would make a pleasant and handy stop over. There were even a few animals - mountain zebra, wildebeest, hartebeest, springbok and giraffes.” W e made it. The end of the trail through Aus dunes Bill Hombersley Bill Hombersley

La Va LLee TranquiLLeGuestfarm60 km south of MALTAHOHE on C14Tel/Fax +264 (0)63 29 35 08 Email:• A Namibian experience close to local cultures • Nine double rooms ensuite, private patios, swimming pool, nature walks, hiking, bird watching... no hunting!Contact us for our specials and last minute bookings.“Your second home in africa” between the Kalahari and the namibwww.lavalleetranquille.comOa Hera naMiB BaCKPaCKerS & CuLTuraL CenTreMALTAHOHE Tel/Fax:+264 (0)63 293028Cell:+264(0)81 215 2595 Email:• 5 Cosy 2 bed mini dormitories• Restaurant - Cafeteria• Secure camping facilities in private areas with barbecues• Internet access• African Art Travel Namibia 39 N amibia Travel Connection is a specialist travel organiser in Namibia. We tailor-make all requirements for the independent and discerning traveller by booking middle to premium quality establishments. Our focus is tailor-made fl y-in, self-drive and guided safaris, and with imaginative itineraries being offered we ensure our guests do not miss out on the Experience called Namibia. We ensure quality holidays, backed by a high level of effi cient and knowledgeable personal service from caring staff with years of experience in Namibia and her product. Namibia is one of Africa’s mysterious destinations; allow us to be the key to unlock these mysteries.NAMIBIA TRAVEL CONNECTIONTel: +264-61-246427 · Fax: +264-61-246428e-mail: ·‘Your Key To The Magic Of Africa’