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False Moro! TRAVEL NAMIBIA magazine is published biannually by Travel Africa Ltd. This edition, issue 2, was published on May 10, 2008 Travelravelravelravelravel Afririca Ltd 4 Rycote Lane Farm, Milton Common, Oxford, OX9 2NZ, United Kingdom n Tel: + 44 ( 0) 1844 278883 n Fax: + 44 ( 0) 1844 278893 n Email: namibia@ travelafricamag. com n www. travelnamibiamag. com www. travelafricamag. com n Publisher Craig Rix n Editor Mary Askew mary@ travelafricamag. com n Designer Lisa Duke n Sales Manager Dave Southwood advertising@ travelafricamag. com n Customer Services Sherry Rix n Managing Director Iain Wallace n Accounts Amanda Gaydon C over photograph Flap- necked chameleon in Etosha National Park, by Malcolm Schuyl / FLPA Subscriptions Travel Namibia can be mailed directly to your door every May and November. To subscribe, please contact Travel Africa on the above contact details or visit www. travelnamibiamag. com. Charges: n Within UK: £ 5.00 per annum ( 2 issues) n Rest of World: £ 7.00 per annum ( 2 issues) Namibiaamibiaamibiaamibiaamibiaamibia Tourismrismrismrism Boarard Travel Namibia is published with the valued support of the Namibia Tourism Board, who distribute it free of charge. To receive a copy, please contact the Namibia Tourism Board office nearest you: Namibia: Ground Floor, Sanlam Centre, Cnr. Of Fidel Castro & Werner List St, Private Bag 13244, Windhoek, Namibia n Tel: + 264 61 2906000 n Fax: + 264 61 254848 n info@ namibiatourism. com. na U K: Namibia Tourism UK, c/ o AMG Ltd, Suite 200 Parkway House, Sheen Lane, London SW14 8LS n Tel: + 44 ( 0) 0870 330 9333 n Fax: + 44 ( 0) 20 8878 9124 n info@ namibiatourism. co. uk www. namibiatourism. com. na Travel Namibia 3 Moro – hello – and welcome to Travel Namibia, our new magazine dedicated to bringing you the very best Namibia has to offer. Last November Namibia Tourism UK asked us to publish a one- off magazine about self- drive holidays in Namibia, and we were bowled over by the positive response we received – readers, advertisers and ordinary Namibians alike were delighted. You asked for more, so now Travel Namibia is here to stay. Published biannually, we promise the magazine will always be packed with information about Namibia’s top destinations – those must- see attractions you can’t ignore – and will introduce you to some of the lesser- known regions too. With a country as vast and sparsely populated as this, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that there’s an impressive range of places which are rewarding and interesting, despite being relatively unknown. In Namibia’s vast open spaces there’s a depth and substance that constantly surprises. We’ll look beneath the surface, to reveal more about the country than you will find anywhere else. Presented by internationally renowned photographers and journalists, it is the range and quality of our material that we hope will establish Travel Namibia as an essential resource. In this edition our portfolio of pictures is by Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher, about whom The Wall Street Journal wrote: “ These two western women have gone further and deeper into tribal Africa than any photographers have gone before”; CNN and BBC correspondent Hamilton Wende gives you his reaction on visiting the ghost town of Kolmanskop; and who better to write an insider’s guide to Etosha than Steve and Ann Toon? This photojournalist duo travel the world gathering material for stunning coffee table books, but return time and again to Etosha. For our team, headed by editor Mary Askew, putting the magazine together has been like falling in love with the country all over again. It has been good to remember that Namibia is one of those rare destinations where there are advantages to travelling in every season; where even the most popular destinations, such as the towering dunes of Sossusvlei, are rarely crowded and – best of all – where the smiles that greet you as you travel around are never jaded. 42 Editorial C raig Rix, Publisher n namibia@ travelafricamag. com Hamiltamilton Wende’s work as a freelance writer and broadcaster has taken him all over the world but he always returns to his native South Africa. “ My first visit to Namibia was in 1976 with my parents. We travelled around the whole country in a Valiant station wagon and I’ve never lost my memories of the horizons it opened up for me”. Annnn & Steveteveteveteve Toon ditched their London office jobs ten years ago after ‘ a road to Damaraland vision’. They are now full- time wildlife photographers whose favourite places are Namibia’s Kalahari and Namib deserts. “ We return time and again for the incredible arid- adapted wildlife, stunning scenery and a sense of Africa untainted by the dead hand of man”. contribntribntribntribntributorsrs’ namibianamibianamibianamibianamibianamibianamibia