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False Namib Naukluft NPNamib Rand NRSossusvlei( dunes) NaukluftMountainsOtavi MountainsCentral NamibianHighliandsFish RiverCanyonSkeletonCoastEtoshaNPKaudomMahango NPMudumu MPHardapDamNauteDamWaterbergPlateauNamib Desert SOUTH ATLANTIC OCEANOpuwaOshakatiOndangwaRunduTsumkweTsumebGrootfonteinOtaviOutjoSesfonteinKamanjabOmaruruTerrace BayKhorixasOtjiwarongoOkonjimaUsakosHenties BayKatima MuliloKaribibOkahandjaWindhoekGobabisAranosMarientalMaltahoheSwakopmundWalvis BayLüderitzRehbothKeetmanshoopAusGrünauKarasburgOranjemund Travel Namibia 37 Fish River Canyon Visit in March and April to see Fish River actually flowing. If you want to make the mammoth trek through the canyon, then try June and July when the air is clear and cool, making the going that little bit easier. The route is closed to walkers from mid September until the beginning of May because of the heat and risk of flash flooding. Sossusvlei During the wet season ( generally January and February, although in 2008 the rains arrived much later) you may see the vlei flooded, which provides some fantastic opportunities for photography. In March or April, a few weeks after the rain, you could be lucky enough to see the desert in bloom. Etosha If you want to see large numbers of game, then visit between July and October when it’s dry and the animals all congregate around the main waterholes. Other times however will be quieter and cheaper – try early in the year when you’ll get some beautiful reflections in water in the pan and many of the animals have young with them. Take care on the roads when it’s wet as they are often full of animals looking for a dry route through the park. Caprivi Between January and October the Okavango River, on Caprivi’s western edge, is high enough for you to take a boat or Mokoro trip and glimpse life over the border in Angola. Within the small area of the Caprivi Strip 450 species of bird have been recorded, making it one of southern Africa’s top birding spots. Okahandja On the weekend closest to August 26 the Red Flag Herero people gather to honour their chiefs killed in the conflicts with the Germans and Khoikhoi. Similar colourful remembrance days are held by the White Flag Herero in Omaruru on the weekend closest to October 10, and the Green Flag Herero on the weekend closest to June 11 at Okahandja. Ute Ludwigudwiger Bushmanland In the rainy season the Nyae Nyae pans in the southeast flood and attract flocks of pelicans and flamingos, providing another reason to visit this area with its welcoming people. Namibia Tourismourism Namibia Tourismourism Ute vovon Ludwigudwiger

False Air Namibia has increased the number of its flights from Windhoek to Katima Mulilo, in the Caprivi region, to three per week. The extra flights are because of increasing visitor numbers to the Caprivi Strip. From Katima Mulilo, which is on the Zambezi River, it’s possible to transfer to Lianshulu Lodge and Susuwe. The transfers take between 45 and 90 minutes. Extra flights to Caprivi Olweendo 38 Travel Namibia Safari InIn April, whilele the panan waswaswas fullll of water, the Minister of Environment and Tourism Netumbo Nandi- Ndaitwah cut the first sod of earth on the lodge’s site. She said that none of the existing three camps in Etosha offered visitors an opportunity to stay close to the 4,500 km2 saline pan. Onkoshi Camp, built on a secluded peninsula, will do exactly that, and with only 15 bedrooms, guests will have a very different experience from the other camps in the park. Run by Namibia Wildlife Resorts, Onkoshi Camp will be an exclusive, low- impact lodge on elevated wooden decks. It will have a restaurant, bar area and infinity pool overlooking the pan, and is due to open in August 2008. Guests will park their cars at Namutoni and be taken to the lodge by Namibia Wildlife Resorts guides. No self- drives to the lodge will be allowed in order to preserve the delicate environment of the pan. Last year Namibia Wildlife Resorts opened the Sossus Dune Lodge in the Namib- Naukluft Park. The developments are in line with the country’s long- term goal to be a boutique tourism destination offering up market, low- impact holidays. Thriller The ststunnnning islanslanslansland of Impalila where four countries – Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia all meet - is to have a new 5- star development. The island hit the headlines in 1988 when popstar Michael Jackson was flown there in Namibia’s presidential jet after mentioning he might like to build a luxury lodge there. Nothing came of Jackson’s visit but now South African Laurence van Schalkwyk is going ahead his own plans for the site. Impalila is sandwiched between the Zambezi and Chobe rivers and is famous for its birds and fabulous fishing. It already has a number of lodges but it’s hoped the new development will provide more, much- needed, employment for the island. Onkoshi Camp, the first new lodge inside Etosha for four decades, is opening this year. New lodge overlooking Etosha Pan DID YOU KNOW? Namibia is one of the most sparsely- populated countries in the world. View from Onkoshi over flooded pan NWR Colin Mead Enterprisesnterprisesnterprises Gettetty Imagesmages