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May 2007 Travel Zambia Mwaiseni! I am delighted to welcome you to the inaugural edition of Travel Zambia, the first international magazine dedicated exclusively to a single African nation. We are launching Travel Zambia at a time when interest in the country is rising rapidly. With today’s traveller exploring ever more destinations around the world, operators in Zambia recognised that there was a growing need for an international voice to champion Zambia’s attractions in a balanced way. Travel Zambia is that voice. Although actively supported by the Zambia National Tourist Board and private operators, Travel Zambia retains editorial independence. The magazine is privately owned and funded entirely by advertising. We are grateful to all those companies who have embraced our objective and made this publication possible. If you are new to Zambia, then I hope these pages will stimulate a love affair with one of Africa’s most exciting destinations. The Victoria Falls, the Zambezi, the Luangwa Valley – you’ve got some treats in store. Or if, like me, you’ve already spent time in Zambia and would like to find out more, then we’ll take you beyond the greatest hits and down less trodden trails. We hope that, by raising awareness of Zambia’s attractions, we can encourage more visitors. At the same time, however, Travel Zambia is not simply waving a flag blindly. As with our parent magazine, Travel Africa, we will provide independent, unbiased writing, with a range of voices offering their own incisive takes on Zambia today. Many are Zambian: who better to tell it like it is? Zambia is blessed with immense natural riches. Yet it recognises the challenge of reconciling development with preserving the environment. Travel Zambia supports responsible, sustainable tourism: we know this can work wonders by boosting the economy and safeguarding the natural heritage. We also know that irresponsible tourism can bite the hand that feeds it – exploiting natural resources, degrading the environment and alienating local people. We will constantly ask the question: how does Zambia benefit? Last summer I was privileged to spend two months with my family working as a conservation volunteer in South Luangwa National Park. I saw for myself how tourism has brought opportunity and development to the area, and how the park’s wildlife has benefited. I also witnessed the pressing challenges of human-animal conflict, with a burgeoning local community struggling to share land with crop-raiding elephants. Such dichotomies are often overlooked. Travel Zambia aims to paint the bigger picture. If you are in Zambia as you read this, or perhaps on the way there, then I envy you. Sitting here on a drizzly spring morning in Oxford, preparing the first edition for press, I can only dream of the sunny African spaces that beckon me from every page. I can hear hippos snorting alongside my canoe, taste the bittersweet tang of tamarind fruit, see the dusty road stretching ahead… Read on and enjoy. I’m off to pack. Foreword thinking Mike Unwin, Editor TRAVEL ZAMBIA magazine is published by Travel Africa Ltd This edition, Issue 1, was published on May 12, 2007 Travel Africa Ltd 4 Rycote Lane Farm Milton Common Oxford, OX9 2NZ United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)1844 278883 Fax: +44 (0)1844 278893 Email: Publisher Craig Rix Editor Mike Unwin Managing Director Iain Wallace Designer Dean Ryan Sales Manager Dave Southwood Customer Services Sherry Rix Subscriptions For full details refer to the inside back cover Accounts Zena Hancy Contributors Nigel Botherway, Chisenga Bwalanda, Jake da Motta, Stephanie Debere, Kieran Dodds, Tim Henshall, Kerry Maxwell, Lizanne Roxburgh, Marianne Taylor, Huw Williams Editorial Enquiries While we welcome editorial contributions, we accept no responsibility for unsolicited proposals and submissions. Please make all editorial-related enquiries by post, including a stamped, self-addressed envelope should you want material returned. Acknowledgements Travel Zambia was conceived from discussions with Jo Pope and Nick Aslin, who have helped to turn the concept into reality. We are also grateful for the support and enthusiasm of Charity Chanda Lumpa and Donald Pelekamoyo of the Zambia National Tourist Board. In addition, the editor would like to thank Rachel McRobb, Jules Shenton, Derek Solomon and Doris Kofi for their assistance. Cover photograph by Getty Images. Editorial Travel Zambia is distributed free of charge from tourist offices, many tour operators, camps, lodges, hotels, airlines and car rental companies across Zambia and around the world. You can receive future copies via subscription. Full details on the inside back cover. TAKE ME HOME AND SHARE ME WITH YOUR FRIENDS!

Zambia the real Africa. Chongwe the real Zambia www.chongwe.comThe Lower Zambezi National Park is one of Zambia’s premiere national parks and, together with Mana Pools National Park across the Zambezi, is part of a greater wilderness area that rivals any in Africa.Chongwe River Camp sits in the midst of this wilderness on the most enviable of sites. The camp is set under a complete canopy of huge Winterthorn trees on the confluence of the Zambezi and Chongwe rivers. Both David Livingstone and Courtney Selous are recorded as having used this site on their wanderings in this, their favourite, wilderness.Established over ten years ago, we have striven to find the balance between luxury and a genuine “bush experience”. The famous river is our centrepiece, but visitors are equally moved by the towering riverine woodlands and placid lagoons which lie against the backdrop of the Zambezi escarpment. Large Maluti tents are spread over natural lawns under the same trees that attract elephant and other game to the camp daily.The views, trees, elephant and a professional family-owned company combine to make an informal and friendly atmosphere that has become Chongwe River Camp’s most distinguishing feature.