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May 2007 Travel Zambia 41Exciting, innovative, passionate & fifteen years of tailor-making Zambian safarisBANGWEULU KAFUE KASANKA LIVINGSTONE LOWER ZAMBEZI LUANGWA 0845 130

42 Travel Zambia May 2007 N kaniNkaniVakachaVakacha Unplugged for Mugurameno Pop legend Chris Difford of Squeeze will be among artists performing at a London concert in aid of Mugurameno Basic School. The gala evening will be held on 15/16 November at the Dover Streets Arts Club, and will include a three-course meal and an auction. The event is organised by Mugurameno Basic School Charitable Trust, which works with communities on the Lower Zambezi. Training for Lower Zambezi guides The Royal Danish Embassy has recently committed funds to an intensive nine-month safari guide training programme at Conservation Lower Zambezi, aimed at boosting the number of qualified guides from the local community. This will help provide a necessary service both to the community and to safari operators. More chilli fences for South Luangwa The South Luangwa Conservation Society is holding a training session in May with the Elephant Pepper Development Trust to promote the use of chilli fences among the communities around South Luangwa National Park. The fences, constructed of sisal rope and smeared with a pungent mixture of ground chilli peppers and recycled engine grease, have proved an effective deterrent to crop-raiding elephants. Four regions around the park are already using the fences, following workshops run by SLCS. Tag along The Tag Rugby Development Trust (TRDT) returns to Zambia in June. The tour, from June 8–26, will take volunteers back to the schools and orphanages of Kitwe and the Copperbelt, revisiting many of the children, teachers and players from last year’s tour and holding a repeat tournament day. TRDT is a UK charity that was set up to initiate, develop and sustain the playing of tag rugby in primary schools in developing rugby nations. It offers volunteers a unique combination of travel, sports development and cultural exchange. The 2006 Zambia tour concentrated on primary schools in the Copperbelt and Lusaka, coaching over 800 children in seven government schools and an orphanage. million: population km2: land area m: highest point km: length of railway : languages spoken : provinces Zambia in numbers A helping hand Disabled kids project stands on its own feet UK-based charity ADD (Action on Disability and Development) is delighted to be handing control to local managers of a project they helped start in 1995. The project, called CBI (Community Based Intervention) works with families of disabled children, giving training in physiotherapy exercises and helping them access education. It complements two other projects set up and run by disabled people themselves: the first manufactures wheelchairs, the second makes mobility aids from recycled materials. To date, 3,000 children have benefited. In the long term the project aims to expand beyond Lusaka. JENNY MATTHEWS Cycling for South Luangwa On May 1, Sam Grace, a safari guide from Lion Camp, completed his marathon cycle-ride from Victoria Falls to Cape Town to raise money and publicity for conservation in and around South Luangwa National Park. His month-long trip covered a distance of 3000km, and crossed the Kalahari and Namib Desert. To make a donation to the cause, contact the South Luangwa Conservation Society. Gift containers In April the Islands of Siankaba Lodge welcomed the arrival of two containers sent from the U-Foundation, a charitable organisation in the UK, filled with a variety of items for local villages and schools. These included books, sewing machines and clothes. Together with the lodge, the U-Foundation is hoping to build a community nursery school and is raising funds through a sponsored bike ride from London to Paris on the 29 May 2007. Donations and volunteers are welcome: contact MARTIN HANSFORD SAUSAGE TREE CAMP 10.4 752,601 2,301 2,157 72 9 Dwarf mongooses